rush limbaugh errors for July

Rush Limbaugh Errors for July, 2010 All times are CENTRAL unless noted

ERROR, FACTUAL, July 06th, 11:15 - 11:30 a.m. during opening monolog, R.L. said regarding Michael Steele that he felt like Julius Caesar in the Coliseum making a thumbs up or down decision on the Christians and the lions. My response: WOW, how many factual errors can Rush Limbaugh make in one sentence? 1. Julius Caesar was dead, D-E-A-D, before the coliseum was built. The Coliseum was built as part of the peoples’ revolt against Nero (who was the last of the Julio-Claudian line of emperors), got its name from the then-destroyed colossus of Nero, and was built on the site of Nero’s former palace. 2. Julius Caesar was dead, D-E-A-D, before Christianity developed. Rush, reread Luke chapter 2! “In the days of Caesar Augustus…” Light bulb going on yet? 3. Thumbs up/thumbs down was used in gladiatorial fights to decide whether or not the loser should be allowed to live. In lions vs. Christians, the lions settled that themselves without a paws up/paws down vote.


ERROR, FACTUAL, July 06th, 12:26 - 12:28 p.m. during the Riverdale, N.Y. phone call, discussion over who did what, J.F.K. vs. L.B.J., error by misspeaking “J.F.K. finished off what L.B.J. started.” My response: HUH? Did J.F.K. return from Hell and resume his office? Also, to answer the caller’s question, yes, L.B.J. was a capitalist albeit a gangster capitalist in various businesses. Read A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power by J. Evetts Haley for more information if you can get a hold of a copy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BLATANT HYPOCRISY, July 07th, 12:26 p.m., R.L. said “I correct (myself)…soon as I hear that it’s a mistake.” My response: Uh, right, don’t we wish that were true. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, July13th, 01:51 p.m. when caller brought up Charlie Manson as a racist, R.L. said that he was not aware of anyone Black being in those houses (where the murders took place). My response: R.L. apparently does not know that “Helter Skelter” was an attempt to incite urban Blacks to rise up and kill the Whites. Since they were not doing it on their own, the Manson Family took it upon themselves to show them how it was done. “Helter Skelter” was written on the walls so that Blacks would recognize the code to start a race war. Charlie Manson’s belief was that after all the Whites were killed, the Blacks would realize that they could not keep society running and would look for surviving Whites to take control. The Mason Family, hiding in a desert nowhere, would return and would have control of the country handed to them. Sounds quite racist to me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, factual by caller, July 14th, 1:24 p.m., caller referred to her father as being a “cracker” born in Palm Beach County in 1898. Caller also said her father drove cattle to Ft. Myers where it was shipped to Cuba, that’s where the term “cracker” originated.” My response: speaking as lovers of Florida history, we would point out that her father was born in a portion of DADE County that later became Palm Beach County (1909). The term “cracker” does indeed come from cracking the whips on the cattle drives, yes, but has been used for any native/resident of Georgia or Florida. Cattle drives to Kissimmee for shipment to the North is probably the best known of the Florida cattle drives. Cattle quality did not improve ‘til, say, World War II, combining a quality beef taste with an ability for the animal to survive in the climate, so it could be that Cuba was a better market than markets where cattle from other states competed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 15th, Happy Hunting Ground for Rush Limbaugh errors! ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:14 a.m., Clinton’s tax policies led to economic downturn in 1994 (which the implication that everything was running fine since the great Reagan) My response: “It’s the economy, stupid!” was a 1992 slogan, not a 1994 one.

Error, analytical, 11:0 a.m., in response to the federals demanding that heath care companies provide certain tests for free, why not require that Apple provide free I-phones and gas stations free gas. My response: Rush Limbaugh is clearly out of touch with reality. They’re probably mandating this because they want preventative health care, not reactive health care, and catching things today may be cheaper than fixing things tomorrow. Also, companies like United Health Care are notoriously cheap in our experience when it comes to new ideas in testing and newly released generic drugs, they’ll drag their feet as long as possible to avoid coughing up the bucks while graciously allowing the consumer to buy generic drugs at name-brand pricing.

