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    If John Thune from SD represents the "saner wing of the Repubs, Holy crap!  I lived in SD for 6 years with him as a rep.  He sucks and many fellow South Dakotans, who did vote for him, still deride and make fun of him as a "boot licker".  I shudder to think of a Pres Thune as much as a Pres Palin, but for different reasons...Thune IS a social conservative.

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    ...make renewables cheaper than fossil fuels at the same time you are fighting the obscene amounts of money that fossile fuel is throwing out to keep themselves alive.  Some of the recent Coal ads make me sick to my stomach...yeeck.  They WILL NOT go down without a fight and, I honestly believe, they may try to take the "civilized" world down with them when they fall.  Really.  They are that slef-focused.  People with that mindset really are willing to cut off their nose to spite thier face.

    Want a sniff of it, just look over cnbc.com.  They have us right where they want us for the moment, and the Govt reflects the will of the people...hence indescision, stalling, and cutting deals while running for the exit.

    Right now we are really stupid...you would think the vision to go forward would be worth it alone...but the drive to go forward is only on how to make more profit.

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    Acorn, for all the good it was doing, got caught red-handed in a major screw up.  Like many programs fighting to stay alive and help their constituents have gone from supporter to enabler as the budgets have been cut and the money for proper resources have been bled from them.  But just because they have a good excuse for what happened does not mean they did not deserve the criticism they got...nor that there were not more issues that were never publicized.

    Acorn screwed up and were guilty.  Sherrod was targeted and defamed while actually being innocent...and she got a apology.  Seems fair to me.

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    Obama is acting more like Neville Chamberlain with appeasement.  There is a mind set that we can ride out the "storm" of ultra-conservatism and that the politiacl seas will steady themselves back to the middle.

    I believe a war is brewing...not sure how it will take place or be fought, but I feel that the current uber-conservatives would rather destroy "the world" if it will not act the way they want it to.

    If Obama stands up the way it is suggested above, it is the first shot of a war.  Believe it.  I would ask when Obama's Ft. Sumter is coming, not if...I am sorry to say it.  My hope is that the administration is using this time to shore up the non-suicidal conservative position.  Not saying it will come to open warfare, but it will come to something...the pissed-off-older-white-voter genie is not going back in the bottle.

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    There is indeed such a thing as clean coal.  It only depends on how much $$$ you want to throw at it.  It can be made zero emissions and survivable.

    However, and I guess this is the point that NO ONE ever seems to make outright:  there is NO SUCH THING AS CHEAP CLEAN COAL.  PERIOD.  Cheap coal is dirty.  Clean coal is EXPENSIVE.  And oh yeah, coal is a finite resource as well, so that adds to its cost as time goes by...


    Can someone tell me exactly when we will give up our death grip on the past, and our romantization of it, and decide to try to do more than polish up the present and maybe try something, oh, I don't know....NEW?  I suppose when the Baby Boomers start passing on in larger numbers or else the wave of new voters get in...

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    If we are willing to put up with, and in some cases whole-heartedly endorse, this behavior, among others, then it explains the idea that there really are class divides that run deeper than many people see or think.


    When they start "eating their own/young" then the real pain starts to happen.  This level of Legal adherance without ethical/moral adherance has always gotten us in trouble, and always will.  Should be an interesting ride to the bottom.

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    This is 8th grade level BS.  Honestly, they were convicted of basically being "under cover" with espionage intentions.  I am happy to see they are not being treated lightly, but this is Cold War Porn for the 50-90 year olds who love this shit.  We cannot kill bin Laden, or wipe out Al Queda easily...but we sure can catch those hot red-headed Russian spies.  Every cold warriors wet dream come true...

  • That is assuming you can compare a for-profit multi-national corporation with what amounts to a one-day, one-time, small-scale give away. 

    Had someone taken their lemonade, walked down the street and resold it, it would have shown the actual problem in America...taking advantage of either generosity or ignorance.  This is the same as making money off of money, not providing a service or good for a price.  Are we really this lost?

    One farmer in the area I live in allows people to go and pick potatos from his fields after he has harvested them.  Out of generosity.  So that people can do a little work and get food from it and see that what he does not harvest does not go to waste.  You could argue that he is competing against himself, that he is wasting his own resources, or that his neighbors should be able to move in and harvest/sell what he leaves.  All these arguments miss the entire point that I wish the real religious/christians would pick up on...America has decided not to be generous with all our bountiful wealth.  No generosity if you have enough...hoard, greed, and stash.  DO NOT SHARE FOR FREE OR ELSE.

    And this also assumes that generosity should be based on a business model, like the worn adage "If I ran my business like the Govt runs..."  Guess what, if you run your garbage business like a garbage business, you should do ok.  You try to run a garbage business like a flower store, and you FAIL.  The Govt is NOT a business, generosity is NOT business...maybe America is NOT just about business, though God knows it is what we are founded on and what the Bible thumpers most often forget (We did not found our country on religious prosecution...).

