Rush Limbaugh never heard of the McDonald brothers.

May 01, 11:34 a.m. - R.L. referred to Ray Kroc as the founder of McDonald’s

Error, Factual - hey, don’t tell that last surviving McDonald brother that! It’ll put him in his grave. The reading of McDonald’s: Behind the Golden Arches is duly commended to Rush Limbaugh so that he may know what he is talking about.



Rush Limbaugh does not know the great Henry Ford

Apr. 30, 12:18 p.m. CT R.L. saidnobody/ no industry goes in to a town to create jobs.

Error, factual. Rush Limbaugh apparently has not heard of Henry Ford nor of his satellite factory scheme which was to employ farmers during the “off” season. It’s only been around since 1902 or so, yes, since the very founding of the present-day Ford Motor Car Company. And we are disappointed that R.L. did not know that Kansas City was one of those satelillite plants so mentioned, in deed the first one not only outside of the metro Detroit area but also outside of Michigan. The reading of Recasting of the Machine Age is commended to R.L. so that he may repair this deficiency in his knowledge.



Rush Limbaugh does not know the history of Democrats

May 31st, 1:08 p.m. - R.L. asked when was the last time you heard Democrats blamed for something in the last 100 years?

Error, factual, gross error, to wit:

 Democratic presidents and what they were blamed for:


  • the Dust Bowl granted with 20/20 hindsight.
  • Mexico, meddling with, assuming a parental oversight role in shaping their government.


F.D.R. -

  • The destruction of Democratic candidate for governor of California Upton Sinclair.
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Setting the term of “Unconditional surrender.” This shocked Churchill and others, and may have kept Italy and Germany in the war longer as opposed to a negotiated peace based on conditional agreements.
  • running for a 3rd term. F.D.R. was the first, and only, president to run for a continuous 3rd term. His relative, the Great Roosevelt (Theodore), ran for a 3rd term in 1916 and 1920 after leaving office but had left office after 2 terms.
  • Running for an unprecedented 4th term in office.
  • Running for an unprecedented 4th term in office knowing that he wouldn’t live long enough to complete the term, granted with 20/20 hindsight.
  • Having pro-Communist Henry Wallace as his V.P. when he knew that he would not live long enough to complete his 4th term in office.
  • The Jalta/Yalta sell-out of Eastern Europe


Truman -

  • China, losing to communism. J.F.K. made an issue out of that.
  • secretaries in fur coats. When the Mormon Muckraker (Jack Anderson) wrote the book Confessions of a Muckracker wherein he confessed the sins of his predecessor Drew Pearson  except the gleeful crucifixion of Preston Tucker and his attempt to set up a car company, he pointed out that towards the end of the Truman Administration it was common to see White House secretaries wearing lovely fur coats which either had become very affordable or someone had been very generous with.
  • We believe that this fur coat episode was why Richard Nixon mentioned Pat Nixon’s “respectable Republican cloth coat” in his “Checkers Speech.”
  • Korea, making a mess out of so that it had degenerated into World War One era trench warfare. No lie, we had to get trench binoculars from the French Army for our troops. (That’s optical magnifiers on a frame that can see over a trench without exposing the viewer, binoculars turned into periscopes if you will.) C. Estes Kefauver clobbered Truman in the New Hampshire primary and Truman withdrew from the race two weeks later at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner (that’s right, this was the first N.H. primary and it was held in MARCH).

 J.f.K. -

  • Bay of Pigs cowardice. Note one of the picket signs during the Cuban Missile Crisis - “don’t chicken out, Jack!,” a reference to his performance during the previous crisis.
  • Allowing the Berlin Wall to be built. Even Truman had enough common sense to say that he would bulldozed it down immediately, and we know now that the Soviet guards would have fled had we done so.
  • Alleged pledge not to invade Cuba in order to get missiles removed from Cuba.
  • skyjacking reduced from being a capital offense. This came up just as skyjacking became popular in the late 1960’s.

 Johnson -

  • Bobby Baker. The “Dixiecrat” author of A Texan Looks at Lynden says that the Kennedy’s wanted to drop Johnson in 1964 because Bobby Baker’s antics had made him a major embarrassment.
  • Cross Florida Barge Canal project - destroying the environmentally-sensitive Everglades in order to bolster non-existence barge traffic.
  • Vietnam War, incompetent handling of. That’s why Senator Eugene McCarthy made a strong showing in the 1968 New Hampshire Primary.
  • Pueblo misadventure.
  • We commend the reading of the Making of the President, 1968 for details on social protest against L.B.J. as form of criticism.


Carter -

  • Energy situation “moral equivalence of war”
  • Botched rescue of American hostages
  • Three Mile Island, incompetent handling of, especially in areas downwind of that plant
  • Giving the Crown of St. Stephen back to the Hungarians - but to the Hungarian Communists from whom we were supposed to protect it.
  • Panama Canal giveaway


Governors, Democrat, blamed in the media.

