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    If BO is really going to win in MN by 21% then i think it very likely that Al Franken will win the senate seat over Coleman.


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    So VA doesnt sound that great but we should all remember that about 30 some percent of voters voted early and if polls are correct that represents many more democrats that GOPers.  So IMHO the exit polls will underestamate BO support.  In addiiton, the numbers in OH look very good for BO and if they are correct is will carry OH.


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    HI Anna,

    I don think it was only the market crash i think the market crach was more a reminder of the long and constant track history of GOP fuckups and this was kind of the last straw that broke the camels back.  

    It just reminded voters that that the GOP has not interest in goverence and are only interested in ideology.


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    We pick up 7 seats with number 8 still to close to call.  Intrade has this a 50 50.  The thing is all pick ups are not all equal.  The right wing noise machine completely hates Al Franken from his days on Air America.

    If Franken can win Hannity's head will explode.


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    I agree it will like be 8 seats if Franken can pull out a close win.  I think a big BO get out the vote might just be enough in Minny.

    But MS, GA, and KY seems like a long shot and it is also not right to suggest that will get us to 60.  Leiberman has to be out and if he is the 60th vote he will make life misserable for us.

    He will assume he as some special political power as some kind of wise man.  Reid's first task in the new senate must be to take away Leiberman's DHS chair and kick him out of the caucus.


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    I think dems should be careful and imho the american voters are not realigning the country as much as they are sick of the right and throwing them out.  That give us a rare opperatunity to show that we can lead and governer.  I dont really think most voters  want a long list of liberal policies pushed foward and instread want moderate governence.


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    Agreed Wed can not come fast enough and end the long season.


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    And who would have guessed that bill and hillary clinton were racist.  Funny how that happens.  I guess the memo from david alexrod telling his supporters to play up comments by bill and hillary as racist NEVER happened.  Funny how many democrats are racist. Most OH, KY, WV all racists.

    Donna Brazil ring a bell.  If hillary wins i will have all of BO supporters stay home in nov???  I guess you forget that as well.  


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    And dont forget that JJjr said that Hillary did not shed one tear for katrina.  I guess you forgot that one..   What do you think Jackson jr was hinting at?  


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    thanks for the catch.  6 pm est.  IMHO i think this is over and i will be watching the senates races more than the presidential race.

    It should be interesting to see what the networks do to hide the fact that they all know the exit polls and after VA and PA are called they will act like McCain still has a chance.  I remember in 1992 how the right complained about how voters stayed home when the GE was called and how many seats it cost the GOP in congress.

    In fact i will have Rush on the radio wed to hear is big ass whine.


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    I guess we all forget when KO said that HRC plan to be president was to hope BO was killed???

    Or when KO said someone should take HRC into the back room and beat some sense into her???

    The guy is scum and there is a reason he was kicked off the debates.  Because he is a hack.  He is not diffenent that Hannity, Billo, can Coulter.  He is a hater, period.

    Sorry i must be a troll, McCain supporter, or a concerned troll and i need to go back to red sate dot come for saying the trugh.  Because you cant be a democrat unless to buy into KO, sorry.


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    I also think that a lot of undecides will break McCain just like they broke for Gore in 2000.  However, there is just no way that BO loses PA.  I cant remember the last time the dems lost PA but it must have been reagan???

    But really my eyes are on VA.  VA is going blue faster than anyone could have guesses and northern VA is really blue.  My understanding is VA closes the polls at 7 pm EST in imho by 8:30 they will call it for BO and that will be that.  No way can McCain win the election without VA.


  • HI<

    Palin's home state approval rating stood at 60 percent, with 35 percent disapproving, and 63 percent of likely voters viewed the Governor favorably, compared with 43 percent viewing her unfavorably.

    Isnt 63 + 43 = 103%.  Is there a misprint here?


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    I think this could be similar to 2006 when the whole Foley scandel cost the GOP a couple of % in the election.  There are still some very close senate races: MN, MS, KY, and GA are all very close.  This could be the last straw that gives us a small bump and we can win three of these four.


  • I am sorry but i expect democrats to act better than republicans and frankly better than the likes of BILLO and his kind.  This looks like the same bull that BILLO does by sending his film crew to assult democrats or others he just disagrees with.  

    This looks to me like to two staffers preventing the Congressman from a couple of potential stalkers.  I mean seriously you think this kind of conduct is ok for democrats.  I just dont.

    Because the right acts this way doesnt mean we have to act badly as well.



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