News flash to Clinton supporters!

To all those Clinton supporters who are mad, I can understand that.  But seriously, what the hell are you doing?  The primary was rough as are most primaries.  Obama attacked Hillary unfairly at times, and Hillary did the same to Obama.  It happens in every election.  But I have a news flash for you:

John McCain voted to impeach President Bill Clinton for a private matter between him and Hillary!  Get some frickin perspective please.  

As a gay male who has been a fan Hillary Clinton for years, and has watched the Republicans use me and the people in my community as a wedge to win elections, I am counting on us winning this year and changing things for the better.

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Rewriting the 2000 election controversy

I have been watching all the talking heads on the 24/7 Cable News stations a lot recently, and the stupidity of these people has been driving me crazy.  I keep hearing them cry hypocrisy over the Democrats possibly nominating the candidate with the least popular votes despite disputing the 2000 election because Bush took office even though he lost the popular vote nationwide.

Now, there are many differences between the current situation and the one in 2000 (The MI/FL situation, caucuses vs. primaries, no popular vote numbers from some caucus states, should contests in Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and other US territories count towards the popular vote even though they can't vote in a general election, etc..).  And so I don't want to get into the legitimacy of the Florida/Michigan situation and who actually leads in the popular vote.  

All I wanted to say to the morons on the right who is that the legitimacy of the 2000 election was not disputed over the fact that Bush "won" despite losing the national popular vote.  Al Gore was fully prepared to concede the election even though he won the popular vote nationwide once the Florida votes were counted.  The winner of national popular vote was never in doubt.  The election was disputed because the Secretary of State in Florida refused to count all the votes in that state in accordance with the law, and thus we never got to find out who actually won Florida's 25 electoral votes. So, note to right wing hacks, you still stole that election in 2000 and you are either stupid or completely dishonest...probably a combination of both.  But I guess we already knew that.  I just needed to do a little venting.  I hope you understand.  VIVA DEMOCRACY!

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A sad day for our country

After watching that debate last night, I just realized two sad facts about the state of politics in this country:

(1) The media is now allowing our great country's future to hinge on a FLAG PIN!

(2) Sean Hannity is now setting the terms of debate for this election...I weep for our country today.

We must always remember what the writer Sinclair Lewis said, "When fascism comes to this country it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."


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A Fair Penalty for MI & FL

I have been thinking about what would be the fair solution to the disaster that is the Florida/Michigan situation.  It is definitely not an easy thing to solve.  There are many ideas being thrown out:

(1) Just seat the delegations in accordance with the votes that already happened. (2) Split the delegations 50/50 so that the renegade states are represented at the Convention, but they will not have an effect on the outcome. (3) Do nothing.  The states broke the rules, and they must be penalized for it to set a precedent. (4) Let these two big states revote so that the voters can have their say.

(If you already know the merits and drawbacks of these ideas, just skip to the last paragraph of this entry for my proposed solution)

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