Florida, Lawton Chiles. Florida is heavily dependent on th state sales tax for revenue and was almost bankrupt in the early 1990’s. the rebuilding after Hurricane Andrew saved the state and his butt.

Illinois - “Blago,” but probably only because he got caught.

Louisiana governor after Hurricane Andrew

Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, the “Barbie Doll Governor” who couldn't get anything right as governor

N.J. “One-Term Byrne.”

N.J. Jim Florio - for his tax on toilet paper, for his “runny egg” banning, and for going into a monolog on Superman while doing a photo-op with the Batmobile.

N.Y. Eliot Spitzer. We would expect Rush Limbaugh to be conversant with this one. Misusing his office as prosecutor to protect whorehouses (mobile whorehouses called "escort services") that he liked while shutting down those he did not. Love Potion Number 9.


Democrat Mayors of large cities, blamed in the media.

New York City - anyone know of a mayor of any party that has not been criticized publically at least once?

Camden, N.J. - ANY mayor since the 1960’s

Cleveland - Dennis Kocinich

Detroit - the mayor during the 1960’s riot who couldn’t admit that the situation was “out of control,” a prerequisite for the National Guard to come in and restore order.

Detroit - mayor for life the Krugerrand Man (Coleman A. Young, Sr.). Much of the media was intimidated into silence except for the Detroit News.

Detroit - “I’m the first Hip-Hop Mayor of this city” Kwame Kilpatrick now a paroled convict

Wayne County (metro Detroit) County Manager Edward McNamara, the alleged boss of the last big city Irish political machine - for gross corruption

Prairie Purgatory “Kansas City, Mo.” - Funkhouser was crucified almost daily for anything and everything, most recently the major snow that caught the city unprepared just before the mayoral primary.

Philadelphia - Frank Rizzo, almost daily for anything and everything

Philadelphia - Wilson B. Goodfornuthin for the “bombing” of west Philadelphia that destroyed some 43 city blocks during the second “MOVE” shootout.

 we guess Rush Limbaugh just doesn't pay attention to the DETAILS of the news


Rush Limbaugh's errors for December, 2010


ERROR, hypocritical, Dec. 06th, 12:13 p.m., R. L. warned that high gas prices would affect economy during the Christmas season

Our response: while we at E.I.C. are pleased with Rush finally grasping this concept, we feel compelled to point that Rush Limbaugh used gasoline prices being high as a reason for his feeling good during a sign-on monolog ca. 2007 or earlier. Date and time are lost; they were recorded in our first series of Rush Limbaugh errors that Microsoft’s Windows successful lost for us. One person on our staff made the mistake of inquiring if Rush was off his rocker on this only to have his head taken off by the person inquired of - whose family operated several gas stations.


ERRORS, factual and analytical, Dec. 07th, R.L. said (1:20 p.m.) that if you think that things are bad, they’ll always be bad; (1:21 p.m.) he was not proud of Americans being paid for three years for not working; (1:22 p.m.) Reagan got his tax cuts through a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.

Our response: The reason why people are unemployed for so long is because of the massive number of traditional “blue collar” jobs and now “white collar” sent overseas during the regimes of the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) and the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs. We at E.I.C. will think that things are bad until those jobs sent overseas are brought back or are replaced with new jobs offering comparable pay.

This is odd, the Rush Limbaugh who thinks that Reagan won a 49 state sweep in 1980 (documented by us several times, apparently he can’t grasp the difference between the 1980 and the 1984 elections) fails to remember the R takeover of the Senate in 1980. The problem was that the D’s controlled the House, which raises the revenue. The great Reagan got some tax cuts but none of the spending cuts that he wanted.


ERRORS, factual and analytical, Dec. 08th

            1:09 p.m., error factual, R.L. suggested pensions for the unemployed mimicking what they would get in the employed world

            1:41 p.m., error factual, perhaps quoting the Anointed One, R.L. referred several times to “negotiating with hostages.”

            1:45 p.m., error analytical, R.L. said that most of the wealthy earned their wealth.


Our responses: perhaps we have been in the wrong industries, but our experience has been that only non-profit organizations offer pensions these days, the for-profits only allow you to risk your future by owning their stock.

Negotiating with hostages!? We think R.L. meant to say “negotiate with hostage-TAKERS,” hostages aren’t usually available for negotiating, although they may communicate demands.

Most of the wealthy earned their wealth? If we are we including the drug lords and other criminals, yes, unless we have seen present-generation Rockefellers, Fords and Kennedys laboring at convenience stores as their earn their wealth.


Dec. 10th, 11:15 a.m., error analytical, the Anointed One was a Keynesian

Our response:  the celebrated quote “We are all Keynesians now,” by Richard Nixon.

 Error factual, 01:12 p.m. did not know of any other president who received the “F-word”

Our response: Richard Nixon did, in part because of the Vietnam War and later because of Watergate. We are not positive if L.B.J. did as well, however Theodore White said that L.B.J. was the first president to receive such unprecedented scorn and disrespect.


