rush limbaugh errors made in June, 2010

All times are CENTRAL unless noted Error, analytical, June 03rd, 01:23 p.m. - “…who benefits from the oil spill..” (besides the Anointed One)?

My response: the first ones to benefit are the ones brought in to stop the leak. Gov. Crist and others who opposed off-shore drilling will also benefit.


Note: June 07th, 11:22 a.m., Dr. Walter Williams said something about the Lesser Roosevelt (F.D.R.) prolonging the Depression by SEVEN years with his policies.

My response: We welcome Dr. Williams’ correction of what R.L. said on May 21st at 11:25 a.m. during “The Phone Call”, when he stated that the Lesser Roosevelt had prolonged the Depression by 15 years. We pointed out that was preposterous even allowing for differences of opinion as to when the Depression ended. We should also point out that per Johnson in The Modern Age, Hoover was told that if he just took a hands-off approach and let everyone be liquidated, it would all be over in SIX MONTHS. Dr. Williams also said that F.D.R. was “Hoover on steroids,” and we welcome the comment, but would like to point out that F.D.R. ran against almost everything that Hoover was doing. Once installed in the Oval Office, he made a 180º turn and out-Hoovered Hoover. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR, FACTUAL, June 17th, 11:14 a.m. - referred to B.P. being a bad guy ever since Rockefeller made his money in Saudi Arabia.

My response: check the facts, Rockefeller was dead before oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. Rockefeller made his money in Pennsylvania oil to start with, then elsewhere.

Error, hypocritical - 12:14 Rush Limbaugh admitted that speculators influence oil prices after years of denying such.

ERROR, FACTUAL, 12:25 - why aren’t gasoline prices rising My response: They started rising a week after Memorial Day weekend, the oil companies showing amazing restraint by not raising them earlier. They may be afraid to raise the prices higher and, if so, we welcome this a refreshing difference.

Error, analytical 12:26 - referred to a single Wizard of Oz type guy who manipulates oil prices

My response: H’mm, must be the same guy who sets the prices at barbershops and hair stylists in my area, for some strange reason almost all charge the same price.

Error, analytical 1:12 - Hathaway and Gates tell the wealthy to give away half of their wealth to charity….don’t tell me what to do with my money, etc.

My response: Did Rush Limbaugh also mean Jesus Christ? Did not Our Lord during His earthly ministry tell the wealthy to give to the poor? Did not the early Church practice the taking care of each other by those who had more helping those who had less?

Error, analytical 1:12 - doesn’t care how airlines got their profits. My response: those of us who fill the seats and don’t want to become crash statistics disagree. Can you say, “Jet Blue”? Remember, R.L. flies by private jet, only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

bookmark this! Towards the end of the last full week of June, R.L. predicted that the Gulf oil spill may prevent hurricanes from reaching the Gulf coast. Wait n’ see. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

June 30 Analytical error 11:50 - people were told that the Great Depression could not happen again.

Hypocrisy 12:40 - talked about entrepreneurs benefiting from the oil spill

ERROR, FACTUAL 12:41 - Soviets don’t have four year plans, they have life-long plans.

My responses: this was based on their having jobs, which were exported by the Junior Idiot (Bush 43) and the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs.

See R.L.’s question of June 03rd at 1:23 p.m. C.T.

I guess R.L. never heard of Stalin’s Five Year Plans.

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