"Presumptuous": OJ Simpson or Tiger Woods?

I don't mean to be strident with the title of this post (and I welcom any suggestions to change the name if anyone is offended by it).

I think the strategy to brand Obama as "presumptuous" has Rove written all over it. I think it also carries hidden racial overtones (the Uppity meme...) I also think it is probably the Republicans only chance to use one of Barack's greatest strenght to attack him: the guy's tremendous charisma.

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On boomers, my father and my big mouth (a personal take)

I'm a 38 old hispanic permanent resident. Born and raised in Mexico. I have lived in the US for the last 10 years.

Reading this diary struck a chord inside me.

See, it's not that I have personally experience many of the slights the diarist chronicles. It had to do with something closer and more personal: my relationship with my father.

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