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    By that I assume you mean that she didn't grovel on her hands and knees and praise and worship Obama.  

    You've got to be kidding.  Just because Obama has millions of believers doesn't mean Hillary is chopped liver.  The media has discounted for months, yet she just won two elections in two days.  That says a lot.

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    "Because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations."

    "...I will be the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States of America."

    Who can not be moved at this moment?"

    Me.  I feel repulsed.  I had no doubts and I had no fears.  Well, I am afraid of a few things, but not what Obama refers to.

    The more I hear him talk, the more sick-in-the-stomach feeling I get.  It just happens.  

  • "We are all Obama supporters now."

    That's so not true... and I wish people would have realized that well before now.

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    I'm not alone, I know, because several friends and family have told me the same:  They can't in good conscience vote for Obama.  They'll either not vote for a presidential candidate or write someone else's name in, probably Hillary's.  There are several states where you can write in names without any caveats.  But they won't vote for McCain.

    There's been a lot of talk that "Hillary supporters"  will vote for McCain if Obama wins, but not a lot of talk about those who won't vote in the presidential general election.  There's a public silence on that issue, but not so silent in personal discussions.  

    I think it's a sad night; not a night for jubilation.  Maybe jubilation for an instant, but not the long run.

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    "Obama explained how some people find occasional refuge in bitterness when America has failed them in the past."

    There's nothing wrong with that statement, but he added an insult in there... that bitter people cling to guns and religion.  That's the point of the controversy which I see many people, including Obama, not addressing.

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    I won't use the word "elitist" because I think condescending is the most appropriate word to use.  Obama's response only had to do with the "bitter" part of it... not the part of why he thinks that's what makes them cling to guns and religion.  

    One of the things that's really bad about that statement is that it implies only bitter people cling to guns and religion.

    Frankly, I'm not enthused about either candidate as I was for ones who dropped out, but will vote for whoever wins.  That said, I don't like Obama always psychoanalyzing the American people.  On many occasions he and Michelle have referred to us Americans as desperate and in despair.  I think that's mischaracterizing our emotions.

    Hell, yes, we're angry and frustrated because we don't have competent leadership and for many other reasons, but "despair," "desperate," "bitter," is insulting to me.

    I worry about who actually can beat McCain.  I don't have the answer... but I worry.  We're in the best position for a democrat to win in November, but... I still worry much more than I did before.

    I think Hillary should have just kept quiet, not said a word about Obama's statement, but she didn't ask me.  If she had kept quiet, we could have seen exactly how Obama would go one-on-one with McCain, since McCain hit back hard on Obama after this statement.  It would have been insightful.

  • I think you're absolutely right.  While it was a good speech/address, whatever you want to call it, it's not the most important issues that everyday Americans, like me, have to deal with.

    Some day, very soon, will be the time, but NOT TODAY.

    I want lower healthcare, higher wages, less property taxes.  Yes, I'm being selfish for my family and myself.  I want regulation in the credit card industry and mortgage industry.  AND I want to know that I won't be spied on, unless there's probably cause and the warrant is approved by a judge.  Not to mention that I want the 160,000 plus soldiers home with their families RIGHT NOW, and after a rest, I want them to go get Osama.

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    I'm upset about Obama's speech.  Although I thought it was a good speech and inspiring, and he would make a good Statesman under the right circumstances, I'm not looking forward to him being President.

    I'm not "inspired" by his Ashley story.  I want to know what he's going to do to fix it so that Ashley's mother will have good healthcare.  I'm not impressed that a man from a different race than Ashley's supported him because of Ashley.  

    Hillary was not my first, second or third choice for president out of the many, but I feel she can accomplish more, yes, with her experience of the politics today.  She's a pro at that, and Obama is not.

    I think Obama would be a terrific president in some time to come, just not this next year.  I think his goals will not be able to handle the crises today, although he generally says they will.  I don't think he's ready to fight the good fight.  All the speeches in the world won't do it.

    Thanks for listening.  

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    It is relevant if he's going to bring up Ferraro's comments.

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    This whole thing sounds like Bush-like incompetence.  So many misjudgments were made, I don't know where to begin.  The line, "At that point, the profile had about 40,000 friends, and to our delight, Joe agreed to work with us," begs the question:  Why didn't someone on Senator Obama's staff know to draw up an agreement, spelling out everyone's privileges or responsibilities to the site, or attempt to take ownership then or disavow yourself from the site?  Simple management skills would have nipped this in the bud right then.  It wasn't like MySpace was some rinky-dink newsletter a fan was putting out.  

    The line:  "At the end of the day, this is all new for everyone," begs the question:  Well, if Obama's staff can't handle a simple negotiation/transaction like MySpace and the fan because it's "new to you," then, I hate to say it, then how new will the presidency be and how will you handle that?   I can't believe you admitted it was "new" to you.  Show some professionalism and at least act like you know what you're doing.

    The line:  "We're flying by the seat of our pants," definitely does not instill confidence.

    If the owner of the fan site is a bad guy and trying to extort you, you know how to call the authorities to handle it.  If the fan is really a fan and has his heart into supporting Obama, why didn't someone, anyone, protect yourselves when you got involved with the fansite?  Or just disavow it.  Either way, you certainly didn't handle it right.  (When I say "you," I mean anyone who dealt with this issue.

    I don't know Joe Rospars or anyone on Senator Obama's staff, nor do I know anyone here on this blog (as many seem to know each other), nor have I ever worked for a candidate or a media outlet or the like, so I have no agenda here, other than to get a real leader in the oval office who can start to fix everything Bush has destroyed.    I've just been reading the forever long he said/he said explanations, and if the example from the Obama campaign is any indication of what we can expect as a leader, I'm scared.  (I haven't made up my mind whom I'm going to vote for in the democratic primary, but this mismanaged escapade is making me question a lot of things.)

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    I just don't get it.  I could never, never even think of stringing together the words that Imus said, let alone making a conscious decision to say them.  I could see letting an everyday curse word slip out while on air, since that's a vocabulary you use in your private life. (I mean a regular curse word, nothing racial.) But if he was able to formulate the adjectives and noun and then actually say those words on live radio and TV, what exactly does he say in private?  I would hate to hear it.

    Didn't the meanest, evilest people in the world also do nice things?  Just because Imus does nice things doesn't excuse him.  A man beats his wife, but then is always buying her jewels and taking her to dinner.  Is the wife-beating excused because he does "nice" things?

    I could see suspending Chris Matthews for saying the F word on Imus, because he knows better.  Imus' comments warranted meaningful consequences; firing.


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