  • Opps, I missed out on the gender of who to who.  I guess it was a woman doing the berating, and that the fiance was for the brother..?  Ok, well, some wisdom needs to hit that family straight between the eyes regardless.

  • That may be one of the saddest things I have ever read.  IS he really that shallow and depraved that he cannot enjoy an act of kindness?  Really?  I know the old bumper-sticker "Piss off a conservative - Share." but this really does go well beyond that.  Would sharing actually kill this guy?  Acts of kindness need to be berated?  Pathetic.

    I hope he looks at this incident as written, looks at himself, and has a POSITIVE revelation.   I really do.  This is loathsome behavior.

    Failing that, I hope his fiance has a good look at him and has a revelation before SHE gets too immersed.


    And yes, in response to many of Jerome's recent discussions, how the hell do you make us drink the water I think we all agree we need.  Obama has lead us to the water and guess what?  Most of us do not seem to want it.  We have our fingers in our ears, screaming at the top of our lungs, wishing that all the crap would go away and we could eat those old McD's burgers and fries, using the non-biodegradable syrafoam containers, in our huge revving 5-mile-to-the-gallon cars, and it would all be super healthy.  We are spoiled brats, and when our society acts like it, and refuses to "eat our peas" the extreem liberal end of the Dems goes off on how we need to FORCE those damned peas down our throat because they are GOOD for us...never mind the damage being done otherwise, especialy those of us who are much more close to the moderate end of the range. 

    The way things are being written by the beyond-liberals is..., we should grab the damned horses head and shove it in the lake...even if it means cutting the head clean off.  (What a lovely picture, eh?).  "Mutter, mutter, mutter...Damned horse should drink the stupid water, it really needs it, won't do what I tell it to do will it, well FINE, then you'll get your water, just trying to save you from yourself and look what you make me do....mutter, mutter."


    I am sorry to say that the only way this country that we love, as a society, will ever mend is if we go through a lot of pain...that is just the way it seems.  I am unsure if that was the way of the 20's and 30's, that the depression broke us of some of our "bad habits".  I would not say we need "tough love" (yuck...only a boomer could turn helping a kid into a spotlight on themselves...) but that the pain will come from breaking bad habits.  Comfort, consolation, and compassion need to be grown, I guess, if we cannot abide by them.

  • Andy, it depends on what you mean by the Taliban of A-stan.  Are you talking about the moderates/pragmatics that may be tolerable by Human Rights standards (maybe) or are you talking about the previous occupants of A-stan that were inflicting misery on the population even before Al Queda were allowed in?

    I don't want to sit and equate Taliban with the same dark cloud as one would Nazi, but when they (and any religious extreemists be they Christian/Jew/Muslim/Buddist/etc...) promote the value of denegration and hatred, they do not have my confidence.  I know the ills of the West as well, but unlike many who have simply washed their hands and walked away, I still work to attempt reform and "preach" tolerance as I can.  Maybe in vain, but I do not think so...and catering to what may be only a barely tolerable regime vs. something truly horrible sounds like too much pragmatism for me to swallow in this instance.  I guess I would need more info on who woudl be dealt with.

  • I know for sure that the US is focused on Pakistan...but the mess there goes back to the wonderful Reagan years at least.  We are seeing a lot of the problems in Pakistan, and India, come to the forefront when the people causing the problems there want to be left in the shadows, so that is a start.  Pakistan has had to start dealing with thier internal problems a lot more seriously than they have wanted to and actually show some results.  I can say that there is positive movement forward, but there is a LOT left to do and any number of places it could all easily fall apart.


    But I would agree...Pakistan is the key to A-stan.  What a freakin' mess...

  • No problem.

    I am considering what would be the history of A-stan, but I think that the idea of them just being a prosperous crossroads of trade is along the same lines as thinking that America will once again be a mainly agrairian society. 

    The limits of "people flow", as you mentioned, are very important as well and that is why the responsable exploitation (is that a oxymoron or what) of the mineral resources there can help as well in that regard.

    Again, security/military force is the FIRST step in a long road.

  • I never said MILITARY solution.  Military force is the start of stability, not a end result.  I would give up 100 years and our entire economy lost if it actually HELPS. 

    The military has its own warts, but the military contractors are the problem.  As are the mercenaries and the corporate consultants.  I am not kicking them as a convenient "dog", they really have grown too large for their purpose and tehy end up leaving us, the US, holding the bag of crap when it all falls down.  They have their purpose in limited support, NOT as the main force.  We lost the vision of the Govt. entity doing the work with help...this is what I see killing us. 


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