• Is this the same Howard Fineman who said Elizabeth Edwards would endorse Hillary and campaign with her in North Carolina - another assinine statement from his supposed "sources."

    Fineman's track record with this insider stuff is horrendous.

    Rub a Magic 8 Ball for answers and you'll get better results.

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    Just another example of how Obama's campaign thinks they can do half-fast statements and then think all Hillary's supporters will come running to him after they both apear on stage.

    You've got Wright and now this loon who spews sexist and racist bile against the Clintons.

    If this was the other way around Hillary would be chastised (and rightly so).

    Destined for defeat.

  • You think the minority community is the total Democratic vote?

    And we all know Obama has been doing so well with Latinos or Asians. LOL.

    I didn't say he wouldn't win the state - I said a deflated margin. Skim some from Latinos, Asians, Catholics and - most obviously - Jewish voters - and you have an embarrassing post November election day.

  • A deflated margin will matter.

    And from what I hear he has a lot of work to do.

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    Putting Hillary on the ticket would be the only way to ensure my vote for his ticket.

    But his haters will never let it happen because she's too yucky for him (rolls eyes).

    It's pretty crazy that she is bashed over the head again and again by everyone in the media and she has such a strong core base that won't leave her.

    Too bad Obama has done nothing to try to win over her voters in any meaningful way. I think Obamanation hopes she'll do a big rally with him and tell her supporters to love Obama and we'll all just swoon to him.


  • And the same polls show him losing to McCain.

    You'll see soon enough.

    But facing reality is apparently news to some Obama delusionists.

  • And that article shows he has a problem with these voters.

    Texeira just believes Obama can overcome this with new voters.

    Tall order and risky...

    The other pollster said he sees Obama's problem with wwc's in focus groups.

    This makes you feel better?

    It's going to be a long 6 months is all I have to say.

  • LOL -- you ignore ALL the other PRIMARY states he lost the white vote in and I have the ignoring problem?

    Because I didn't applaud the fact he won the whoite vote in caucuses we have no chance of winning?

    He has a problem beyond Appalachia and you have to be living on another planet not to see it - but if you want to just believe that because it makes you feel better than have at it.

    It won't make it any more true.

  • He won those votes in most states we have absolutely NO chance of winning in November and he won through activist heavy caucases.

    You ignore all the other states.

    And you chose NH and CA (which she still beat him with white vote).

    Your argument is weak...and having your head in the sand is not a good plan.

  • Read my post below and the Newsweek poll and article that just came out and you'll realize that wishing he doesn't have a problem won't make it any less so.

    And I expect Obama to carry his Caucus wins into the general in states like Kansas, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska and Alaska...because his electoral strategy is in such disarray anyway I guess that's his latest trajectory.

  • He lost the white vote in many states outside of Appalachia.

    Kos, as usual, is cherry picking to make himself and his followers feel better.

    He lives in his own land of happy thoughts.

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    Is California, Nevada, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas and NH suddenly part of Appalachia?

    I guess I missed the memo because I don't understand how he lost the white votes in those states if it's just an Appalachia problem.

    This whole Appalachia argument is another example of the Obama supporters looking for an argument rather than the facts.

    Lame yet typical.

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    Webb has tempered his comments on Affirmative Action since he ran for Senate, but you can tell he has major issues with it form his interview in the past. Personally, it's not my issue because I believe it served a purpose but has been overextended and should and will be eventually phased out.

    But it doesn't take away from the fact that I see Webb as an awkward fit based on his overall views - namely Affirmative Action, Guns, etc. - and as someone who will not bring him Virginia.

    Plus I watched Webb on his Senate campaign trail and he is not a fan of it. It pained him.

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    Warner or Strickland are the only smart choices based on his weak electoral trajectory.

    I like Webb, but to me the ticket will be an awkward fit and based on VA state approval ratings -- Webb is not soaring in popularity. Webb is also pretty vocal about his disdain for Affirmative Action for groups other than AAs and even there he sounds less than convincing.

    If he picks Sebelius it will just confirm to me how tone deaf his campaign is because you know there will be stories written all over the place how he wanted a female, just not Hillary, and piss of a ton of people.

    And the fact that his surrogates have been using the line "too much change" as one of their lame reasons for not picking Hillary would just show what is obvious to everyone -- they just don't like Hillary.

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    I'll believe it when I see it.

    The VCU Commonwealth poll that just came out has Obama way behind McCain. Polls showed Kerry ahead at certain points in 2004 too and people murmured about taking it - and he lost it handily when things settled.

    If he picks Warner I'd be somewhat optimistic - otherwise I don't buy it.

    He's going to have his hands full in PA and OH and Florida is lost.

    So much will happen in 6 months.


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