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    The DOD had agreed to release the photos by May 28.  Obama wishes to prevent that but I have not yet heard how he will do so.  Last I read, Gates was assessing his options with lawyers.  I guess we'll hear more in the next few days.  Maybe a Friday news dump is in imminent.  

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    In Sept. 2008, the US Court of Appeals ruled that the photos had to be made public. Bush asked to have the case reheard and was denied, in March 2009.  So, the courts have already ordered that the photos be made public.  

  • Specter is nothing but an opportunist.  Do any of our party leaders happen to recall his voting record under Bush?  Alito, the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, just to name a few.  He was there whenever Bush needed him.  I pray that he will be primaried by a real dem because I can't possibly bring myself to pull the lever for Specter.  

  • and we deserve a democratic senator, not this self-serving opportunist.  Specter was an unapologetic Bush rubber stamp for eight dismal years.  Maybe Ed Rendell and Harry Reid have forgiven him but I haven't.  I would gladly support a progressive challenger.  

  • Being an opportunist, he may prove to be useful if he decides that it's in his best interest to throw in his lot with Obama.  I hope so.

    All the same, it is galling to hear Ed Rendell and Harry Reid gushing over Specter, as if the past 8 years never happened.  Under Bush, Specter showed complete disdain for the views of his (largely democratic)constituents, putting party first whenever he was needed.  Santorum did the same and he got his comeuppance in 2006.  I was frankly looking forward to seeing Specter get his.

    I agree that there are plenty of democrats who also enabled Bush (and are obstructing Obama) but many of them represent conservative regions.    

  • is that the party leadership has already promised to support Specter for re-election, which will make it difficult for a real democrat to challenge him.  I just heard on CNN that one dem who was planning to run in the primary has withdrawn.  Call me old-fashioned but I believe voters should get to pick their own candidate.  

    Plus, there is the matter of Specter's voting record, which Harry Reid and friends now find it convenient to overlook.  Specter stood with Bush on the Iraq War, warantless wiretapping, the patriot act, judicial picks, etc.  His record is not that of a moderate.  

  • have always called on Americans to show courage and fortitude in tough times.  OTOH, Bush, Cheney and Co. wanted us crapping our pants in terror--it was so much easier to impose their extremist right-wing agenda on a traumatized citizenry.  Sadly, their fear mongering paid off.  

    If and when another terrorist attack occurs, the GOP will say it happened because of Obama's policies.  Cheney is already laying the groundwork.  

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    has a "nanny problem" as well as a "tax problem" that was revealed in the vetting process.  They also said something about "the state of her marriage?"  I'm always skeptical of FOX and I have not heard this any place else.

    I assume a "nanny problem" means either hired an illegal or paid the nanny under the table.  

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    rewards success?  It's infuriating.  

    I'm glad that Dean is going to take on universal health care.  I have zero confidence that our feckless party can bring it about.  Obama is not committed to it, even though the majority of Americans want it.  It will take tremendous pressure, and Dean is just the one to lead the charge on this issue.  

  • The democratic party should have zero tolerance for him or anoyone else who thinks it's OK to treat Americans like second class citizens.   Including him in the inauguration legitimizes his offensive, regressive views.  

  • on Friday and strangely, she chastised Hillary, for not taking a stronger stand against it.  So I guess this bozo's obnoxious, disrespectful behavior is somehow Hillary's fault.  

  • It's a common and effective way of silencing women when they object to this kind of bigotry.  Just shut up and quit being so emotional/humorless/overly sensitive.  Stop complaining and enjoy what's being done to you.  Sound familiar?  

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    and so was I.  I find their ready acceptance of Biden somewhat at odds with their professed outrage over Clinton's vote.

    And in fact, the candidate that I voted for won.  However, I have no intention of "getting over" the behavior of certain so-called progessives and other assorted hypocrites during this election.  I have every intention of whining, kvetching or what you will, at every opportunity.  Call it whatever you want.  

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    with Joe Biden and John Kerry, who voted as Hillary did.  And they don't complain much about the dems who have continued to vote in favor of funding the war, which is obviously also an act of political expedience.  They seem to me very selective in their criticism.  

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      It makes sense for so many reasons.  Which probably means it will never be universally adopted.;)  Good for Oregon, for making democracy accessible to all voters.  


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