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, 11:21 a.m., most employer-paid health care programs already pay for testing. My response: Yeah, unless it’s United Health Care and you want to do a Vitamin D Deficiency Test. The patient gets to cough up the first $400, and they graciously pay a minor percentage of anything over $400. Yup, employer paid, plain and simple.

ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, 11:28 a.m., Rush Limbaugh railed against obesity screening saying all that you needed was a mirror, etc. My response: That’s probably a reference to the relatively new concept of body mass testing, because the height, weight and age of the patient are not sufficient for a correct analysis.

ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:40 a.m., Rush Limbaugh claimed that Consumer Reports put a “do not buy” on the I-phone. My response: Really? Earlier the same week we heard a spokesman for Consumer Reports on Prairie Purgatory’s talk radio specifically point out that they did NOT say “do not buy” because they were really impressed and thrilled with the phone but wanted a minor fix. While they did refrain from endorsing at the present time, they would gladly endorse it once the fix was made.

Error, analytical, 11:41 a.m., Rush Limbaugh asked how close Chuck Schumer’s district is to Cupertino (CA), when the Chuckster weighed in on the I-Phone. My response: This is the same thing as “have you ever lived in (fill in the community name),” meaning that if you haven’t, you’re disqualified from commenting on it because you just couldn’t know…. But to respond, gee, maybe it has something to do with his constituents buying the product or somethin’ like that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error analytical July 19th, 01:17 p.m., R.L., on where have the jobs gone. My response: R.L. answered that himself when he suggested India in mockery of the experts. R.L.’s answer of “Car dealerships” is ridiculous, while they appropriate substantial amounts of consumers’ money they are not a substantial presence in the labor market. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 20th, 12:51 p.m., caller affirms that R.L. is right on unemployment ‘cause he’s in N.J. and he has clients who are having applicants turn down job offers ‘cause they can do better on unemployment. Caller said that in N.J. unemployment was $500. My response: if he’s correct on the dollar amount and it’s for the same time period, that’s significantly more than what we received on Michigan unemployment. In Michigan, if you don’t look for work, or if you turn down a job offer, you’re supposed to lose your unemployment benefits. Hopefully that’s true in N.J. as well. In the past, N.J. had a problem with “seasonal” workers taking unemployment during the winter months. That was supposedly “fixed” when they got tougher. But this could be a question of survivability. Cost of living jumps around in N.J. depending on where you live. In Metro N.Y.C. it won’t go as far as it does, say, in Cumberland County. Cost of living leads in to how cheap are your customers being with the pay? I’ve heard the same wail form those who hire illegal aliens. Can your employees live adequately on what you pay? We know of unskilled LAWFUL immigrants who were “chased” out of the Chicago area ‘cause 1) illegal aliens monopolized the unskilled jobs and 2) because of the omnipresent illegal aliens the pay for those jobs that they didn’t fill was grossly lowered. On the other hand, we have heard of former unionized “workers” refusing to take lower paying jobs because it was beneath what they were worth, or decline a project because they’re convinced a better one is about to come their way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, analytical, July 28th,11:15 a.m. - talked about people not making commitments because they didn’t have jobs My response: I didn’t hear R.L. say anything about the number of jobs that exited the country during the misrule of his buddy, the Junior Idiot

Error, analytical 11:15 a.m. - nobody wants the G.M. electric car My response: I would like the electric car - after we have a major technological breakthrough in batteries, or find another way to extend the range. Failing to buy something because they just don’t have it right yet is not the same as rejecting the product

Error analytical, 11:21 a.m. - suggested pulling special tax concessions for buying the electric car and then to see how it sold. My response: I bought a hybrid used because I believed in the concept, not for the tax break. The problem with sales will be the price and vehicle’s range, and perhaps the ability to recharge upon arrival at destination. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Error, misstatement, July 30th, 11:10 a.m. – correcting something he had just said, said that he didn’t “say it on person” when from the syntax he apparently meant to say “on purpose”

ERROR, FACTUAL, 11:23 a.m. CAFÉ standards came from environmental wackos. My response: it came from the desire to cut oil consumption and by doing so reducing our dependence on oil imports.

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