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    I love how Jesse Helms is off in his own crazy universe on the right in that graphic.

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    You can tell that she is searching as best she can for a name, and then she comes up with the one that a 3rd grader could name.  Eerily reminiscent of her "What newspapers do you read?" answer..."All of them."  That seems to be her lifeline on these questions...her way to BS while she filibusters until she thinks of a real answer.  This time she finally thought of an answer.  Congratulations Sarah Palin, you passed the 3rd grade.  Maybe now you can move on to reading newspapers.

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    I don't know if I will be happy, but I won't be sad...we will still have control.

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    What an idiot.

    If you look at history, this is so stupid.  No one denies that Reagan ushered in a period of realignment in 1980.  Yet his Party lost 27 seats in the House in 1982 and had lost control of the Senate in 1986, before the end of his Presidency. So, apparently Krauthammer would be the only person to deny that Reagan's election started a realignment if he follows his own stupid logic.

  • Ummm...is that a serious comment?  Obviously the Party became united in opposition to the what the alternative was (I know there were a lot of Clinton supporters who voted for Obama, but were not happy about it...but they couldn't sit by and let McCain/Palin take over)...once you win an election, that opposition is defeated and goes away as a threat to take power for many years.  Then when you start governing, the lingering divisions that were overcome by the awful GOP ticket can reemerge if you aren't careful.  Thus, appointing Clinton assured that those lingering divisions would mostly evaporate...and it remove her as a possible opponent in a primary if the Obama administration stumbled.

    Does that make sense now?

  • It's so insane that the only black member of the Supreme Court is taken for granted as a vote to overturn this section.  It's really astonishing!  So many black people gave their lives for this....Thurgood Marshall will be rolling over in his grave if they do what they sound like they are going to do.

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    A "draw" is simply a slight hook...whereas a "fade" is simply a slight slice.  Slice and hook have not been replaced in the golf lexicon.

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    I add my thanks as well.  I am sure Justice Brennan greatly appreciates it as well, wherever he is right now.

  • Well, that was a politically advantageous move for him.  It helped to unite the Party.  Totally different case.

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    Put me down for Governor Granholm.  Though she did back Clinton in the primary, so I doubt she'll get it.

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    Wow...Unbelievable ignorance...Minnesota should be ashamed of the person they sent to Congress...EPIC FAIL

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    I'm agnostic on Caroline being appointed to the seat.  But Ferraro coming out against her certainly isn't a negative.  It only helps her cause with me.

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    Sweet...I would only correct one thing...McCain only got 45.7%, not 47% :)

  • It's about counting every vote from every citizen who legally voted.  Period.  All wrongfully rejected absentee ballots should be counted or it is not a legitimate election.  The people have spoken, but until all the votes are counted we do not know what they said.

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    Are you kidding me?  This last three months has quite possibly been the worst of the Bush administration.  He has shown absolutely zero leadership as the economy crumbles.  It's unbelievable that a President could be pretty much AWOL in times times like these.

    I find it disgusting that he seems to be on a PR offensive to salvage his legacy (has anyone been watching these various interviews he is doing), and meanwhile he shows no leadership on the economy.  NONE.

    Now, on some level I am glad he is doing nothing (outside of the massive bailout package that has been mismanaged), because as Bush has shown, he can f*ck up anything.  But still, he is criminally AWOL as the economy collapses.  Heckuva job Dubya!


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