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      People need to realize than most of this country is still patriotic. The vast majority will never look at our soldiers sacrifice as "wasted". Obama screwed up. Badly. And yes, he should apologize. He was wrong and he knew it.

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    Of course this statement:

    "Whether someone really thinks that they're eating the body and blood of their messiah is far, far less a concern to me than whether they walk the walk of a social teaching that condemns inequality and champions justice."

    can be construed as:

    "I will tolerate christians as long as they agree with me". That's how I took it.

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    "I have a pretty vicious rant and an important action alert lined up"

    Get over yourself Chris. Or rant away. Whatever, but you come off as a pompous ass. Do you have any idea how stupid you make the less of us look? Seriously, what's wrong with you people? If Edwards keeps those losers we will never win the election. We will chase away all the normal decent people who make up the majority of the votes. We need normal people on our side.


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