Racism is four to twelve times worse than sexism

Every time I come to mydd I see at least one diary complaining about sexism.  Hillary is a woman, the argument goes. And Hillary lost. Ergo, Hillary must have lost because she's a woman.  While I would argue that there were several excellent reasons to oppose Hillary, I still agree that it's inevitable that any woman running for the presidency would have been faced with sexism.  However considering that Hillary was white and her main opponent was African American, the argument that she was the one discriminated against flies out the window.

A few facts below:

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Tim Russert will be missed

I like the rest of you here was shocked to discover the sad news about Tim Russert, a giant of journalism.  No one knew how to ask the tough questions like Tim Russert.  I was watching Chris Mathews the other night, and they were showing how Tim could always outsmart any politician.  Many in the media credited his tough questioning of David Duke about the economy and tough questioning of Hillary about illegal drivers licence and her Iraq war vote as being what ended the political careers of both Duke and Hillary.  No one could play hardball better than Russert.  The key to his success was that he knew so much about so much.  And he was fair to all sides which is why everyone from republicans to Clinton cheerleader James Carville has been grieving his death.  He was the master of the follow up question; a man who could think on his feet and outwit presdential candidates.  And above all he loved his country.  

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Hillary played the gender card

In debate after debate she invoked horrible memories of when women couldn't even vote. Talked about how old ladies who were born before women could vote wanted to live long enough to see a woman president.  So even if Obama did play the race card, how is that any different from Hillary playing the gender card.  Both blacks and women have a right to take pride in a historical election & view it in historical context.

Where the Clinton campaign crossed the line however was in feeding racist stereotypes about blacks dealing drugs and about hard working Americans being white Americans (and don't tell me she didn't mean it; she never means anything the way it sounds).  As for Bill's fairy tale comment, I agree that was over-hyped, & I couldn't care less if he compared Obama to Jackson.  But the other 2 comments crossed the line.

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Poll of Sexual Orientation & Obama/Clinton preference

I'm curious to see how the MYDD community breaks down along Hillary & Obama support along gender & sexual orientation. Please take this poll. And please do not use the comment section of this diary to attack either candidate.

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Dick Morris says all Hillary supporters will support Obama, but not the reverse

As much as I disagree with Dick Morris's politics, I am impressed by his intellect.  I admire the calm, articulate way he replies to questions, and he is brilliant at what he does, as evidenced by Bill Clinton's long association with him and the frequency with which he is invited on TV.  He always has something cogent and original to say like in the following video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igcB5vHKo 9k

(for some reason this blog doesn't let mey embed videos like other blogs do)

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Racism much harder to overcome than sexism

Some of the most powerful people in human history have been women. Do you realize that Elizabeth I and Queen Isabella were each the most powerful people in the world in their day? We've had plenty of female leaders: Thatcher in Britain, Angela Merkel in Germany, Kim Cambell in Canada, Golda Meir in Israel; even supposedly patriarichal muslim and South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka have all been ruled by women.  Some of the richest people in America are women including the wife and daughter of the late Sam Walton who each have TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars.  Women also live longer than men and spend much less time in jail.

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Hillary please drop out

I just read in the paper this weekend that the only way Hillary can beat Obama is by capturing two thirds of the vote in the remaining contests.  That means she would have to beat Obama (on average) by 30 points in the remaining contests, and she has a better chance of being abducted by UFOs than by accomplishing a comeback of such grand proportions.  Her only hope of winning the nomination is to get the superdelegates to overrule the will of the people (a dictatorship not a democracy) and history shows that such an abuse of power would not only cause the party to implode, but may even cause riots.

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