Error factual, Dec. 14th, ca. 11:40 a.m., R.L. asked if it ever got that cold (32º last night)? He said “no.”

Our response: one of our staff is proud to have been a resident of Palm Beach County in the 1968-72 time period, and recalls one particular cold winter at which time ice was seen. We believe it was the winter of 1968-69 when at such time said person learned how to light that gas heater mounted on a wall – and that didn’t have a “blower.” We were also surprised that photographs of ice actually made it to the front page of the local newspaper, something historically squashed by Florida state tourism department.


Error, analytical, Dec. 14th at 1:09 p.m., comments on a Professor Epstein practicing incest with his daughter

Our response: such was freely promoted at Hillsdale College in the 1990’s; at least as far as the head man goes. He had a sexual relationship of many years with his son’s wife, which we believe would still be considered incest – in addition to being adultery.


Rush Limbaugh's errors for November, 2010

ERROR, FACTUAL, Nov. 05th, 11:54 a.m., Reagan won 49 states….Carter lost.

Our response: Not said in the same sentence this time, but from the syntax Rush Limbaugh still sincerely believes that the great Reagan won 49 states against Carter in 1980 just as he did at 11:27 a.m. on Oct. 09th, 2007 and at 01:43 p.m. on Jan. 03rd, 2008. This moves the results of the 1984 election to the 1980 election.


ERROR, FACTUAL, November 10th, verbal “Midway” for Rush Limbaugh. He made more errors in a shorter period of time than we sank Jap carriers at Midway!

Error, factual and analytical, 11:06 a.m. students protesting tuition hikes

Really? On Thursday, August 12th at 1:18 p.m. Rush Limbaugh said that you there aren’t any high tuition complaints because of the college industry. So an older European country with more Socialist tendencies does not have a college industry?


Error, analytical, 1:13 p.m. talked bout worthless pieces of crap that nobody wants (repeated)

Whoa! Except for that ignition system in the late 1980’s that a cheap copy of a key could strip, WHEN has Nissan manufactured garbage?


Error, factual, 1:16 p.m. recharging electric cars would require coal

When did Monroe (mich) and Turkey Point (FL) convert from nuclear to coal?


Error, analytical, 1:18 and 1:21 p.m. doubled pay to $5 a day (quoting some idiot who wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review)

Rush Limbaugh here showed his ignorance of the history of the American automobile industry. No, Henry Ford did NOT raise pay to $5 a day. That is a U.A.W. fairy tale. What really happened was that employees who stayed on the job long enough – for a certain period of time – got a bonus which, if added to the daily pay, would give the earned equivalence of $5 a day. And it was not offered to attract workers, it was offered to RETAIN experienced workers because men would work until they acquired x amount of money and then quit to go enjoy it. Ford had the same problem with workers at their Mexican plants in the 1990’s, and we’ve always had the teenaged girl working during summer vacation syndrome – in both cases they only want to work ‘til a financial goal is reached and then they have better things to do.


Error, factual and analytical, 1:19 p.m. electric cars are based on a hoax

Professed oil shortages and resulting price manipulations and us being dependent on oil originating outside of our country are just a hoax?


1:20 p.m. mass appeal of the product

Rush Limbaugh presumes that a $32,500 item does not have mass appeal because a $300 item can sell without incentives. Right, for those who keep safes crammed with $100 bills in their houses. Doesn’t everyone do that? Well, for the rest of us, there’s something called “the price elasticity of demand,” part of which, sadly, conditions us to expect that if the price goes up, the demand will go down except in special case situations where we can’t afford not to buy the product.


1:21 p.m. state of the art Model T.

State of the art Model T? Does Rush Limbaugh not grasp the obvious changes in the what’s covered by the inherent definition of “state of the art”? Back then you didn’t have oil filters, fuel pumps, electronic ignition, automatic transmissions, air-filled tires, shock absorbers, probably not air filters, engines were much smaller in size and in horsepower, and an enclosed riding chamber was a luxury for the wealthy and even so, too bad for you if your car rolled.


ERROR, FACTUAL, Nov. 24th, 1:42 p.m., R.L. reciting his version of the Pilgrims and their first Thanksgiving, Joseph had Pharaoh cut taxes 20% in Genesis 41.

Our response: Huh? Our versions of the Bible must translate that differently ‘cause in our versions Joseph recommends that Pharaoh appropriate 20% of the harvest during the current good years and put it in warehouses as a food reserve for the coming bad years. This is not “supply side,” this is rainy-day planning.


ERROR, FACTUAL, Nov. 26th, 12:50 p.m. (repeat broadcast), when a caller suggested that the assassination of J.F.K. had drawn us together, R.L. remarked that it didn’t L.B.J. re-elected.

Our responses: How many factual errors can be made in one statement?

