A thought on responding to George"Evita" Bush

I was listening to the Evita Soundtrack and there was a line that struck me as particulary apt for responding to almost everything George W. Bush says.  It's in the beginning as Che is recapping Evita's governing days and he says, "She didn't say much but she said it loud."

I think variations on this work for beginning almost any response to George W. Bush.  For instance, a domestic policy speech - we respond by saying, "What you have to admire about George W. Bush is the way he doesn't say much but he sure says it loud.  This was another call for tax cuts for millionaires and corporations.  Those are the only ideas he's got about domestic policy." Or a foreign affairs speech.  "Well, of course he talked about terrorism.  He doesn't say much about actually uniting the world against terrorists because he doesn't have much to say.  That's why he keeps using the megaphone of the Whitehouse to repeat himself."

Just a thought.

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