Bush/GOP theocrats: "Save Us From Democracy"

Back in 1812, the Calvinists were in a panic. The Unitarians were growing stronger. Jeffersonian democracy was on the march. Their authority was endangered. Lyman Beecher was hired to defend the Congregationalist's theocratic ambitions. Here is what he said:

The time has come when it becomes every friend of this state to wake up and exert his whole influence to save it from innovation and democracy.

You read that right. Authority must be saved from democracy. A deep vein of Calvinist authoritarianism runs through the paranoid heart of today's Religious Right. That's why the U.S. House voted to gut the Separations Clause by denying attorneys fees to those who challenge Constitutional church/state violations, just the most recent torch put to the founding parchment.

The time has come when it becomes every American to wake up and exert his whole influence to save democracy from its enemies, enemies who lurk in the halls of the White House, enemies who trumpet family values to disguise their troubled desire for little boys, enemies who believe checks and balances are words best left to mega-church accountants.

Washington pundits seem blind to the dangers. They treat the era as just more politics, ups and downs of an ongoing entertainment, a political superbowl as miniseries. Hey, they tell themselves, we're just reviewers and political sportswriters. They applaud Karl Rove's political athleticism, his exploitation of the frightened, savage-minded cultists with millenialist fantasies of the clock running out.

These media sophisticates-- and many other Americans -- fail to notice that the game being played by the Religious Right and their allies is intended to end the sport entirely. The cultists seek ultimate authority. Their neo-Reformation must be saved from democracy, and if their missionary zeal prevails, there will be no game to cover.

President Bush said the other day that he sensed the country was on the brink of a fourth "Great Awakening." What he really seeks is the Final Big Sleep.

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It's Good To Remember What Else They Had Done

to bring themselves to that point.

In the late 1790s, they had supported the Alien and Sedition Acts, after which they had circulated the literature spreading the myth that the Bavarian Illuminati was responsible for the French Revolution--rather than the French people themselves simply revolting against the Worst. French King. Ever.

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Re: It's Good To Remember What Else They Had Done

Great point.

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