Rush Limbaugh does not know the history of Democrats

May 31st, 1:08 p.m. - R.L. asked when was the last time you heard Democrats blamed for something in the last 100 years?

Error, factual, gross error, to wit:

 Democratic presidents and what they were blamed for:


  • the Dust Bowl granted with 20/20 hindsight.
  • Mexico, meddling with, assuming a parental oversight role in shaping their government.


F.D.R. -

  • The destruction of Democratic candidate for governor of California Upton Sinclair.
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Setting the term of “Unconditional surrender.” This shocked Churchill and others, and may have kept Italy and Germany in the war longer as opposed to a negotiated peace based on conditional agreements.
  • running for a 3rd term. F.D.R. was the first, and only, president to run for a continuous 3rd term. His relative, the Great Roosevelt (Theodore), ran for a 3rd term in 1916 and 1920 after leaving office but had left office after 2 terms.
  • Running for an unprecedented 4th term in office.
  • Running for an unprecedented 4th term in office knowing that he wouldn’t live long enough to complete the term, granted with 20/20 hindsight.
  • Having pro-Communist Henry Wallace as his V.P. when he knew that he would not live long enough to complete his 4th term in office.
  • The Jalta/Yalta sell-out of Eastern Europe


Truman -

  • China, losing to communism. J.F.K. made an issue out of that.
  • secretaries in fur coats. When the Mormon Muckraker (Jack Anderson) wrote the book Confessions of a Muckracker wherein he confessed the sins of his predecessor Drew Pearson  except the gleeful crucifixion of Preston Tucker and his attempt to set up a car company, he pointed out that towards the end of the Truman Administration it was common to see White House secretaries wearing lovely fur coats which either had become very affordable or someone had been very generous with.
  • We believe that this fur coat episode was why Richard Nixon mentioned Pat Nixon’s “respectable Republican cloth coat” in his “Checkers Speech.”
  • Korea, making a mess out of so that it had degenerated into World War One era trench warfare. No lie, we had to get trench binoculars from the French Army for our troops. (That’s optical magnifiers on a frame that can see over a trench without exposing the viewer, binoculars turned into periscopes if you will.) C. Estes Kefauver clobbered Truman in the New Hampshire primary and Truman withdrew from the race two weeks later at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner (that’s right, this was the first N.H. primary and it was held in MARCH).

 J.f.K. -

  • Bay of Pigs cowardice. Note one of the picket signs during the Cuban Missile Crisis - “don’t chicken out, Jack!,” a reference to his performance during the previous crisis.
  • Allowing the Berlin Wall to be built. Even Truman had enough common sense to say that he would bulldozed it down immediately, and we know now that the Soviet guards would have fled had we done so.
  • Alleged pledge not to invade Cuba in order to get missiles removed from Cuba.
  • skyjacking reduced from being a capital offense. This came up just as skyjacking became popular in the late 1960’s.

 Johnson -

  • Bobby Baker. The “Dixiecrat” author of A Texan Looks at Lynden says that the Kennedy’s wanted to drop Johnson in 1964 because Bobby Baker’s antics had made him a major embarrassment.
  • Cross Florida Barge Canal project - destroying the environmentally-sensitive Everglades in order to bolster non-existence barge traffic.
  • Vietnam War, incompetent handling of. That’s why Senator Eugene McCarthy made a strong showing in the 1968 New Hampshire Primary.
  • Pueblo misadventure.
  • We commend the reading of the Making of the President, 1968 for details on social protest against L.B.J. as form of criticism.


Carter -

  • Energy situation “moral equivalence of war”
  • Botched rescue of American hostages
  • Three Mile Island, incompetent handling of, especially in areas downwind of that plant
  • Giving the Crown of St. Stephen back to the Hungarians - but to the Hungarian Communists from whom we were supposed to protect it.
  • Panama Canal giveaway


Governors, Democrat, blamed in the media.

Florida, Lawton Chiles. Florida is heavily dependent on th state sales tax for revenue and was almost bankrupt in the early 1990’s. the rebuilding after Hurricane Andrew saved the state and his butt.

Illinois - “Blago,” but probably only because he got caught.

Louisiana governor after Hurricane Andrew

Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, the “Barbie Doll Governor” who couldn't get anything right as governor

N.J. “One-Term Byrne.”

N.J. Jim Florio - for his tax on toilet paper, for his “runny egg” banning, and for going into a monolog on Superman while doing a photo-op with the Batmobile.

N.Y. Eliot Spitzer. We would expect Rush Limbaugh to be conversant with this one. Misusing his office as prosecutor to protect whorehouses (mobile whorehouses called "escort services") that he liked while shutting down those he did not. Love Potion Number 9.


Democrat Mayors of large cities, blamed in the media.

New York City - anyone know of a mayor of any party that has not been criticized publically at least once?

Camden, N.J. - ANY mayor since the 1960’s

Cleveland - Dennis Kocinich

Detroit - the mayor during the 1960’s riot who couldn’t admit that the situation was “out of control,” a prerequisite for the National Guard to come in and restore order.

Detroit - mayor for life the Krugerrand Man (Coleman A. Young, Sr.). Much of the media was intimidated into silence except for the Detroit News.

Detroit - “I’m the first Hip-Hop Mayor of this city” Kwame Kilpatrick now a paroled convict

Wayne County (metro Detroit) County Manager Edward McNamara, the alleged boss of the last big city Irish political machine - for gross corruption

Prairie Purgatory “Kansas City, Mo.” - Funkhouser was crucified almost daily for anything and everything, most recently the major snow that caught the city unprepared just before the mayoral primary.

Philadelphia - Frank Rizzo, almost daily for anything and everything

Philadelphia - Wilson B. Goodfornuthin for the “bombing” of west Philadelphia that destroyed some 43 city blocks during the second “MOVE” shootout.

 we guess Rush Limbaugh just doesn't pay attention to the DETAILS of the news


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