• This is worthy of the Soviets, it's so dishonest and out to lunch.


    Obama didn't have a resume when he decided to run for the US senate, so Emil Jones took legislation from other Chicago legislators and put Obama's name on it so he wouldn't look like the absolutely impotent putz that he is because, as Emil put it, he wanted to "get" himself "a US senator". So Ricky Hendon's legislation that he worked on for years that would mandate that police interrogations be taped, soon bore Obama's name. Obama, not having an ounce of integrity, was happy to take credit for someone else's work. He bizarrely went on and listed that theft as one of the moments in his career that he was most proud of.

    Curiously, after Jack Ryan dropped out of the race when scandalous material was released on him, the Illinois GOP couldn't find another Republican willing to run against an incompetent, untested and unknown state senator, with no accomplishments to his name, so they imported a mental defective from maryland to run against him?


    Against all odds? I'd say Obama was handed the nomination and was giftwrapped the win by the Illinois GOP for whatever reasons. But his Reaganite positions as president, his downright hostility to the working class, his indulgence of Wall Street elite may make sense of that absence of competition.


    he is the worst fucking Democratic president since Buchanan. Don't even think about offering up that yahoo's name in the same breath as that of a man who was murdered for his principles.

  • who'd rather have a bad bill with their name on it rather than a good bill with someone else's name on it, makes one the establishment candidate.

  • the former head of the DNC is the equivalent of being the current speaker of the house in terms of clout?

    Perhaps you'd like to explain why both Kennedy and Kerry, knowing that Clinton had won their state in a landslide still chose to endorse Obama? Considering how far right he's governed, what could their motivation have been? Are you under the impression that Kerry and Kennedy were secretly conservatives?

  • The Obama camp's claim against Clinton is that she was. But Clinton's actual voting record doesn't fit the bill. She's no Feinstein. Her voting record is far closer to Boxer.

    Obama had Wall Street and the media on his side. He wound up with the bulk of super delegates, even ones like Kerry and Kennedy, who had to ignore the preferences of their own constituents to endorse him.

  • He said he didn't campaign on the public option yet it was part of his platform. You cannot have something as part of your platform, and claim you didn't campaign on it.

    I never thought he was sincere either, but he didn't say,  "look, you knew I was lying sack of shit from the get go, so what the fuck?" He said he didn't campaign on it and that's a lie. He did.

  • which pretty much eliminates anyone who thinks Obama is an acceptable candidate for a Democratic president, know that James Roosevelt, who is the CEO of a health insurance organization, is the head of the Democratic Rules and bylaws committee and presided over the decision to dock Michigan and Florida half the delegates that they would seat in Denver, and awarded Obama four of the delegates Hillary won in Michigan as well as all of the uncommitted delegates. Without those decisions, had the votes simply been counted as they were cast, Clinton would have been the nominee.

    And remarkably, James Roosevelt is getting the exact plan that he spelled out that he wanted in an editorial. Wonders never cease.

    http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editor ial_opinion/oped/articles/2009/04/09/hea lthcare_lets_build_on_what_we_know/

    And no, this isn't about Hillary. It's about Obama and how he became the nominee.

    Obama is as corrupt as Bush. There's no getting around. 40k Americans will die early each year because that putz is president. That's more Americans than Bush killed in Iraq.

  • difference. That's 45 million Americans. And the problem with leaving that many people uninsured, outside of the huge moral issue, is that it becomes much harder to bend the cost curve.

    Clinton was full steam ahead on the public option and promised to cover everyone. Obama was opposed to mandates, though his corporate sponsors wanted them. So, being the flaccid little tool that he is, he sat out the debate and lobbied privately for mandates and no public option.

  • Obama ran hard against mandates, and yet the insurance companies, who arranged for him to get the nomination, want mandates. He can't campaign for them without the gOP running his own commercials against Clinton against him. He's utterly impotent as president.

