Rush Limbaugh's errors for August, 2010


Error, analytical, August 10th, 12:24 p.m. Iphone sales compared to Volt, Iphone doesn’t have tax credits.

Error, analytical, same date, 12:40 p.m., Jennifer Granholm was the architect of a state in decline.

My responses: uh, how much does the grossly overpriced Iphone cost and how much does the overpriced Volt sell for? Raise the selling price of the Iphone so it matches the Volt, and let us see how it sells without any break in price like a tax credit.

Also, Michigan has been in decline since 1973. Job loss and subsequent population loss started with the First Oil Scare of 1973 and raced back to life with the Second Oil Scare of 1979, but didn’t really get rolling ‘til recently. I predicted that the American auto companies would be bankrupt in 1992. Close, but no cigar. Roger Smith staved off bankruptcy at G.M. by some clever accounting tricks but G.M. almost went bankrupt something like 12 times under his misrule, and the Rat (Ratmobile, now known as Dan Quayle Motors) almost did in 1992.

This again shows Rush Limbaugh’s detachment from first-hand reality.


ERROR, FACTUAL and incomplete information, Thursday, August 12th, 1) 1:18 p.m. no high tuition complaints because of the college industry; and 2) 1:24 p.m. referred to the ruling class out of Harvard.

My response: I guess I’m imagining those student protests over higher tuition/costs. Be sure to send Rush a clipping the next time one occurs. In regards to Harvard, no disagreement, but I didn’t hear anything about Ol’ Bold n’ Decisive (Bush 41) or the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) being Harvard grads. Oh yeah, they’re friends of Rush so they can do no wrong.


ERROR, FACTUAL, Friday, August 27th, 1:10 p.m. – when was the last time that the liberal media “went gaga over religion” in regards to a candidate/politician

My response: Less see now, during the 1976 presidential election you had a tribe of media descend on Plains, Ga. to hear Jimmy Carter teach Sunday School, later when that Black guy walked the aisle and tried to join Carter’s church. Jimmy Carter’s church and pastor got loads of loving media attention.



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