1. L.B.J. really couldn’t be “re-elected” in 1964 since he did not run again for Vice President.

2. L.B.J. did get returned to office in 1964 in a major landslide.

3. Between the assassination of J.F.K. in 1963 and the 1968 election a war that L.B.J. was not going to let happen did happen, and his incompetence in fighting it made it drag on and become unpopular.

L.B.J. did run for re-election in 1968, but he pulled a Harry Truman, i.e., he withdrew after disappointing results in New Hampshire. Historian Fleming thinks that if he stayed in and fought, he could have won.

Rush Limbaugh's errors for October, 2010

ERROR, FACTUAL, and analytical, Oct. 01st, 11:09 a.m. to 11:11 a.m., Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the Anointed One for saying that it took time to free the slaves. Rush Limbaugh also said that it took the Civil War and “500,000 dead Americans” to free the slaves. Ridicule repeated. My response: the 13th Amendment ended slavery in this country, not the Civil War, and it was ratified after the guns were silent in December, 1865. There were attempts to free slaves before this, such as the Quakers of Philadelphia freeing their slaves after the Revolutionary War. But slavery continued, and the duration between this event and December, 1865 would -“take time.” Some Northern states started emancipation, but read the fine print. It wasn’t immediate, it was for slaves born after such and such a year, and they would be emancipated in such and such a year, once again, “taking time.” Error, analytical,11:27 a.m., Rush Limbaugh said that a candidate wouldn’t have to shave to win in Michigan. My response: Apparently Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand that traditionally urban areas like Detroit and Flint can offset the rest of the state, even as N.Y.C. offsets the rest of New York. Error, analytical, belatedly added. During the show, Rush Limbaugh recited another ode of love about the Junior Idiot (Bush 43), bewailing that he was the most abused president in history. My response: Can E.I.B. “spring” for a lyre so Rush can strum it as professes his love for his buddy? Actually, Rush should not have any problem paying for a good one himself, and lessons if necessary. Anyway, Richard Nixon was belittled more and longer than anyone in my life time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Oct. 04th, news item Rush Limbaugh didn’t have time to comment on. “Van Greta” reported on her show that a Wall Street Journal poll found that 86% of Americans surveyed felt that free trade was a bad idea and was responsible for us not being able to pull out of recession (ought to be called a depression by now). My response: This was followed by the same number of respondents feeling that the sky is usually blue in color. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct. 05th, news item Rush Limbaugh didn’t have time to comment on, Ford is about to trim Lincoln dealerships. My response: We are waiting for Rush Limbaugh to go on a tirade about Ford doing Obama’s dirty work, after all, according to Rush Limbaugh, the reason why we have persistent high unemployment is that G.M. and Dan Quayle Motors (ex-Ratmobile, ex-Chrysler) have been closing dealerships. Just ask that crybaby former Dan Quayle Motors dealer who ranted in The American Thinker. But some of those among us who study automotive history realize that there’s been a surplus of dealerships for decades; this first reached our ears in Going for Broke: the Chrysler Story in the 1978-81 time period. Many are too tiny to survive in a post-1980’s world as evidenced by the string of Ratmobile, -er, Dan Quayle Motors dealerships on the Black Horse Pike between Collingswood and Turnersville – including Johnny’s County (originally “Country”) Motors which while not on the Pike was less than 5 minutes away from the Pike . And rather than join in the howls of that disenfranchised Dan Quayle Motors dealer, we welcome the purge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ERROR, FACTUAL, Omission, Oct. 13th, 11:43 a.m., in ascertaining that Obama was on the payroll of the Chinese Communists, R.L. brought up that he bowed to them. My response: and Bill O’Reilly pointed out that Nixon bowed to that mass-murder Mao Tse-Tung during his first visit to Red China. ERROR, FACTUAL, omission, 1:12 p.m., R.L. mentioned that 1973 was the year of Watergate among other distractions. My response: We remember an uncle saying in early 1972 that the public was sick and tired of hearing about Watergate, and that was true for the first half of the year but some time in July, we remember when the Watergate investigation blew up and captured the nation’s attention, and that was when the secret taping system was revealed. Wikipedia says it was on Friday the 13th, we only remember it as being after the 4th during our last careful summer of youth. From that point in time forward, the ‘70’s became ugly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:15 a.m., opening monolog R.L. was ridiculing Michelle Obama for saying something about “clean spirits” and prayer. R.L. went off on a tangent about hygiene. My response: I can’t say I recall encountered “clean spirits” in the Bible version that I grew up with, but I sure remember “Come out from him, thou unclean spirit” being uttered as well as other references to “unclean spirits.” “Unclean spirits” are Satanic forces in the world doing harm such as demonic possession. We would PERCEIEVE (Iacocca-ism) then that a “clean” spirit would be anti-unclean spirit, the geometrically opposed opposite concept, i.e., good and helpful spirits such as angels. 1. Zechariah 13:2 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land. 2. Matthew 10:1, see also Mark 6:7 And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. 3. Matthew 12:43, also Luke 11:24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. 4. Mark 1:23-27, also Luke 4:33-36 And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out…… 5. Mark 3:11-30 And unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God. 6. Mark 5:2-13, see also Luke 8:29 And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, 7. Mark 7:25 For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet: 8. Luke 6:18 And they that were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed. 9. Luke 9:42 And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tare him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father. 10. Acts 5:16 There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one. 11. Acts 8:7 For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed. 12. Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 13. Revelation 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, Oct. 18th, 1:10 p.m., blaming Bush doesn’t go over well with the public, if it did, the Anointed One’s ratings would be higher. My response: R.L. obviously wasn’t listening when Van Greta read the results of a Wall Street Journal poll several Mondays ago in which 85 or 86% of respondents said that “free trade” was a bad idea and responsible for our inability to get out of the depression. “Free Trade” was an obsession of the Junior Idiot, follow the trail and see where the fingers point. Also, while many like ourselves blame the Junior Idiot for getting us into this mess, we also blame the Anointed One as well as the Junior Idiot for not getting us out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, Oct. 27th, 11:39 a.m. - 76% of people surveyed knew someone who had lost their job – did not say how far back that cognizance went. With us, it goes back to the misrule of the Junior Idiot/Bush 43. ERROR, FACTUAL, Oct. 29th, 11:43 a.m. - referred to Crist as “cracker.” Our response: a “cracker” includes the inherent understanding that the person being so called is a Anglo Protestant. Opa! Crist is a Greek. ERROR, FACTUAL, Oct. 29th,12:18 p.m. - scaring the seasoned citizens with cuts Our response: Rush Limbaugh shows his ignorance of south Florida politics, in particular one Claude Pepper who always used to run around saying “vote for us and we won’t let the Republicans cut Social Security.”