  • In Texas alone, there were over 300 affadavits signed under penalty of perjury by people alleging illegal behavior and the breaking of party rules in the campaign. And that's just Texas. In Indiana, there are affadavits from people whose teenage children were given palm cards to instruct them on who to vote for and were given breakfast, lunch and an IPod for participating in the primaries. And the name on the palm card was Barack Obama. No, he didn't win fair and square. He cheated as thoroughly and as surely as Bush did.

    Furthermore, Tufts Health Care CEO James Roosevelt, headed the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting that awarded Obama four of Clinton legitimately won delegates in Michigan and all of the uncommitted, while cutting in half the number of delegates allowed to be seated in Denver by Florida and Michigan - both states Clinton won. A health insurance CEO made sure Obama had the votes to win, and now the health care bill of his dreams is being signed into law. Obama's got to pay back the man and you and I can all go to hell.

    http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editor ial_opinion/oped/articles/2009/04/09/hea lthcare_lets_build_on_what_we_know/

    So, the CEO who presided over Obama being awarded delegates that he did not win gets the exact health care plan that he wants.

    Uh huh. Now, there's a negotiation that I didn't see on CSpan.

  • a great deal. She even brought up in debate appearances. That and cost containment, were going to make the plan affordable.

  • What an asshole.

  • comment on a post Why Did Hillary Clinton Win Massachusetts? over 4 years ago

    Clinton won because she was to the left of Obama on every single issue, and she has a real history of actually doing stuff that makes other people's lives better. Obama had no history whatsoever of taking the initiative to improve people's lives. She had the political positions that liberals embrace and the history to prove she could get them done. That's why they supported her. I think the vote proves that Massachusetts just may be our smartest state.

    obama was to her right, inexperienced and sounded liked Elmer Fudd when he wasn't on a teleprompter. I have no idea how anyone found him a worthwhile candidate, and now we're stuck with the worst Democratic president since the 19th century.

  • That should say, "intelligent people understand why "bitch is an inappropriate word".

  • comment on a post F-You MyDD, You just lost my F-ing ass! over 4 years ago

    that referred to Obama's SOTU speech as "shucking and jiving"? Women don't want to hear men tossing around the word "bitch" anymore than African Americans want to listen white people complain about niggers.

    This is how Obama failed Democrats horribly. He engaged in misogynist rhetoric himself and tolerated it deployed on his behalf during the campaign. So people who have never thought about sexist rhetoric now believe genuinely appalling rhetoric is acceptable.

    By your standards, the fact that the N word is commonly used, should make it acceptable for use in a diary title. This is, after all, the 21st century. Half the rap songs recorded use the word.

    Intelligent people understand why the word "bitch" is an appropriate. And further, I have never read anything that anyone could classify as racist over at Alegre's Corner. The posters there may not find Obama impressive, but one does not have to be a racist to find him pusillanimous, uninspiring and entirely too conservative for the times.

    If you don't use the N word, then don't use the B word. They are identical in terms of their legitimacy.

  • comment on a post When Only the Brave Speak Out over 5 years ago

    I've been gone for months, and wandered back into tonight. And what do I find? Obama supporters are as ugly and sexist as ever.

    Obama has utterly failed as a Democrat. Democrats educate their supporters about bigotry. But not a word out of that misogynist fuck about how bad his supporters behave.

    The party is split right now. I'm not a bigot and I don't work with bigots.

    I say we treat Obama like we'd treat Strom Thurmond - his true spiritual mentor. if he's working on someone we approve of, then we support him. If he's not, we spend our time reminding everyone that he is corrupt, inexperienced creep who fueled his campaign with bigotry.

    Fuck it, if this is the new Democratic party. it smells like the old Republican party. hate. Hate. Hate. For them, it's african Americans. For Dems, it's women. And just like Republicans had African American friends and employees they like to point to as proof they weren't bigots, this bunch of thugs points to sad women they've hooked up as proof that what they're doing isn't sexist. They always sound like that idiot who claimed the 13 year old Muslim girl was happy with being stoned ton death for reporting a rape.

    hey - and godwin's law doesn't ever apply.


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