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  • Al,

    Clinton DID NOT PARDON Evans and the other Weather Woman.   He COMMUTED their sentences. They were charged with the same crime 2 others were who had received lighter sentences abd were out of jail.

    Commute means less jail time - but still with a felony record and all the attenant negatives.

    Pardon means wipe the slate completely clean with no attendant negatives.

    Then I suggest you google the Brinks crime and see who the other  Players were.

    Further, neither Hillary nor Bill went to the Weatherman houses, or had them sponsor fund raisers, nor do they "bundle" money for the Clintons

    I do not believe that spreading FALSE information in now considered a Progressive Value.

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    Sorry Narrowback,

    I must respectfully disagree. This is what happens when a candidate like Obama is NOT fully vetted at the beginning of the process.

    There is much more on him coming out, and it shows a very bad picture.  Someone at another blog, wrote that the RNC is going to start showing some of Obama's past associations and activities in a nationwide commercial.

    Knowing what I personally have found, just by my lonesome, Hillary would be forever smeared if Obama is her running mate and the Dems will wander in the wilderness for another 40 years.

    That would be a horrible outcome for all of us and or country.

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    Obama is guilty of violating FEC laws. Did he break the same ones as McCain - NO

    Obama has violated others such as:

    Fraudlent use of his Senate Leadership PAC - Hopefund.

    Vote Buying in both Primary and Caucus states.

    Busing in out of state people to vote in Caucuses.

    All of the above can be found using google - I Prefer to keep my research undiclosed for the time being.

    The Bottom Line needs to be that ALL Candidates obey the laws, or suffer the appropriate penalties equally.

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    That is because there are millions of voters out here, including myself, who are not looking for perfection-no human is - but basic honesty and deceny are important characteristics.

    No matter how many AD buys Obama makes, those with common sense see through his B/S.

    Actions speak volumes louder than words. Checking his past and I wouldn't give Obama the time of day-never mind my vote.

    So I keep digging and passing the informataion on to family, friends and neighbors.

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    Loaded - not only with videos, but lots of juicy substance.

    Thanks for all you do Alegre!

    I am going to send this on cuz its terrific.

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    Thank You Alegre for posting this. I literally cried for an hour-before I was able to come here to post.

    My two cents. There is a nicely wooded area I go to on warm sunny days to read, and watch the antics of the young Seagulls.

    Last week, two woman, one 58 and other other 59 years old, at differnt times, invaded my space. I ended up talking to them separately. It seemed a nursing home they both had worked at for their entire adults lives closed for financial reasons. Both lost not only their insurance, but also their homes, as the nursing home had been affiliated with a Religion, and they did not get retirement benefits. One had chronic diabetes. The other had a heart problem.

    They had come to this wooded area searching for cans and bottles to turn in, so they could have some money for food. They both lived in shelters -different ones. I ended up in tears, and giving each of them 1/2 of the money I had on me. They soldered on, searching for more cans and bottles.

    Feeling guilty for not being in their situation, I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon also searching for cans and bottles. I put them in the trunk of my car and made an ATM withdrawal - then drove to the two shelters, and left 1/2 the money I had withdrawn and 1/2 of the cans and bottles I collected for each woman.

    Shame on all of us in America that our citizens, who worked hard all their lives, end up in such desperate straits.

  • Take it from this New Hampshirite

    Obama WILL NOT win this state.

    We have long memories - We haven't forgotten Obama broke 2 Laws regarding Robo Calls and then tried to blame it on Clinton, when in fact it was former NH Reps who complained.

    Nor will we readily foregive the fact that he broke the law and was "bribing" our young people with cash, which was termed Gas Money.

    And for those who have no clue on how important we take our environment - The first offense a $250 fine for littering - then it goes up to $500, then $1,000.  Obama and his savages literally left trash everywhere, and now that the snows have melted - we are once again sharply reminded about how disrepectfully our state was treated.

    Lastly - we truly despise "dirty tricks" type politicians, and Obama busing in people from out of state for those states who had Caucuses, and his supporters literally slamming the doors and locking out an opponents supporters - in our world view is reprehensible and unforgivable.

    As the Greeks used to say the "Character" of a leader will predict the well being of the "City State". Well Obama has over and over again shown us his extreme lack of character as well as integrity of any kind.

    NH will support the real Professional we can be proud of to call our Leader and that is Hillary

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  • Where are  you coming from? Truthteller doesn't even so much as imply, by nuance, that spouses shouldn't b eallowed to campaign.

    Truth and forth rightness are CRUCIAL to the character of the persons in the WH. Seems as if Barack and Michelle, have different messages, depending on the color of the skins in the crowd.

    Even Obama himself, raised the question in South Carolina Debate, that people should be able to trust their leaders. Heres a brief video:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHlQDmac7 aE

    And shame on you for the ad Hominem attacks when you obviously do not even get the message.

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    Speaking of the infamous Mr. Hsu,

    Exactly WHEN does Obama plan to give back the $20,000 Hsu gave him, as well as the money raised for Him by Mr. Hsu?

    Washington Post has the story:

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2007/09/07/AR2007090703047. html

  • Sorry -

    Last line should read Want them to do the same (not sma) with Social Security?

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    Yes, it is GREAT news.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to delve into substansive differences - like Health Care.

    For those following the Rezko cas - This is about how they "Outsourced" the Illnois Retired Teachers Fund to the highest Kickbacks - and not to the most competent investors.

    Want them to do the sma with OUR Social Security?

    I sure don't.

  • Add ]me to the list who will NEVER vote for Obama

  • Clinton had at least traveled Europe. Clinton was a Rhodes scholar who studied at I believe Cambridge. Obama's experience is a brief few hour stopover in London.

    Two years in Europe compared to a couple of hours? Come on!


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