Progressive Application Software

I'm interested in cross-pollination of issues and groups as I believe many people here are.  Software applications can be relatively simple to design, especially if done in an Open Source environment.  

Ex:  An application could be created for bloggers that would tabulate district races in various states.  The software would be told where to look for latest poll results and turn them into graphs that could be easily printed or posted on blogs.

This program could be downloaded for free and would include instant free registration on a support forum.  The support forum would be added to MyDD, KOS or any other top blog site, bringing in politically-minded people that might not be partisan or even people from the other side that would like to debate.

Other ideas:

Newsreaders with the Kos or MyDD logos, Movie Application Skins, Blog Themes etc.

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New York Democratic Signage

Well I had to go to the dentist today, unlike most people I LOVE my dentist.  She is quick, friendly and has a soothing manner.  The office is 30 minutes north of me so I was able to see how the local Dems are doing at getting their signs out.  I was impressed, I saw a lot of Spitzer, Hillary and Andrew Cuomo signs all the way up Rt. 40.  The local firefighters are also getting involved with their own hand made signs urging people to vote for Democrats.

It looked to me like not many Republicans were even bothering to get involved.  The area I am referring to is generally Republican but they are old school Republicans that have been farming and running farm-related businesses for generations.  These are the Republicans that believe in the Constitution and in individual rights and freedoms.

How is your town doing with signs?

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Survival and Mumbling

This is a simple observation I made while sitting on the porch today.  I don't have stats to back this up but perhaps someone else does:

Have you noticed the ability that many men have of not hearing what we don't want to hear?  You know, your significant other says something and you don't even acknowledge the words, they just flow right by.  Well, why is that?  I believe it has something to do with our primal hunting instincts, it is a sound we are familiar with and don't acknowledge it as a threat.  In other words men are more tuned into sounds, talk, stories, having to do with survival.

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NY-20, Gillibrand is 19 points down but....

Kirsten Gillibrand is hovering around 19 points below the Incumbent John Sweeney.  Some mentions in blogs would help, donating will help and emailing friends in New York about her campaign will really help!

If we can get rid of Sweeney this time around we'll be able to get rid of Bruno next time around.  

It is time to take America back from the Rich Racist Power Hungry White Male's that are currently in power.  Oh and if you have friends that are registered in NY but are going to be abroad please send them this link.

British base in Iraq Looted

"AMARAH, Iraq - Looters ravaged a former British base Friday, a day after the camp was turned over to Iraqi troops, taking everything from doors and window frames to corrugated roofing and metal pipes, authorities said."

Yup sounds like everything is perfectly stable there Rummy.

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Can there be Peace without Gun Control?

The thing that bothers me most about Iraq is the fact that America has not tried to reduce the number of weapons on the street. In fact it would seem like the amount of weapons has steadily increased during our presence.

I was watching a documentary on Lime TV the other day. A boy had pulled a gun at a Petrol fueling station. When questioned he said it was his uncle's gun which was licensed by the United States. Before he was questioned the boy asked incredulously "Are you the government?". It was as much a plea for some form of official order as it was a challenge to the Iraqi police officers.

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Beta Testers Needed for

Hello, I just set up a Drupal application which works very much like Scoop (the software that myDD and DailyKos run on).  I could use some beta testers to go register and play around on the site and report any errors or snafus.

I already know of one error and am working hard to fix it.  If you already have a Drupal account you should be able to use your existing nickname otherwise just create a new one please.

Thank you for helping!

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Dems as a Product and a Worthy Model to Follow

There has been a lot of talk on KOS about the marketing of Democratic Candidates.  Many great suggestions have been made but they all focus on the individual candidate.  I'd like to propose that more attention be paid on the group.  Democrats in general.  Their logos, t-shirts, bumperstickers, coffee mugs, flags, socks, lapel pins, water bottles, camping gear....etc.

And I'd like to propose that we follow the Frost Cutlery model.  Yeah go ahead and laugh...get it out of your let me explain:

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I just bought the domain and will be working on creating it over the next few days.  What will it consist of and why am I creating it?  It will consist of news links and articles highlighting peace movements and human connections between warring nations and peoples.  I'm creating it out of frustration from decades of political and military blundering in the region.  Let's face it...governments are extremely fallible.  So it is up to the people to do what governments can not.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor or to offer advice and direction to the project!

List of positions available below the fold.

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Attacking with Peace in the Middle East

Governments have all failed to bring Peace to the region.  Why?  Because a governmental statement means nothing to the people.  People have to change before a government can.  I have a way for them to change.  It is simple, but it is a start.

I just found a perfect domain name for it.  It would be a global project that would allow people to proclaim their love of peace and lack of ill-will towards people of other nations.

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