OH-16: Small Donors Back Record-Breaking Boccieri Quarter

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Schuring Bought by Big Oil, Corporate Executives that Slash 16th District Jobs

Canton, OH - 16th Congressional District Candidate John Boccieri raised $391,237.61 in the second fundraising quarter of 2008, bringing his total raised this cycle to $1,081,509.40 and his current cash on hand to $531,015.15.

Boccieri has a broad base of small donors. More than half of his contributions this quarter were $100 or less, and three in five of those small donations came from within the 16th District.

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Schuring, who raised the state gas tax, has taken over $20,000 from oil executives, and fully two thirds of his funds this quarter came from big-money backers like Hoover and Timken who have laid off thousands of area workers within the past five years.

Senator Major John Boccieri(D), of Alliance, Ohio stated:

"I'm getting grassroots support from people who are fighting to keep their jobs while my opponent takes checks from the executives who are shipping their jobs away. The more people find out that Kirk Schuring is bankrolled by big oil executives and corporate job-killers, the more excited they get about our campaign. My supporters know that I'll fight for lower energy costs, better health care, and the good jobs that our middle class families need."

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