VA-SEN: New Video: "George Allen Don't Like Black People" - Spread It!

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Frank Lopez has produced new animated video highlighting George Allen's racism called "George Allen Don't Like Black People," set to the tune of "Gold-digger" by Kanye West.

It's hard-hitting, very well done, and pretty funny. Please help us spread it.

More info on the video is below the fold.

George Allen Don't Like Black People!

I work for, and we commissioned this video. Frank also made the music video for the post-Katrina "George Bush Don't Like Black People" Kanye West remix.

There's a simple website set up at which points to articles on Allen's racism, and other relevant youtube videos. A quicktime version is also available there.

Let's all do our best to spread this, especially to VA voters, in the next few days. Hopefully we can get it to go viral.

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