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    Why dont you get your girl to win the playoffs before you crown her superbowl champ.

    last time I checked losing is still losing.

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    Some might say staying in and getting her people riled up saying "Im gonna win, Im gonna win."(when she cant) Is hurting the party too.

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    As you know :) She still needs to win what 80-90% of the next 3 states.......... A real solid chance good luck.

    And thats with the supers staying put....... oops

    Im betting BO rolls out more super-Ds than hill picked up tonight.

    A real solid chance..........Good luck with that

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    Thats funny I thought the site offering the VP spot to the dude in first place. It made you guys crazy not sane.........

    Or staying in when its all but lost

    or pissing off half of your base (dems in general)

    or saying McBush would be a great President.


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    Im from that area (maryland)
    Jerome Im guessing you live in a city a somewhat big one.

    A white guy from the city should keep his mouth shut. When it comes to race issues in the country. My next door neighbor grew up In WV. That man dropped N-bomb if it rained. If it snowed, It didnt matter what was wrong it was the n-bombs fault.

    But im sure he was the only one like that...... right........

    remember second place is the first loser.....
    gotta love facts

    So yes racism is alive and well out there. Not like the 60s but its still kicking.

    when do I get banned  

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    Well on friday before I deposited my pay check I had $.47 in my account.

    And yes 30.00 would help a little, very very little.

    30 bucks is nothing In the larger picture. Obama can see that. So can hill but its getting her votes (votes > big picture)

    Thanks for the 2 large pizzas Hillary. Thats all I see getting out of this sham.  

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    This is what I would like to know.

    Why cant SHE seal the deal. I mean really she is up against a wet behind the ears noob. She has 35 years of experence. Her husband is an ex president right. Even Rush wants her to win.

    Sounds like the NY giants vs a pee-wee football team.

    the score

    Pee-wee 35
    giants 21
    with 15 secs left

    loving every second of it

    can someone tell me why bring your best spin hillbots.

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    I just killed a dude but its cool I think they might change the rules/laws to suit me..........

    IF big if obama got 99% of the vote I would still not want any dels seated.

    This sucks and the only way people will learn is to deal with the suck. Next time we should not have to deal with this.

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    Its pretty simple THEY BROKE THE RULES and get no say. Im ok with that, If Barack got 100% of the vote I would still say the same thing.

    Because next cycle we should not have to deal with this crap. People learn from mistakes let the 2 states learn.

    Hill thinks they should be seated now. That makes her a flip flopper. As in she was against it, before she was for it.

    "I really don't understand why the Republican Party very clearly decided what they were going to do [about the Florida and Michigan delegations], and the Democratic Party can't decide." --Hillary Clinton.

    Actually, Senator Clinton, the Democratic Party did decide what to do. They decided to strip those states of all their delegates. This decision was made through the proper procedures, at the proper time, by the proper decision-makers -- including your own adviser Harold Ickes, who voted "yes" on the delegate-stripping plan. The decision was clear and straightforward: if Florida and Michigan didn't move their primary dates, they'd lose their delegations. Period. That was, and is, the decision.

    You initially accepted this decision because it was politically necessary for you to do so -- after all, you couldn't be seen as the only candidate not currying favor with Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Now, you are refusing to accept that very same decision because it is, again, politically necessary for you to do so, as you can't "win" without those "delegates" who were "elected" in those states' illegitimate "primaries."

    To make matters worse, you are dishonestly and absurdly cloaking this cynical Machiavellian maneuver under the guise of democratic idealism, arguing that there's some sort of moral imperative to count the votes of citizens who chose to participate in "elections" that everyone knew were non-binding beauty contests. Better yet, you're making this argument while simultaneously advocating the importance of a "popular vote" count that excludes all voters in Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington (whose caucuses didn't report raw vote totals, only delegate counts), and all Obama and Edwards supporters in Michigan (whose candidates weren't on the ballot).

    And now, on top of all that, you have the unmitigated gall to gripe that your party "can't decide" what to do, when in fact they decided long ago precisely what to do, and you acquiesced in that decision until you realized that you couldn't win without changing the rules in the middle of the game -- i.e., that you can't win without cheating.

    You are truly a piece of work, Hillary Clinton.

    I found this post on  another blog I think its right on. Random google hit but still right on.
    http://blog.brendanloy.com/2008/04/quote -of-the--3.html

    a link to give some credit where it due....

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    (Please tell me you are paid by Hillary's campaign.)

    how can she? hill is living pay check to pay check. Make that primary to primary. She will be broke in a week or two.

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    well said.


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    having a shot and a beer is not funny. Showing up with a film crew makes it funny.

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    I feel better now

    http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/P PP_Penn_Release_040208.pdf

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    I suck at bowling really suck. On the flip side I have taken 110mph shots in goal playing lacrosse. Am I more manly because of bowling or lacrosse?


    I do care that hill needs to lie to win. Cmon can you really say it was just not enuff sleep.

    My brother is a combat Marine who had to run from snipers before in Iraq a quote from him
    "Screw that bitch how dare she make that up. IF she did run for her life even once you dont forget that"

    then he added I can tell you the color or the car I hid behind and how many rounds hit it trying to get a shot on me. I ask how many "18 I sat there counting then my buddy showed him the bad end of a m203"

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    Kathleen Sebelius kansas governor as VP.

    She is smart with a good head on her. One huge plus she is not a clinton. But she will also pull alot of women voters from both sides. And she rocks the pantsuits. win win

    I know Clinton is perfect.....  yada yada yada

    Can anyone here say Clinton is running a perfect race....... or even a pretty good one.............or a kinda ok one.

    All I know... Mr dont know what he is doing. Has run a much better ship. Than Mrs 35 years of bringing peace to ireland, Being pro and anti nafta at the same time. All while dodging sniper fire.  


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