Rush Limbaugh's errors for December, 2010


ERROR, hypocritical, Dec. 06th, 12:13 p.m., R. L. warned that high gas prices would affect economy during the Christmas season

Our response: while we at E.I.C. are pleased with Rush finally grasping this concept, we feel compelled to point that Rush Limbaugh used gasoline prices being high as a reason for his feeling good during a sign-on monolog ca. 2007 or earlier. Date and time are lost; they were recorded in our first series of Rush Limbaugh errors that Microsoft’s Windows successful lost for us. One person on our staff made the mistake of inquiring if Rush was off his rocker on this only to have his head taken off by the person inquired of - whose family operated several gas stations.


ERRORS, factual and analytical, Dec. 07th, R.L. said (1:20 p.m.) that if you think that things are bad, they’ll always be bad; (1:21 p.m.) he was not proud of Americans being paid for three years for not working; (1:22 p.m.) Reagan got his tax cuts through a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.

Our response: The reason why people are unemployed for so long is because of the massive number of traditional “blue collar” jobs and now “white collar” sent overseas during the regimes of the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) and the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs. We at E.I.C. will think that things are bad until those jobs sent overseas are brought back or are replaced with new jobs offering comparable pay.

This is odd, the Rush Limbaugh who thinks that Reagan won a 49 state sweep in 1980 (documented by us several times, apparently he can’t grasp the difference between the 1980 and the 1984 elections) fails to remember the R takeover of the Senate in 1980. The problem was that the D’s controlled the House, which raises the revenue. The great Reagan got some tax cuts but none of the spending cuts that he wanted.


ERRORS, factual and analytical, Dec. 08th

            1:09 p.m., error factual, R.L. suggested pensions for the unemployed mimicking what they would get in the employed world

            1:41 p.m., error factual, perhaps quoting the Anointed One, R.L. referred several times to “negotiating with hostages.”

            1:45 p.m., error analytical, R.L. said that most of the wealthy earned their wealth.


Our responses: perhaps we have been in the wrong industries, but our experience has been that only non-profit organizations offer pensions these days, the for-profits only allow you to risk your future by owning their stock.

Negotiating with hostages!? We think R.L. meant to say “negotiate with hostage-TAKERS,” hostages aren’t usually available for negotiating, although they may communicate demands.

Most of the wealthy earned their wealth? If we are we including the drug lords and other criminals, yes, unless we have seen present-generation Rockefellers, Fords and Kennedys laboring at convenience stores as their earn their wealth.


Dec. 10th, 11:15 a.m., error analytical, the Anointed One was a Keynesian

Our response:  the celebrated quote “We are all Keynesians now,” by Richard Nixon.

 Error factual, 01:12 p.m. did not know of any other president who received the “F-word”

Our response: Richard Nixon did, in part because of the Vietnam War and later because of Watergate. We are not positive if L.B.J. did as well, however Theodore White said that L.B.J. was the first president to receive such unprecedented scorn and disrespect.


Error factual, Dec. 14th, ca. 11:40 a.m., R.L. asked if it ever got that cold (32º last night)? He said “no.”

Our response: one of our staff is proud to have been a resident of Palm Beach County in the 1968-72 time period, and recalls one particular cold winter at which time ice was seen. We believe it was the winter of 1968-69 when at such time said person learned how to light that gas heater mounted on a wall – and that didn’t have a “blower.” We were also surprised that photographs of ice actually made it to the front page of the local newspaper, something historically squashed by Florida state tourism department.


Error, analytical, Dec. 14th at 1:09 p.m., comments on a Professor Epstein practicing incest with his daughter

Our response: such was freely promoted at Hillsdale College in the 1990’s; at least as far as the head man goes. He had a sexual relationship of many years with his son’s wife, which we believe would still be considered incest – in addition to being adultery.


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