Open Letter To Anne Price-Mills

Dear Ms. Price-Mills,

I just watched a video of the comments you made last night on CNN. I'm sure you are probably getting some nasty emails today, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your emotion and your passion for your candidate.

I was not a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primaries. I'm 26 years old, I live in Brooklyn, New York, and I worked extremely hard to put Senator Obama and his delegates on the ballot in my district. I also ran as a delegate, but didn't make the cut.

If I'd been a delegate to this convention, and Senator Obama had not won the nomination, I would have felt the same way you felt last night. I would have been devastated and disappointed, and I would have felt that our party had squandered an opportunity to run its best candidate. I can completely relate to the way you feel. But unfortunately America was faced with a tough choice between two incredible candidates, and one of them was inevitably going to lose.

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Obama Voted No On Immunity & Got FISA Right

It's time to put the "Obama Caved On FISA" talk to an end.

Obama may have promised to support a filibuster of an earlier FISA bill that contained retroactive immunity for telecoms. But we all know that it takes 40 votes to sustain a filibuster. Obama may be the de-facto leader of the party, but ours a fractured party. And with so many conservative red-state-Dems in our party's caucus, plus others like Feinstein who are apparently too beholden to the powerful telecom companies in their states to vote the right way on this, a filibuster on this FISA bill was simply not a realistic possibility. The Dems could barely muster 40 votes for even the most watered down of all the immunity amendments. Obama and Senator Clinton both voted the right way on all three of them, and we should all be proud of them for that.

The FISA bill is obviously imperfect, but I do not believe that a serious Presidential candidate can afford to vote "no" on legislation that is intended to help prevent terrorist attacks. If Obama were to oppose the bill as a whole, he would be handing McCain--who didn't even bother to show up and vote today--a huge opening to scare voters and paint Obama as weak on terrorism.

The "Obama turning rightward" media coverage has gone on long enough as it is. We don't need to fan the flames of that storyline anymore.

Respectfully, I ask Mike Stark to change the name of his MyBO group. I am all for having a MyBO group that expresses the feelings of Obama's progressive supporters. But I hope that it will not remain a group whose only purpose is to criticize Obama for voting the way that I believe he absolutely had to on the overall FISA bill.

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Hillary Won The Tough Districts

Today the Clinton campaign released a PowerPoint presentation to argue that the superdelegates should pick Hillary over Obama because she won more of "the tough districts," which they define merely as those that voted for Bush in 2004 and voted in a Freshman Democrat in the 2006 midterm elections.

I took a look at their list, and frankly it isn't a very good measure of anyone's strength. Several of the seats listed aren't considered by anyone I know of to be at risk of going back to the GOP in the fall. Several others are in Clinton's (and my) home state of New York, so her victory in those districts wasn't necessarily a show of her strength over Obama in a General Election.

I do, however, think that if Clinton were much stronger than Obama in the "tough" swing districts, it would give her a compelling argument to use when talking to superdelegates. So I went to the Rothenberg Political Report to look at their 2008 House Ratings to find out which Congressional Districts really are in play this year. I used USA Today's district-by-district primary and caucus results to find out which competitive districts Obama won and how many Clinton won. Here's what I found.

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Obama Only Won The White Vote In A Few States!

Odd that one of them was a Southern state that's in play for the General Election and for a Senate pick-up.

Using CNN exit polls, I've mimicked Jerome's front-page graph, which showed Obama's growing margin of victory among African-American voters over the course of the primary season. Jerome's post asked whether or not Obama's percentage of the white vote has been decreasing. Let's take a look...

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