Rush Limbaugh's errors for September, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Errors for September, 2010 All times are CENTRAL unless noted Error, analytical, Sept. 08th, 12:38 p.m. - tax policies that are killing jobs. 12:40 p.m. - people not having jobs.

My response: Rush Limbaugh is referring to those few jobs not sent overseas wholesale by his pal the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) and predecessor, the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs. Another way to reduce unemployment would be to bring those jobs back.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, Sept. 22nd, 12:21 p.m., commenting on some federal proposal for “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,” R.L. didn’t know what a Pacific Islander American was, suggested a Samoan

My response: yes, and also Hawaiians, Midway, Wake, Guam, and those of Filipino ancestry would immediately come to mind.

Error, transcriptional misstatement, 12:44 p.m., R.L. referred to us having “the most expensive education system in the country” and then talked about us vs. the rest of the world.

Error analytical, 12:59 p.m., in follow up to a caller’s question, R.L. remarked that all economic downturns used to be called depressions but moved away from that.

My response: the depressions of the past that I’m familiar with were all preceded by “Panics” where investors lost their money and hence are rightfully called “depressions” not “recessions.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, Sept. 23rd, 12:17 p.m., in response to a poll, R.L. asked how many of his audience had given up on the American dream or had hopes for the future. He later answered himself with his usual “American exceptionalism is not be expounded” crapola.

My response: I saw warnings that my future was going away in February, 1992, during the final months of the misrule of the Senior Idiot (a.k.a., Ol’ Bold n’ Decisive, a.k.a. Bush 41). This started to come to fruition under his successor, the Horny Hound Dog o’ Hot springs, and the situation grossly worsened under his economically incompetent successor, the Junior Idiot (Bush 43). As it now stands, if you make too much money - the cheapskates “suits” and C.P.A.’s will send your job overseas while piously intoning “the global economy.”

Rush Limbaugh’s usual response to what I have just said is to be self employed. Well, lessee, if I inherited Daddy’s multi-media publishing empire like Sonny-Boy Forbes did, I would strongly agree. But for most of us being self-employed would be hawking fruits and vegetables or embroidery from a card table along the side of a road.

ERROR, FACTUAL, 1:36 p.m., 10% unemployment due to Obama and the Democrats

My response: This IS scary! My friends who lost their jobs while the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) was still in office lost them because of Obama? Has the Left mastered time travel and hence is able to do their damage even before they take office? Wait a minute! John Kerry was sent on a secret mission by Richard Nixon before Nixon assumed the presidency, so mebbe they have. Part of the assignment must have been for Kerry to travel back in time to before Nixon assumed office, thereby giving his administration plausible deniability. Yeow.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Dangerous analytical error, Sept. 28th, 11:15 a.m., opening monolog, Rush Limbaugh referred to certain wealthy people as being idiots for giving away their wealth

My response: I have read in a certain Book about Someone Who commanded the wealthy to sell all that they had and give to the poor. Does Rush Limbaugh have a similar opinion of this Person?

