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    The Republicans want and are doing everything they can to help Lieberman grab headlines and continue his ridiculous spoiler-campaign in order to frame the psedo-issue of so-called "Democratic Party disunity" and distract people from the humongous mess Republicans have made of everything.  
    Yet again, Lieberman is doing exactly what the Rove-Mellman strategists want, whether he realizes it (diabolical) or not (tool).
    And yet again, the media is dancing like monkeys to the Republican-issue-framing tune, by declaring in absurd headlines everywhere: "Democrats abandon Lieberman and endorse Lamont."
    "ABANDON" Lieberman?!!!
    Why isn't the media declaring that Lieberman is a sore-loser and is snubbing his nose at the will of the voters?  It's as if all the media  headlines have been written by Rove-Mellman.

    Lieberman all too happily gave up and did not fight the Republicans in 2000 when he should have.
    Yet today, he is on a jihad and will not quit when he should.
    Lieberman has no grace or class---or shame.
    Worse, he only seems to have a fire in his belly when he is fighting against Democrats.  Fighting Republicans apparently isn't his thing.  
    He is pompous, mawkish, holier-than-thou...and worst of all he is dead-wrong about the most important issue of our day, the war in Iraq.

    The Democratic establishment that campaigned for Lieberman including Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd, Max Cleland, and the rest, had better talk to him FAST and tell him the hard truth: that his continued campaign is killing our chance of saving our country by electing a Democratic majority in the House or Senate to have some oversight and checks and balances over the criminally incompetent B.ADministration for the first time since 2002.
    If Lieberman does not have the decency to stop his sabbotage, then the Democrats had better start publicly naming him for what he is: a vengeful spoiler selfishly disrespecting the will of the voters.

    Joe, since 2000, the Democrats have been trying your Republican-ass kissing ways and not only have Democrats lost, but the counrty is going down the tubes.
    Joe, your way is capitulation masked as cooperation.  The Republicans want you to be "bipartisan" (roll-over and do not criticize President Bush, the Iraq War, etc.) while they mercilessly distort and kick the crap out of Democrats...and you, Joe, obediently oblige.
    Joe, do you have the grace to realize how your fake-moralism of "working together" was just kneeling before Republi-thugs?
    Will you stop your sabbotage of calling us democratic activists partisan extremists (which you never accuse the Bush or Cheney of being) and let us try a different way?


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