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    Have fun at the rally. If Joe brings it up, see if you can get a "U-S-A!" chant going.
    As far as I'm concerned, there is no place in our country for Gov. Palin's divisive rhetoric.
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    In regards to the debate clips, those journalists from Alaska were light years ahead of the job that Gwen Ifill did. Ifill is a great journalist, but at least the locals from Alaska pinned her down on specifics. I wasn't the biggest fan of the late Tim Russert, but in hindsight he did a great job at calling politicians out on their b.s. There's "gotcha" journalism and there's calling them out when they are misrepresenting their record, as Palin did repeatedly during that VP "debate."

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    I agree that this needs to happen, but I read about this last week and my take was that Obama didn't think this belonged in "this" bill...meaning it would have impeded Republicans from signing on.
    With all due respect to Rep. Kucinich, this bailout was not just helping out greedy speculators. Credit has been freezing up and that is going to hurt a lot of business...not just investment banks.
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    Great line at the end - "John McCain, a risk we cannot afford to take."
    This has been one of the lines of attack against Obama - inexperienced, not ready to lead (i.e. too risky of a choice in these turbulent times).
    Good to see the Obama campaign throwing it right back at them. If anything else, Obama won't lose as Kerry did because he was kept on the defensive the entire time.
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    This is such a joke.

    Really, I wonder if the Republicans bully the Democrats out of their lunch money in the cafeteria.

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    Just to add - don't forget the down-ballot Democrats, many of which are in uphill battles and unfortunately not the beneficiaries of very much help from the DNC, as well.
    We need to not only help Barack Obama get elected, but we need to help try to deliver that working coalition that he has talked about as well.
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    Nice diary.
    A quote from Barack that bear repeating - The Democrats are professional hand-wringers.

    I was watching the news tonight and Heather Wilson was on and was asked what John McCain is going to do to get the economy back on track. She said "keep taxes low" and then went into the "drill here, drill now" mantra.
    Wait until the debates - Obama is going to destroy McCain's notion that the GOP ticket stands for "change."

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    I agree that showing passion - which would convey "I feel your pain" - would be good. But anger? I don't think that it would be wise for Obama to express anger in a scripted way, lest it come off as disingenuous or, as others have mentioned, off-putting. Keep in mind the "Dean scream" that sank Howard Dean (I know there are other reasons why Dean actually lost, but most people remember that one single moment). An outburst on the campaign trail would probably be covered as - "With his poll numbers slipping, the usually cool and collected Barack Obama lost his composure today..."

  • I've never seen David Gregory "gush" over McCain. He seems to be pretty impartial when he is anchoring Race To The White House.
    Keep in mind that David Gregory was the guy who Tony Snow accused of asking a partisan question.

  • The idea that Obama is going to lose because NBC pulled Olbermann and Matthews from their anchor chairs is perposterous.
    Read the article if you haven't already - Olbermann and Matthews will still appear on the night of the debates and election night, just not anchoring the coverage. Personally I think the on-air tiffs were embarrassing to watch. The suits had every right to demote them for being unprofessional.
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    Great point.

    Just to add in regards to the double-talk seen at the GOP convention....it is very difficult to take John McCain's "I want to work with everybody and respect Barack Obama and his supporters, so let's all just get along" call after watching Romney, Giuliani and Palin's boilerplate divisive charges that amounted to an indictment of Liberals and anyone who lives on the East or West coast. If there's one thing that the McCain campaign could take away from the Obama campaign besides the call for change, it's message discipline.

    There was another candidate who was a self-described "reformer with results" who pledged to work with both parties - that was George W. Bush.

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    I think she delivered the speech well, but it was a speech that was written for her to deliver.
    What it failed to achieve, in my opinion, is pulling independents and undecideds over. It was a very partisan speech with those flashes of sarcasm that harkened back to the last two ugly general elections. What's more, once her far-right beliefs make their way into public awareness, she will only serve to bring the base of the GOP to the polling booths.
    Gov. Palin is not the disaster some people thought she would be, but I don't see how she expands the ticket's appeal.
  • I agree that experience should come into play, but I think its best to let the press focus on that and the Obama campaign should steer clear from it because what it appears the Republicans want to keep doing is making this as a referendum on Obama's readiness and thus start comparing Gov. Palin to Obama. The question of Palin's readiness will be an issue that the Sunday morning shows and the cable news nets will be gnawing on for the next two months.
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    I was watching Larry King tonight, and a Republican Congresswoman was countering any criticism that James Carville uttered about Palin's qualifications with "that's offensive/demeaning to women." So we know that for the next two months this will be the default defense, which is unfortunate. I think it's best to just stick to the issues...Gov. Palin is radically pro-life, wants creationism taught in school and denies global warming. She will be beloved by the religious right but won't pull many voters outside of the GOP base. When the VP debate rolls around, her inexperience will be revealed simply by the breadth of Joe Biden's answers versus her own.
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    For anyone interested, here is video of Chris Matthews interviewing the PUMA people who made the accusation that Obama attended a Madrassa as a youth:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVHZHuyVe io


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