------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, presumably misspoke, Sept. 29th at 11:09 a.m. when Rush Limbaugh referred to a “paperback virgin,” and then continued talking about a book.

Error, analytical, 11:17 a.m., Rush Limbaugh asked rhetorically, “What’s wrong with being Gay?”

My response: only that business in Revelation 21:8 saying that it will result in “the Second Death,” this being mentioned in the PC(USA)’s current and soon to change version of the Heidelberg Catechism in their Book of Confessions.

Error, presumably misspoke, 1;12 p.m., Rush Limbaugh referred to “Hillary Rodham Rodham”

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, Sept. 30th, 11:39 a.m., Rush Limbaugh praised “burger flippers” as an occupation My response: Uh, yeah, this is not an occupation that you can go through life on unless you rise to management or ownership. Think of the obvious, in order to keep prices low, costs have to be kept low, and what does that mean, pay wise? Traditionally McDonald’s was an employer of high schoolers/young adults, then in more recently the retired were added to their ranks. But thanks to the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) sending our unskilled and then our skilled jobs / high tech jobs overseas, people are desperate for work and seizing whatever they can - which is why unemployment is so high among the younger set. So much for “doing jobs that Americans just won’t do.”

Rush Limbaugh's errors for August, 2010


Error, analytical, August 10th, 12:24 p.m. Iphone sales compared to Volt, Iphone doesn’t have tax credits.

Error, analytical, same date, 12:40 p.m., Jennifer Granholm was the architect of a state in decline.

My responses: uh, how much does the grossly overpriced Iphone cost and how much does the overpriced Volt sell for? Raise the selling price of the Iphone so it matches the Volt, and let us see how it sells without any break in price like a tax credit.

Also, Michigan has been in decline since 1973. Job loss and subsequent population loss started with the First Oil Scare of 1973 and raced back to life with the Second Oil Scare of 1979, but didn’t really get rolling ‘til recently. I predicted that the American auto companies would be bankrupt in 1992. Close, but no cigar. Roger Smith staved off bankruptcy at G.M. by some clever accounting tricks but G.M. almost went bankrupt something like 12 times under his misrule, and the Rat (Ratmobile, now known as Dan Quayle Motors) almost did in 1992.

This again shows Rush Limbaugh’s detachment from first-hand reality.


ERROR, FACTUAL and incomplete information, Thursday, August 12th, 1) 1:18 p.m. no high tuition complaints because of the college industry; and 2) 1:24 p.m. referred to the ruling class out of Harvard.

My response: I guess I’m imagining those student protests over higher tuition/costs. Be sure to send Rush a clipping the next time one occurs. In regards to Harvard, no disagreement, but I didn’t hear anything about Ol’ Bold n’ Decisive (Bush 41) or the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) being Harvard grads. Oh yeah, they’re friends of Rush so they can do no wrong.


ERROR, FACTUAL, Friday, August 27th, 1:10 p.m. – when was the last time that the liberal media “went gaga over religion” in regards to a candidate/politician

My response: Less see now, during the 1976 presidential election you had a tribe of media descend on Plains, Ga. to hear Jimmy Carter teach Sunday School, later when that Black guy walked the aisle and tried to join Carter’s church. Jimmy Carter’s church and pastor got loads of loving media attention.



rush limbaugh errors for July

Rush Limbaugh Errors for July, 2010 All times are CENTRAL unless noted

ERROR, FACTUAL, July 06th, 11:15 - 11:30 a.m. during opening monolog, R.L. said regarding Michael Steele that he felt like Julius Caesar in the Coliseum making a thumbs up or down decision on the Christians and the lions. My response: WOW, how many factual errors can Rush Limbaugh make in one sentence? 1. Julius Caesar was dead, D-E-A-D, before the coliseum was built. The Coliseum was built as part of the peoples’ revolt against Nero (who was the last of the Julio-Claudian line of emperors), got its name from the then-destroyed colossus of Nero, and was built on the site of Nero’s former palace. 2. Julius Caesar was dead, D-E-A-D, before Christianity developed. Rush, reread Luke chapter 2! “In the days of Caesar Augustus…” Light bulb going on yet? 3. Thumbs up/thumbs down was used in gladiatorial fights to decide whether or not the loser should be allowed to live. In lions vs. Christians, the lions settled that themselves without a paws up/paws down vote.


