rush Limbaugh errors for May, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Errors for May, 2010 All times are CENTRAL unless noted Error, misstatement, May 04th, 11:09 a.m. - “…our throats on those guys” referring to B.P. ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, May 04th, 11:16 a.m. - ..problems that the Anointed One caused. My response: once again, R.L. blames problems that originated with the detached, indifferent incompetence, in this case unemployment, of the “What, Me Worry?” Kid (a.k.a. the Junior Idiot, a.k.a. Bush-43) to the Anointed One. The Anointed One is inexperienced enough to make plenty of his own mistakes without being blamed for what damage his equally incompetent predecessor caused. This is Rush Limbaugh defending his precious darlings by attacking their enemies no matter if the enemies are, in fact, correct in their charges, and Rush Limbaugh’s conduct is beyond stupid, it is “mental.” Rush Limbaugh cannot see reality if it makes one of his darlings look bad, and this is a trait that goes back to the infamous days of the Idiot from Indiana. ERROR, FACTUAL by misstatement, 1:36 p.m. - “D.D.T. is the worse thing to happen to humanity.” My response: the context suggests that “the banning of” should have preceded the statement about D.D.T. as the rest of the monolog talked about the increase in malaria-related deaths. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR, FACTUAL, by misstatement, May 06th, 11:47 a.m., R.L. reading news item on Emirates flight ordered back to gate referred to “N.B.C. Eyeball News” My response: unless the N.B.C. flagship station in N.Y.C. is using “Eyewitness News” as their slogan - and not referring to such on their web site - I would say that C.B.S. has had the “Eye” logo since time immemorial. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, May 07th, 11:xx a.m., in reviewing the unemployment statistics story Rush Limbaugh made a remark that more people were looking for work because their unemployment had run out. At 12:44 p.m. R.L. again showed his contempt for those on unemployment by presuming that the submarine/engineer caller was supporting his belief that persons on unemployment aren’t bothering to look for work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL, May 11th, 01:25 p.m. Viet Cong drilling for oil; 01:26 p.m. Britain doesn’t have oil. My response: The Viet Cong were dissolved by the victorious North Vietnamese in the 1970’s, their ability to reconstitute themselves more than 30 years later would be quite impressive. Britain does not have any oil in their country, yes, but does have North Sea oil. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, technical, end of the week, May 13th and/or 14th, when R.L. was battling the mayor of Highland Park, Illinois, the phrase “didn’t get their facts right” came up, I believe that mayor said that about R.L. My response: R.L. did not catch the obvious, that facts cannot be wrong. Assumptions about facts can be wrong, vision problems may prevent one from viewing facts correctly, but how could one “get their facts wrong”? I thought of a friend who had been in the Air Force and represented the G-Force (multiplication of gravity, such as in a cure and/or dive) for a particular aircraft as being the Mach Number (speed represented using the speed of sound as a bench mark). He offered a correct value with an incorrect identifier. Other than that, facts are absolute and not subjective or relative. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL, May 20th, 11:35 a.m. repeatedly and 11:47, R.L. repeatedly referred to the elections “yesterday,” that would be Wednesday. My response: I suppose that some tight races might not be decided ‘til the next day, or even later, but as a general rule, which was what R.L. was using, he meant to say “two days ago.” Error, analytical, 11:48 a.m., suggesting that boycotts of Arizona may be unconstitutional in that they suppress commerce. My response: then so would any conservative boycotts of San Francisco, which are attempts to hurt them by cutting their revenue i.e., hurting their commerce. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL and analytical, May 21st, during opening diatribe 11:16 a.m. Janet Napolitano wanting the National Guard on the border 11:17 a.m. Destroy Israel in one week. 11:19 a.m. small business and corporations to create jobs 11:25 a.m. F.D.R. extended the Depression by 15 years. My response: those who doubted my earlier proclamation that Rush Limbaugh was contemptuous of those on unemployment are encouraged to hear his remarks during this phone call. Make sure that those jobs created are here and not in China! For the Lesser Roosevelt (F.D.R.) to extend the Depression by 15 years, with his ascension t to power in April, 1933, it would have to have still been going on in 1948! There is some discussion as to when the Great Depression ended. Some say it ended when previous wealth was recovered. As my family didn’t have much wealth to begin with, I go with a commonly accepted date of 1942 although I think it ended once the factories started producing for the war effort a few years earlier. I also think the Depression ended when its grip of fear was broken - the fear that I may lose my job tomorrow, my home, everything and go hungry ‘til killed by disease. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday, May 26th, THE PHONE CALL, from an angry Black woman. All sorts of things touched on. 12:24 - (accusation that he ridicules Obama) wish weren’t true. How much money I make is immaterial 12:25 - pay shrank…Unemployment was paying people to be lazy 12:26 - 8 million jobs disappeared because of the recession 12:27 - wish I were just making fun of him My response: Wow, where to begin? R.L. contradicted himself by saying at the beginning of the conversation that he did not mock the Anointed One but towards the end saying that he wished he were just making fun of him. The job disappearance was a trademark of the misrule of the Junior Idiot (Bush 43). R.L. continues to deny that the Bush-Obama Depression was going on during the Junior Idiot’s (Bush 43) misrule and magically started the day Obama took office. If Rush Limbaugh truly was a Wesleyan, he freely admits to being raised United Methodist, he would use his wealth to create jobs to put people to work/keep people working, realizing that he was a steward accountable to God, and that his real wealth would be his reward meted out when he stands before God. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, contradicting self, perhaps by misspeaking. Commenting on some presidential appearance, R.L. initially said that union people were told to stay home for their own safety, but at 12:54 he said that NON-union people were told to stay home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, was not cognizant of title of book title that had just come out (Monday, 24th) about him, 1:07 p.m. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR, FACTUAL, 1:09, R.L. said that we were the only country in the world that ended slavery My response: Right, that’s why runaway American slaves were so eager to get into Canada, ‘cause they continue to labor in a more comfortable climate. And that’s why British slave-holders in Canada were moving their slaves to the still British held Fort Detroit in what is now Michigan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, R.L. said at 1:44 p.m. that the Bush Recession may end socialism in Europe. My response: R.L. ignored something he rambled off at the start of this monolog - jobs in Europe being outsourced. Socialism is a belief system, a gospel if you will, to a smokestack economy. If you take away its industry, the message collapses. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue, analytical, May 28th, 12:12 p.m. R.L. was talking about some liberal Democrat but credited him for backing containment. My response: I’m not convinced that containment was the conservative ideal. Communism, like Nazism, is inherently aggressive and must go forward. Do we talk about containing cancer or gangrene? We probably would if either had nuclear weaponry. Containment means that the Good Guys always play defense. The Bad Guys pick the place, the time, the means, and the situation to start trouble. Eventually, the Good Guys would tire out or at least become discouraged. Arthur Schlessinger, Jr. said once, after praising the Left for coming up with containment, that the Republicans were slow to endorse containment doing so only after a certain year. I would hope that before that the Republicans were in favor of aggressively rolling back the Soviet Empire.

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