Organizing vs Masturbating

Sorry for the provacative title -- but if you are reading this it worked.  I'm struck by how much time and energy we expend here and on other websites chasing our tails and, well, essentially amusing ourselves.  
Yes, some fine efforts have been made here to solicit campaign contributions and volunteers. However, so much more energy has gone towards flame wars and picking apart who wrote what first to whom.

At the top of the front page today was a diary blasting the MSM for ignoring McCain's latest about-face, this time on Afghanistan.  Much space has gone towards disgust with the media over sexist remarks, coverage of frivolities and the MSM attempts to keep the race closer than it should be.  So I'm suggesting, instead of incessantly criping about things, we actually DO something about them.

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Oh, get over yourselves.

This is nothing but a blathering rant, but then hey, so are half the diaries here now.  The place is crawling with Republican trollers and their sock puppets, who I suspect account for half the diaries now and three-quarters of the comments.  
So it's hard to sort out the smoke and horsecrap from the genuine concerns, but even the genuine concerns are off the rails.  

To start, thank God Obama is "drifting towards the center" because, um, that's where the majority of voters are.  I for one want to see the guy elected, even if that means he doesn't meet my standards of ideological purity.  Some might call this behavior "pandering" or "flip-flipping", especially if they are most interested in seeing another four years of Republican rule.  

Yet there are still must be authentic hand wringing on the far Left (I know because CNN told me so) and oh how I wish the Left could wake the hell up.  You don't win elections on an ideologically pure far Left agenda, instead you tend to go down in flames.  Ask George McGovern.

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Our first organizer president: what organizers do

As a Clinton supporter, Obama's experience as a community organizer was always in the background for me.  Now that he is my candidate, I get to be full out proud to see the first member of my profession elected president.
Outside of political, progressive and union circles, almost no one knows what an organizer does, or even that the profession exists.  It's not a job category as far as the government is concerned; your guidance counsellor won't mention it as a possible career for you; there are no degrees or even more than a handful of college courses in "organizing".  Most  folks think being an organizer has something to do with arranging closets.

Even within the progressive community, and among mediocre organizers themselves, there's precious little understanding of true organizing skills.  If folks did understand the work and skills of a great organizer they'd be heartened to know we are about to elect our first.  And make no mistake, Obama is clearly a great organizer.

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"Who we are without the extreme tensions" Why Are You A Democrat?

ChrisBlask included this line in a comment he posted to another thread
"It will be interesting to see who we all are without the extreme tensions." He was making the point that our loyalty to candidates is polarizing, while perhaps the facts of who we are and what we do might begin to unite us.
I think he's dead on point.  All of the true progressives and Democrats here have been brought to this fight for a reason that supercedes and preceeds any primary race.  And each of us manifests our core beliefs through different progressive passions, I assume.  

I think the anonymity of the blogs brings us to forget that -- that among our ranks we have dedicated and empassioned environmentalists, unionists and advocates for a range of progressive causes.  It is these causes that unite us, even as we each perhaps give our energy to one over all others, we still share support for most if not all the line items in the progressive agenda.

I would challenge the folks here to tell us a little about yourself in the comment thread -- what brought you to the Democratic Party, what causes you fight for and how, what classes or experiences have sparked your fire --  WITHOUT MENTIONING CANDIDATES!~

Please resist the urge to add -- "and that's why I support/hate Clinton/Obama.  Please.  I think we'll find, if enough people give it a shot, that we are indeed all in the same boat and just need to respect each other's paddling.

I'll start in the first comment.  HOPEFULLY others will follow.
So...what's your story?  Who are you, without the "extreme tension"?

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Remembering the Real Enemy, and it ain't us

I am frustrated this morning that I don't know how to post images into diaries.  If I could I would post pics of Bush and McCain licking birthday cake off each other's fingers in Arizona while Katrina victims sweltered in filth and clung to rooftops in New Orleans.  
If I could, because a picture speak a hundred outraged words, I'd post a picture of George Bush smugly posing in front of his "Mission Accomplished" sign right next to a photo of flag draped coffins being unloaded from a cargo plane a year, two years, four years later.
If I could, I'd post clips of George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzalez, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Michael Chertoff, Donald Rumsfeld, Katherine Harris, "You're doing a hell of a job" Brownie and all the other friends and supporters of John McCain -- clips of them lying to the American people, thumbing their nose at our will and concerns, dragging the reputation of this country into the mud, demonstrating utter disregard for the American lives and true American values.

I wish I could post a photo of the Constitution, the document our military men and women pledge to defend, the document Bush and Company have used to wipe their oily asses for eight years.  

But what I really wish is for the power to somehow post a command that causes a big fat hand to pop out of someone's computer screen and slap them upside the head every fucking time they post something here that attacks the one man who can keep McCain out of the Whitehouse, or the powerful woman who has admirably served progressive values for all her adult life, or the people on all sides of the Great Democratic Divide who have fought for all the right things and hated George W. Bush and Company for eight long years (the eight longest fucking years in my lifetime).  

Stop it.  Just fucking stop it.  And if you can't fucking stop it go off and write a book or something about how the best candidate lost or the transformative candidate was smeared or about how race-baiting or the DNC or Howard Dean or sexism or political pandering are what's wrong primarily with this country or how latte sipping elitists or feminazis or black  church leaders or low information racists will lead us all to hell.  I'm sure you'd get terrific hype for your work from Rush Limbaugh.  Just stop posting your horseshit here.

Because the bottom line is this -- if you can't support the Democratic candidate you don't belong here.  IF you can't stop trashing fellow Democrats you don't belong here.  And if you can't remember the last eight years and remember who the real enemy is you need your God damn head examined.

Do it.  Google "McCain Bush Katrina birthday".    Hit the "Image" button.  Then work towards unity or PLEASE go the hell away.

And if you can't?  you are a troll and should be treated as such.  The only "them" in "us and them" is "us and the Republican Party." 

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Obama: changing my mind, opening my eyes

I only had the opportunity to hear a few snippets from the Obama speech yesterday and a little analysis on NPR.  I was working, in my car, parked in a Home Depot parking lot in a working class neighborhood in Detroit.  
I am a white woman, in my sixties, a "Clintonista" perhaps not all that different in some respects from Obama's grandmother.  Until yesterday I would not have voted for Obama for a number of reasons, the Wright flap just the latest.  But something moved in me yesterday.  Obama is changing my mind and opening my eyes.

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A Different Trip to Whole Foods -- Remembering RFK etal

Upfront, let's make sure everyone understands I know Obama enjoys thoughtful informed support from a wide demographic.  So no one needs to hop on and remind us all that fifty year olds support Obama too and for all the right reasons.  This diary conceded that up front.
I'm a semi-regular shopper at the Ann Arbor Whole Foods Market.  In my experiences I've always found those who work there to be almost overly friendly and helpful.  Yesterday was different.
Seeing the long faces there and feeling for the first time what sure seemed like hostility towards my old white female self got me thinking, and not about Whole Foods. (it's just where I jumped off)  
Yesterday was a very difficult day  for young Obama supporters and perhaps a little thoughtful compassion is in order.

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A talk with the Obamanation

[Knock knock] Are you in there? Obamanation? Are you awake? I want to talk to you, are you decent? Good. I'm coming in then. I want to talk to you. Yes now. Don't you roll your eyes at me!

We need to talk about how you disrespect me and my friend Hillary. All this talk about her lying and cheating and bringing up her mariage problems? Using the "B" word and the "C" word in front of me? It's disrespectful. It's disrespectful to her and it's disrespectful to me. I need you to think about that.

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