ERROR, FACTUAL, July 06th, 12:26 - 12:28 p.m. during the Riverdale, N.Y. phone call, discussion over who did what, J.F.K. vs. L.B.J., error by misspeaking “J.F.K. finished off what L.B.J. started.” My response: HUH? Did J.F.K. return from Hell and resume his office? Also, to answer the caller’s question, yes, L.B.J. was a capitalist albeit a gangster capitalist in various businesses. Read A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power by J. Evetts Haley for more information if you can get a hold of a copy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BLATANT HYPOCRISY, July 07th, 12:26 p.m., R.L. said “I correct (myself)…soon as I hear that it’s a mistake.” My response: Uh, right, don’t we wish that were true. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, July13th, 01:51 p.m. when caller brought up Charlie Manson as a racist, R.L. said that he was not aware of anyone Black being in those houses (where the murders took place). My response: R.L. apparently does not know that “Helter Skelter” was an attempt to incite urban Blacks to rise up and kill the Whites. Since they were not doing it on their own, the Manson Family took it upon themselves to show them how it was done. “Helter Skelter” was written on the walls so that Blacks would recognize the code to start a race war. Charlie Manson’s belief was that after all the Whites were killed, the Blacks would realize that they could not keep society running and would look for surviving Whites to take control. The Mason Family, hiding in a desert nowhere, would return and would have control of the country handed to them. Sounds quite racist to me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, factual by caller, July 14th, 1:24 p.m., caller referred to her father as being a “cracker” born in Palm Beach County in 1898. Caller also said her father drove cattle to Ft. Myers where it was shipped to Cuba, that’s where the term “cracker” originated.” My response: speaking as lovers of Florida history, we would point out that her father was born in a portion of DADE County that later became Palm Beach County (1909). The term “cracker” does indeed come from cracking the whips on the cattle drives, yes, but has been used for any native/resident of Georgia or Florida. Cattle drives to Kissimmee for shipment to the North is probably the best known of the Florida cattle drives. Cattle quality did not improve ‘til, say, World War II, combining a quality beef taste with an ability for the animal to survive in the climate, so it could be that Cuba was a better market than markets where cattle from other states competed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 15th, Happy Hunting Ground for Rush Limbaugh errors! ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:14 a.m., Clinton’s tax policies led to economic downturn in 1994 (which the implication that everything was running fine since the great Reagan) My response: “It’s the economy, stupid!” was a 1992 slogan, not a 1994 one.

Error, analytical, 11:0 a.m., in response to the federals demanding that heath care companies provide certain tests for free, why not require that Apple provide free I-phones and gas stations free gas. My response: Rush Limbaugh is clearly out of touch with reality. They’re probably mandating this because they want preventative health care, not reactive health care, and catching things today may be cheaper than fixing things tomorrow. Also, companies like United Health Care are notoriously cheap in our experience when it comes to new ideas in testing and newly released generic drugs, they’ll drag their feet as long as possible to avoid coughing up the bucks while graciously allowing the consumer to buy generic drugs at name-brand pricing.

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, 11:21 a.m., most employer-paid health care programs already pay for testing. My response: Yeah, unless it’s United Health Care and you want to do a Vitamin D Deficiency Test. The patient gets to cough up the first $400, and they graciously pay a minor percentage of anything over $400. Yup, employer paid, plain and simple.

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, 11:28 a.m., Rush Limbaugh railed against obesity screening saying all that you needed was a mirror, etc. My response: That’s probably a reference to the relatively new concept of body mass testing, because the height, weight and age of the patient are not sufficient for a correct analysis.

ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:40 a.m., Rush Limbaugh claimed that Consumer Reports put a “do not buy” on the I-phone. My response: Really? Earlier the same week we heard a spokesman for Consumer Reports on Prairie Purgatory’s talk radio specifically point out that they did NOT say “do not buy” because they were really impressed and thrilled with the phone but wanted a minor fix. While they did refrain from endorsing at the present time, they would gladly endorse it once the fix was made.

Error, analytical, 11:41 a.m., Rush Limbaugh asked how close Chuck Schumer’s district is to Cupertino (CA), when the Chuckster weighed in on the I-Phone. My response: This is the same thing as “have you ever lived in (fill in the community name),” meaning that if you haven’t, you’re disqualified from commenting on it because you just couldn’t know…. But to respond, gee, maybe it has something to do with his constituents buying the product or somethin’ like that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error analytical July 19th, 01:17 p.m., R.L., on where have the jobs gone. My response: R.L. answered that himself when he suggested India in mockery of the experts. R.L.’s answer of “Car dealerships” is ridiculous, while they appropriate substantial amounts of consumers’ money they are not a substantial presence in the labor market. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 20th, 12:51 p.m., caller affirms that R.L. is right on unemployment ‘cause he’s in N.J. and he has clients who are having applicants turn down job offers ‘cause they can do better on unemployment. Caller said that in N.J. unemployment was $500. My response: if he’s correct on the dollar amount and it’s for the same time period, that’s significantly more than what we received on Michigan unemployment. In Michigan, if you don’t look for work, or if you turn down a job offer, you’re supposed to lose your unemployment benefits. Hopefully that’s true in N.J. as well. In the past, N.J. had a problem with “seasonal” workers taking unemployment during the winter months. That was supposedly “fixed” when they got tougher. But this could be a question of survivability. Cost of living jumps around in N.J. depending on where you live. In Metro N.Y.C. it won’t go as far as it does, say, in Cumberland County. Cost of living leads in to how cheap are your customers being with the pay? I’ve heard the same wail form those who hire illegal aliens. Can your employees live adequately on what you pay? We know of unskilled LAWFUL immigrants who were “chased” out of the Chicago area ‘cause 1) illegal aliens monopolized the unskilled jobs and 2) because of the omnipresent illegal aliens the pay for those jobs that they didn’t fill was grossly lowered. On the other hand, we have heard of former unionized “workers” refusing to take lower paying jobs because it was beneath what they were worth, or decline a project because they’re convinced a better one is about to come their way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, analytical, July 28th,11:15 a.m. - talked about people not making commitments because they didn’t have jobs My response: I didn’t hear R.L. say anything about the number of jobs that exited the country during the misrule of his buddy, the Junior Idiot

