Get Mad. Get Even. And Punch 'Em In The Nose

What do you feel when you see this (warning, sick and wrong attack on Obama follows - click through at your own peril): Zs

Angry? Incensed? Stay with that emotion and watch this next one: wo

Outraged? Shocked by the utter disrespect for anything that resembled the truth?

Note to the Obama campaign: you know we love ya. You know we admire that cool, intellectual way you approach politics, and the Buddha-like equanimity you exude when times get tough.

But - and I mean this with all the respect in the world - ENOUGH!

Don't whine to the media about how unfair the McCain folks are. Don't think you get a penalty point because Rick Davis is an arrogant a*hole who'll stoop lower than Beelzebub himself just to win this thing.

You think they'll stop the nasty attack ads? You really believe these folks won't pull out every. dirty. trick. in the book - including voter disenfranchisement, caging, lying, faux protests and even buying off select members of the establishment (you know who you are) - to win this thing?

You don't think they'd attack Obama's kids if they thought it would win them one undecided voter in one swing state?

Think again, guys.

Now is the time to come to terms with the facts as they are. Leave the ideology at the doorstep and pragmatically look at this election right now, right here, for what it is. If you don't change course with all due speed: you will lose this thing.

Now, lecture over. Get to work. All y'all on the web, hit those phones, donate money, talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Email like you've never emailed before. We are the front line of defense in this war to wrench this country away from the self-serving idiots who've done their darnest to run it into the ground these last eight years.

Obama campaign: we love you. We've got your back. But you guys need to post a picture of Rick Davis in your campaign headquarters and daily - no, make that hourly - look at that smug mug and hit it hard. Make it bleed. Shoot darts at it or do whatever you need to do to get mad. Get even.

Punch 'em in the nose.

And just to prove I'm no nervous nelly, no chicken little, I'm gonna challenge everyone reading this to donate $5.00 to the campaign right now. We can all afford it - let's let them know we're not going to just stand by and let another election be stolen.

Donate now:

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The happiest screen in the world

is the one that begins like this:

Thank You ... Now Spread the Word!

Your donation has been processed. Thank you for your generous gift.

No one of us can do this alone. It's going to take all of us reaching out to our friends, family and neighbors to build a movement for change.

Every supporter can own a piece of this campaign. When a person takes ownership of an organization, even with a small donation, that person becomes far more likely to spread the word, volunteer his or her time and build the movement.

More people have to take that first step of involvement, because the only way we can win is by making this campaign belong to as many people as possible.

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Re: Here is a working link

thank you! I tried futzing about with the link a few times but couldn't get it to work.


I apprecaite ya!

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When posting a link

that starts with "https" you must use the html coding.

@a href=""#Paymenow (or the link address again)@/a#


@ = <

# = >

And yes, the space between the a and the h are needed.

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Re: When posting a link

Wow...I'll try. At least folks have this one if my futzing doesn't work out ;-)

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Re: When posting a link

Oy! just tried it an my whole link disappeared.

Thank you for posting in the thread ;-)

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You left out a piece

probably the quote marks " "

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Re: You left out a piece

coding has never been my cup o'tea...

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Re: You left out a piece

Odd - now it looks like it's there but still invisible.

I think I'm gonna just use the home page - but not for lack of trying ;-)

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Re: You left out a piece

argh -and even then it don't linky.

O well.

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O, and spread this around

Planned Parenthood's response ad, which has unfortunately not gotten a lot of talking head time in the Cable News Wurlitzer: Lw

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Re: Get Mad. Get Even. And Punch 'Em In The Nose

The "O" campaign had better start getting as Vicious as the McCain campaign, which is still being run by Rove et al.
They need to take off the Kid Gloves and go for the Throat and that includes letting 527's do the most nasty stuff.
That also includes having both the Clintons going on full throttle attack, or else we will not be winning this election.

When you are out in Public, at a Gas Station, at a Restaurant, in a line at a Store.. be Vocal and level as many diatribes as you can, I've already started. Use your voice, use your Mouth, I'm serious!
I'm already seeing too many McCain bumperstickers in the San Fran BayArea. And they don't have the name "Palin" on them out here.

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