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    ...you just get out of Denver and back to your electing Democratic senators. Are you ever going to get your panties out of a knot?

    You got your precious feelings hurt when your candidate didn't win months ago and thus continue to stir the pot with all this foaming at the mouth for a desperate GOP VP pick.

    Jerome, what a poor excuse for a Democratic Party blogger you are. Go ahead and work for your Democratic senators - we'll take care of POTUS - you passive-agressive little prick. Have you no shame?

    "game-changer" my ass.

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    No shit. Look at the cover. Obama's head blocks the "ing St"....I think I just will.


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    ...your vote. Thanks.

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    Nader is 74 - stuck in the gender and racial identity politics of the 60's and 70's. Sad old man.

    Get the hell offa my lawn!

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    ...Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh blew their troll whistles and their minions slunk back into the swamp.

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    is it 4:20 yet?

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    ...very small "rift".

  • in Arizona regularly. We'll have record turnout in some contested house races. There is an open seat AZ-1 due to indicted Rick Renzi (R) hanging on until his term expires. I don't know if it will be eonugh to overcome Grampy McNasty's "favorite scowl" vote, though.

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    We're gonna slay the Jabberwock!

    So nice to be focused on the tired candidate and ideas of the GOP for a change...


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    IN my previous comment I left out the observation that this primary season has been especially emotional and hard fought. In previous years, the healing had much longer to take effect before the convention. This year, the fight was harder, longer, closer than ever before.

    It serves no Democrat's interest to prolong the fighting and bitterness. Senator Clinton knows this. She will take the time she needs and then concede to, endorse and support Senator Obama. We all know this. Let's just chill it out for a while and let it happen.

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    It will take a while for raw nerves to heal. I think the healing process would be accelerated by a concession and heartfelt endorsement and admonishment of supporters to do the same, though.

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    After all is said and done, this primary season will be regarded as having been good for the party. I would not have admitted such a month or so ago, and it may take a month or so before Sen. Clinton's supports feel likewise.

    Let it begin.

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    Jerome's heartfelt and enthusiastic congratulations offered to his party's nominee:

    "Anyway, congrats to Obama, for it looks like this is the day he pulls over the magic number for becoming the Democratic nominee. We should all hope he wins while running against McCain."

    Obama's campaign has been one based on "hope" for the future of our country - that's certain. But Obama won the nomination with hard work. What say you, Jerome? Ready to roll up the sleeves and go to work to ensure a Democrat takes the oath of office in January?

  • is that he is the party's nominee.

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    Spot on Xris...but check this out:

    What about the plan (can't remember where I read this) that would divide the states into four regions. NE, S, MW, W. in 2012, the West would vote first - all on the same day - say 2nd Sat. in January. Then six weeks later the NE votes, then the South, then the Midwest. We would have a nominee by June. Four years later, the order rotates - so each region would have a chance to go first. This would save candidates from having to hopscotch across the country - allow some economies in buying TV with shared markets - and allow the themes important to each region to get a full airing out. The question remains of what to do about caucus vs. popular votes - but that could be worked out.


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