Rush Limbaugh errors for April

Rush Limbaugh Errors for April, 2010 All times are CENTRAL unless noted ERROR, FACTUAL April 01st, ? 1:38 p.m., one movie has stopped our nuclear energy program.

My response: Three Mile Island was a movie and not reality? We are so relieved! The fact that so many things went wrong that should not have gone wrong caused people like us to change their views on nuclear energy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, April 05th, 11:11 a.m. current high unemployment rate may be the new normal rate of unemployment.

My response: thanks to all the jobs outsourced starting with the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs’ misrule. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL and analytical, April 07th, 12:07 p.m., R.L. said that the mine with the disaster was being accused of putting profits ahead of mine safety.

My response: Fox News has already reported the company’s problems with past citations for mine safety. If the company more such problems than its competitors, we would suggest two reasons: 1) financially inability or 2) indifference. In this day and age we doubt that an employer would not have the funds for safety because they preferred to put in their employees’ pockets instead.

ERROR, FACTUAL by misstatement, same day, 12:11 p.m., $200 for security costs if the 9/11 terrorist trials were held in N.Y.C.

My response: he meant to say $200 MILLION. This illustrates what we noted earlier, that when you get Rush Limbaugh relaxed or agitated while talking, he starts misspeaking. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL and analytical, April 08th, 01:25 p.m., caller complained about Rush Limbaugh’s attitude towards the unemployed feel useless. At 1:29 p.m. Rush Limbaugh said that he never insulted the unemployed. Before that he said that the way to end unemployment is to for government to stop taxing and get out of the way, and that we had a blueprint for this from 1981-82. Later, after the 1:29 p.m. comment, R.L. referred to the unemployed as “victims of the regime.” At some point R.L. railed against 99 weeks of unemployment.

My response: 1. On April 03rd, 12:11 p.m. (C.T.), R.L. suggested that someone unhappy with their job quit and go on unemployment.

2. At some point in time in 2009, a woman caller from New York took R.L. to task for his attitude towards the unemployed, how she was on unemployment and how hard it was for her to get by. Rush tried to turn it all into a joke. Date and time not recorded as I was on the road driving to a favorite eatery for lunch and did not have writing implements with me. Too bad, but I got a good laugh out of the whole affair.

3. Just remember that the factory jobs that called people to work after a normal recession just aren’t here any more - remember the Fox News report that 1/6th of the manufacturing jobs have been lost - they’re in China, Mexico, and elsewhere.

4. Unemployment became a problem thanks to the outsourcing of jobs that the Horny Hound Dog of Hot Springs started and the Junior Idiot (Bush-43) expanded upon. Problems were masked by the good years.

5. Unemployment will get worse as money-grubbing companies replace working Americans with cheaper labor overseas.

6. Note that we have seen consolidation of former competitors in aircraft manufacturers, airlines, banking, department stores, pharmaceuticals, railroads, and telecommunications since the 1980’s, which would result in reduction of employment.

7. Also note that supermarkets have been closing in both Michigan and Missouri. A&P has once again collapsed as chain and that crashed their fully-owned Farmer Jack chain in Michigan. Kroger’s Dillon’s chain has severely retrenched and local chains have closed in Prairie Purgatory.

8. Note that the Savings and Loans have disappeared since the late 1980’s, reducing employment in that field of “banking.”

9. Note that there has been a vaporizing of personal and corporate wealth, first with the S. & L. meltdown, then with the Dot-Com Bust, and then with the real estate meltdown, which weakened industry before the depression/recession was officially recognized.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERRORS, FACTUAL, April 15th, 12:52 p.m., in response to caller Rush Limbaugh said that we were the first country to ban slavery. 12:58 Rush Limbaugh said by 1804 all Northern states had banned slavery.

My response: Britain pretty much banned slavery in 1833, but many knew this was coming at a much earlier because before Detroit was turned over to us after the Revolutionary War, slave-holders in Canada were moving their slaves to Detroit. Wikipedia says that the revolts for independence in Latin America also ended slavery, have not confirmed this. As to slavery in the North, remember that N.J. still had slaves in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. Gradual abolition had been implemented in the North but not immediate emancipation so that when the Civil War was fought, there were slave-holding states on both sides. -----------------------------------------------

Error, analytical, April 19th, 11:16 a.m., R.L. referred to the U.S. as the most regulated (business environment) for a free society

My response: that’s hard to gauge because different countries have different regulations. Canada has a nationalized railroad that competes with an advantage against privately owned railroads, while Britain and Switzerland nationalized all of their railroads – well, with some small lines popping up after abandonment in Britain. In comparison we have the federally-owned Alaska Railroad and AMTRAK. We have a larger trucking industry than other countries do so we may have regulations that other countries might not have even thought of. Someone at the Canadian Warbirds Museum told us that Canada was much more stringent with aircraft safety inspections than the U.S. was which results in them having more antique aircraft than we do. If the Canadians were inspecting Wings’ aircraft we may not have had that plane explode over Miami Beach after takeoff.