Error, analytical 11:15 a.m. - nobody wants the G.M. electric car My response: I would like the electric car - after we have a major technological breakthrough in batteries, or find another way to extend the range. Failing to buy something because they just don’t have it right yet is not the same as rejecting the product

Error analytical, 11:21 a.m. - suggested pulling special tax concessions for buying the electric car and then to see how it sold. My response: I bought a hybrid used because I believed in the concept, not for the tax break. The problem with sales will be the price and vehicle’s range, and perhaps the ability to recharge upon arrival at destination. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, misstatement, July 30th, 11:10 a.m. – correcting something he had just said, said that he didn’t “say it on person” when from the syntax he apparently meant to say “on purpose”

ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:23 a.m. CAFÉ standards came from environmental wackos. My response: it came from the desire to cut oil consumption and by doing so reducing our dependence on oil imports.

rush limbaugh errors made in June, 2010

All times are CENTRAL unless noted Error, analytical, June 03rd, 01:23 p.m. - “…who benefits from the oil spill..” (besides the Anointed One)?

My response: the first ones to benefit are the ones brought in to stop the leak. Gov. Crist and others who opposed off-shore drilling will also benefit.


Note: June 07th, 11:22 a.m., Dr. Walter Williams said something about the Lesser Roosevelt (F.D.R.) prolonging the Depression by SEVEN years with his policies.

My response: We welcome Dr. Williams’ correction of what R.L. said on May 21st at 11:25 a.m. during “The Phone Call”, when he stated that the Lesser Roosevelt had prolonged the Depression by 15 years. We pointed out that was preposterous even allowing for differences of opinion as to when the Depression ended. We should also point out that per Johnson in The Modern Age, Hoover was told that if he just took a hands-off approach and let everyone be liquidated, it would all be over in SIX MONTHS. Dr. Williams also said that F.D.R. was “Hoover on steroids,” and we welcome the comment, but would like to point out that F.D.R. ran against almost everything that Hoover was doing. Once installed in the Oval Office, he made a 180º turn and out-Hoovered Hoover. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR, FACTUAL, June 17th, 11:14 a.m. - referred to B.P. being a bad guy ever since Rockefeller made his money in Saudi Arabia.

My response: check the facts, Rockefeller was dead before oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. Rockefeller made his money in Pennsylvania oil to start with, then elsewhere.

Error, hypocritical - 12:14 Rush Limbaugh admitted that speculators influence oil prices after years of denying such.

ERROR, FACTUAL, 12:25 - why aren’t gasoline prices rising My response: They started rising a week after Memorial Day weekend, the oil companies showing amazing restraint by not raising them earlier. They may be afraid to raise the prices higher and, if so, we welcome this a refreshing difference.

Error, analytical 12:26 - referred to a single Wizard of Oz type guy who manipulates oil prices

My response: H’mm, must be the same guy who sets the prices at barbershops and hair stylists in my area, for some strange reason almost all charge the same price.

Error, analytical 1:12 - Hathaway and Gates tell the wealthy to give away half of their wealth to charity….don’t tell me what to do with my money, etc.

My response: Did Rush Limbaugh also mean Jesus Christ? Did not Our Lord during His earthly ministry tell the wealthy to give to the poor? Did not the early Church practice the taking care of each other by those who had more helping those who had less?

Error, analytical 1:12 - doesn’t care how airlines got their profits. My response: those of us who fill the seats and don’t want to become crash statistics disagree. Can you say, “Jet Blue”? Remember, R.L. flies by private jet, only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

bookmark this! Towards the end of the last full week of June, R.L. predicted that the Gulf oil spill may prevent hurricanes from reaching the Gulf coast. Wait n’ see. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

June 30 Analytical error 11:50 - people were told that the Great Depression could not happen again.

Hypocrisy 12:40 - talked about entrepreneurs benefiting from the oil spill

ERROR, FACTUAL 12:41 - Soviets don’t have four year plans, they have life-long plans.

My responses: this was based on their having jobs, which were exported by the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) and the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs.

See R.L.’s question of June 03rd at 1:23 p.m. C.T.

I guess R.L. never heard of Stalin’s Five Year Plans.


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