Gershon as Palin - Coyote ugly?

For amusement only...I call Snark!    

The old joke about waking up with a woman (or man) so ugly that you'd rather chew off your arm rather than wake them up can be applied to America's - or McCains- blind date with Sarah Palin - Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the cold light of day, it may have been - well - a little hasty.

   Much like Internet dating, the initial contact is filled with promise.

MWF ISO Older Gentleman for 'running mate'.  My interests are moose hunting, selling stuff on E-bay, firing people, and asking politicians for money.  I'm 38-24-36, beautiful, Christian (but don't let that scare you), in shape, rested, and ready. Marital status unimportant - First Dude likes to watch!

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