Conservatives who doubt official 9/11 story has the two most compelling interviews you may ever hear in the archive. Former State Department man George Kenney interviews former CIA analyst Ray Mcgovern and former WSJ associate editor Paul Craig Roberts.  Mcgovern gives info about Wilson/Plame that I've never heard or read anywhere else and comments on David Ray Griffin's 9/11 efforts.  Roberts reveals why physics professors don't speak up about the building collapses on 9/11.  
Each interview is over an hour long, the last 30 minutes of both interviews reveal more than I was ready to know.  How much 9/11 truth can you handle?

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Re: Conservatives who doubt official 9/11 story

There's unlikely to be any so-called "truth" there, and I have a very low tolerance for conspiracy theories. I don't know why I even opened this diary. Maybe because I thought it would be about conservatives admitting that the Bush administration was asleep at the wheel about 9-11 and that they in fact just ddn't care. Wacko "building collapse" statistics don't interest me; why the Hart-Rudman report sat unread on Cheney's desk while the administration painted itself as the party of national security does.

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Many Liberals Know That 9-11 Was A Reichstag

Many liberals also know that the destruction that occurred on 9-11 had very little to do with planes hitting buildings, and a quite lot to do with explosives, mostly of the controlled demolition variety.

Paraphobia is the morbid fear of paranoia. Paraphobia kills.

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