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    TarheelDem over at MyLeftWing has proposed a ThinkTank with real policy papers, published results etc.  Head on over and check it out.  Your thoughts could make history happen!  

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    I think a lot of us realized the impact we can all make locally and now that the tide has turned we should do the most we can for the people and places closest to us.

    If we all take care of our little sections of the globe the rewards will be great.  Charity begins at home...repeat.

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    'nuff said

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    If anyone has some time on their hands I think it would be a good idea to put a damper on McCain ASAP.

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    make it happen

    go to blogger.com and create a "People for Clarke" blog.  Make things happen.

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    24 hour liberal news service

    I just started it.  If anyone would like to write for it please hop on over.  We need an editor too.

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    thanks jk!

    I did some last minute web promotion for him and donated last week via actblue.

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    partially our fault...there was less noise about her campaign.  The men seemed to dominate most of the netroots chatter.

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    Kissell is still in it?!

    Excellent!  I thought he was way behind earlier.

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    It's nice to see someone put some faith in Zogby.  

    I believe Gillibrand will take it in NY-20 as well.  The diehard Republicans had their house parties but they aren't convincing anyone else.

    The news that Sweeney may have beat up his wife is taking a toll.  But most people lost interest in him after the VoteVets ad appeared.  It really hit home and should be commended.

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    Do you have ten bucks to help the good people in Sarasota?

    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/11/5/ 211415/600

    Please help if you can, thanks!

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    so calling his campaign inept is your way of helping two days before the election?  I believe Nancy has a job for you.

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    and today she came out and said that she's "concerned" the Republicans might steel the vote.

    Really Nancy?  Wow!  Do tell!

    And if they do....what the HELL do you plan to do about it?!

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    The Artist often has less trouble changing than his/her audience.  Ex: Dylan and his electric guitar; Mingus and Joni Mitchell.  

    Artists are constantly searching, peering into the future.  Josef Albers said that Historians have the past but Artists have the future.

    A lot of it is about selling out.  Those that don't sell out are allowed the freedom to grow where as those that do are usually doomed to a career of repetition.

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    back Lieberman?

    Have you been to Connecticut lately?  Completely overdeveloped.  Condos and gated communities everywhere.

    Apparenlty Lieberman does not care about quality of life in Connecticut and cares more about enabling wealthy investors and seedy businessmen.


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