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    I would like to remind everyone that Colin Powell was a strong supporter of rhe war.  He went to the UN and SOLD the war to america, europe, and elsewhere.  And some of what he said was total fing bullshit.  Remember the model biological weapon trucks.  PLEASE.   The tubes for centrifuges to enrich uranium, PLEASE.  I could go on and on. Colin Powell is as responsible as Bush for the mess and i am sorry but he is them not us.


  • I just went to his web page and dropped $100.  I broke down and sent BO a couple of 100 last week but felt really guilty about it since in the past i have only given to HRC.  But this 100 makes me feel warm all inside and i would love to see him knockoff this nut job.  With luck it will he will get way more than 500k.  

    But i have to say the one race I am really pushing for and giving to is Al Franken.   1) i like him, 2) he was one of the only guys standing up to Bush in 2003, and 3) if he wins it is really going to drive Hannity, Coulter, and BillO nuts.  In fact Hannity's head might explode.


  • Ever seen trading places when Wintrup says he is going to get a gun and shot the Dukes in the knees.  And then Eddie Murphy says the way to get back at rich people is to make them poor. The way to get back and a crazy congresswomen and to make her an ex-congresswomen.  This clip and her real views needs to be advertised so her voters see just how far out and off the reservation she is.


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    I have some thoughts on this. First, i dont think it a really good idea for Bloggers and what not to go to these events because as Nov 4th gets close tempers are going to get higher and it may not be safe.

    Second, my guess is after the election it is going to get a lot worse and imho what happened after clinton was elected will be small time when compared to what some of the right wing (Hannity, Rush, Coulter) crowd will do after the election.

    While it may seem hard to beleive i think the
    will come to hate BO more than Clinton even during impeachment.  And we better be ready.


  • My post isnt about anyone other than you and your constant smears against HRC and her supporters. I dont have to defend anyones views other than my own.  But is still think you could change you name to truthdoesntmatter.

    To you PUMA means anyone who supports HRC and wont be bullied by the likes of you.


  • And since we are on the intrade markets they also have them for the senate races and in 2006 they called every single close senate race last year right including VA.

    Last night they had the dems up 7 seats and Franken up in Minny but really close so maybe 8.  I think the Hannity, BILLO crowd know BO is going to wim and they are dealing with it but if Franken beats Coleman that will make their heads explode.


  • Funny how some people never stop smearing HRC supporters.  Where will you direct all you hate after the election.

    I sitll dont get you name.  When have you ever cared about the truth.  Or should i say truthdoesntmatter.


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    I didnt watch since well my candidate isnt up there but i think intrade markets is a better indicator of who won and who lost than my opinion.  BO up 4.5 and McCain down 5.2.  So BO is at like 82 or so and McCain is down to 16.  

    That is bad news for McCain with 19 days until the election.  And that says the betting folk think this isnt going to be close.


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    Real classy attacking McCain's wife.


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    Based on what i am seeing in the polls the only one that matters is VA.  If BO wins VA it is over and the only issue will be the final total.

    Funny i didnt think VA would go blue this year but it along with CO are the top of my red to blue list.  If VA goes BO it will be a early night for me and the election should be over by 10 pm EST.


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    Markos.  Really, Next to his the darkered clip post.  Markos i dont think HRC is a real democrat.  Markos who multiple called HRC an Bill Clinton racist.  Markos is nothing more than a hate filled, ##$, $$$, etc.

    Sorry but this HRC supporter will NEVER forgive his conduct during the primary.  He is no different that Hannity, BIllO and the rest of the hate mongers.  


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    So we can all agree Mahoney is toast.

    But i have another thought.  I mean the governer of NY gets caught paying a profession "lady of the night" and has to resign but the senator from LA gets caught and he is still there.

    The GOP senator Craig "I am not gay" gets caught being, weoo gay, and he keeps his spot but the democratic governer from NJ gets caught being gay and like Spitzer he has to resign.

    It is just funny how the party of moral values keeps getting caught and it is us who have to resign.  


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    The election is in less than 22 days.  There is nothing that can be done now.  What we need to start thinking about is what the GOP will do after the election and before BO take the oath to undermine his presidency.  All you have to do is look back at 1992 to see what they did to clinton.

    And the truth is liberal LET them do it.  We let the GOP bully us time and time again to undermine clinton's agenda and because of that, and the banking scandel, we lost a great chance.

    The DNC has to be ready to say f-you to every bullshit demand that is going to be coming down the pike.  No independend investigators, no committee investigations, no anything.  We won you lost kiss my ass.  if they press doesnt like it we should freeze them out just like the GOP did the last 8 years.


  • No way does the GOP win PA.  We have won PA 4 straight General Elections.  I think the McCain campaign will soon pull out of every state that Gore/Kerry won in 2000/2004.  

    He will then move to the hail mary campaign where he will have to win every state that Bush won minus NM and IA.  I think that is potentially possible but really unlikely.  And if the stock market does settle down McCain is toast because he cant win in the voters are locked into the economy.


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    That is cool yes that was sarcasim.



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