Error, transcriptional, 01:48 p.m. Iranian cleric blamed earthquakes on women who dress provocatively, leading men to promiscuity. R.L. referred to promiscuous women in a recap.

My response: an understandable slip of the tongue that’s normal for most of us, but then, most of us boldly proclaim inerrancy for ourselves. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, April 20th, 01:42 p.m., some story, not found or corroborated, about a woman in Palm Beach County who declined a job in Broward County as it was a 30 mile drive.

My response: For those from Iowa and other places that don’t know any better including R.L., the amount of land in Broward and Palm Beach Counties between the waterfront and the Everglades is very limited and quite narrow. This limits the number of north-south expressways that may be built. Palm Beach County has two expressways, one is heavily traveled, and the other grossly overworked. Broward was able to add a third north-south expressway further west which we have not yet investigated for capacity. Speaking as children of Palm Beach County, we would point out that a drive down the I-95 corridor is a horrendous, a bumper-to-bumper, heavily accident-prone, New York City metropolitan area class driving experience. So we don’t blame her for not wanting to do the drive. There are other transportation options, but they may be too expensive for what the job would pay or impractical for her situation. Now if she was driving from just over the border to just over the border, that could change our perspective. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error, analytical, April 21st, 11:51 a.m., R.L. referred to Goldman Sachs being denigrated as had Big Oil.

My response: Big Oil denigrates itself, and B.T.W. will be giving us all a “present” at the pump around Memorial Day weekend. Oh, I forgot! They HAVE to raise prices ‘cause that’s when they pass out the annual pay increases! And the reason why the price comes down about Labor Day is because the oil company employees repent of the suffering they’ve caused their fellow Americans and accordingly forgo their raises.

Error, analytical, 1:06 p.m., R.L. read from a liberal’s posting about his having a “well-informed mind.”

No comment needed. If that were true, we would not feel the need to point out his errors. --------------------------------------------------------------

ERROR, FACTUAL, April 22nd 11:11 a.m. R.L. referred to Moses coming down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments after the burning bush.

My response: This is the religious equivalent of R.L.’s “Reagan winning 49 states against Carter in 1980” and shows the lamentable Biblical illiteracy in the United Methodist Church. “Open Hearts, open minds…” but not open Bibles. These are two different events, Moses’ call to lead Israel (the burning bush), and his getting the law (coming down the mountain with the Ten Commandments).

ERROR, FACTUAL, April 22nd 11:15-11:20 a.m. R.L. rambled about TARP money being thrown around, but failed to mention that this originated with his darling, the Junior Idiot (Bush 43).

Error, analytical, April 22nd, 11:43 a.m., R.L. mentioned that is was “none of your business how much they make” in re. To Congress looking into how much Wall Street bankers earn.

My response: it is when my tax money is given to them to save their butts and they squander it on the incompetents who created the mess in first place. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------April 26th Omission. After loudly and energetically defending the Golden Scrotum (Goldman Sachs) the previous week, I was disappointed that R.L. did not comment on their e-mails released by Senator Levin of Michigan, which had been chattered about over the weekend. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------April 27th Error, analytical, 1:17 p.m. R.L. referred to the Left’s response to Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants as “first time that they (illegal immigrants) broke the law.”

my response: Bill O’Reilly as repeatedly pointed out that traditionally, illegal immigration has not been a criminal offense but like a civil offense. Too bad, I still want those who hire illegal aliens publically executed.

Error, omission/factual, 1:15 p.m., R.L. railed against TARP money as government stepping in and created a problem.

My response: Rush Limbaugh has been pontificating as if TARP started with the Anointed One, and not his darling, the Junior Idiot (Bush 43). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 29th, 12:50 p.m., R.L. comments Arizona immigration law.

My response: I am still waiting for someone else besides me to remember that Arizona was one of four (4) states that sued to have the 1980 census include a count of illegal immigrants. Two of the remaining three were New York and California, and I believe that the 4th was Texas but am not certain. Arizona got what she wanted, in more ways than one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR, FACTUAL and analytical, April 30th, 11:15 a.m., R.L., reading some article that made reference to a recession in Dec. 2007 said that we weren’t in a recession in December, 2007 and that this was just anti-Junior Idiot propaganda to help the Democrats.

My response: in reviewing my notes, I see that on Dec. 01, 2008, there was a news announcement that we had been in a recession since DECEMBER, 2007, and that I had flagged this as a R.L. factual error. Note that this was after the elections and therefore would NOT, repeat, NOT have helped the Democrats.

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