• Of course i wrote email instead of post.  Funny are you suggesting i am making a pss at you.  PEASE give me a break.  It sounds like you have some issues do you think everyone is making a pass you at you. Are you some kind of stalker.

    I am married.  Get a life.


  • Thanks i have no idea what no quarter is but what ever.  Funny when are BO supporters going to accept the awful way they treated HRC.  

    Never i guess.

    Your post is typical.  It sound much like republicans after 9/11 who said to anyone who was against going into Iraq "if you dont like it here move to canada".  Funny because really that is what you are saying and IMHO you are acting like the the FOX crowd.  I guess acting like a bully makes some people feel better.


  • DUDE,

    Thanks for the advice.  I will give you comments the time and thought it deserves.  And you will get the repect from me that your email deserves.

    But i generally only take criticism for peers.  Sorry.  Better luck next time.

    Respect that!!!!!


  • BO and his supporters made it clear HRC could not be VP.  As i recall she is a "B" and a racist and we need to loss her and her supporters.  That was clear.


  • So i fact i know the senator Akaka and he has been to my home and i trained one of his grandsons.  He is a very good man and i think what you are seeing is his age.  He is a totally committed democrat and he has a super staff.

    He will be a huge improvement of "i am the most importatn wiseman in Washtington" lieberman.


  • I totally agree that Lieberman looked very shaken and upset.  My guess is Lieberman just didnt think something like this could happen and he really believes his bullshit about how he is above it all and some important washington wiseman.  IMHO he can only do one of two things.  Join the GOP who will never accept him or stay with the dems but have his ball cut off.

    If he joins the GOP he will have no say in anything that happens in the next 4 years and his funding for his staff will be cut in half.  If he stays with us he is on notice that he is now a girly man with no say and if he jumps the reservation agian he will be kicked out.


  • comment on a post MN-Sen: How Close It Is over 5 years ago

    Al is my favorate.  Has anyone else noticed that as the last few precents have come in the race has gotten much closer.  Just now it is down to 439 votes from around 600 yesterday.  By the time they are all in it could be 20 votes or so.


  • comment on a post OR-Sen: UPDATED MERKLEY WINS! over 5 years ago

    Merkey has made up 8k today and is now up 2,500 as it went form 70% reporting to 79% reporting.  He is going to win by at least 15k.

    But what the fuck went on.  How could Stevens be winning i mean he was convicted on 7 counts two weeks ago.  i just dont get that.


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    I just think statement like that BO has the opperatunity to establish himself as one of the ture great presidents in the first few days of office is not helpful.  It is like putting to much pressure on a 1st round, 1st pick quartback who has just been drafted.

    The country and the fininical mess include the debt will take several years to fix.  IMHO BO has to fix the mess before he pushes through a progressive agenda and it is a mistake to start with big issues like health care.

    As an example the goverment takes in 2.5 trillion a year in taxes and spends 2 trillion on entitlements and 1/2 trillion on defensive. Last year we were 500 billion in debt and that 500 billion represents all of non-defense/entitlement spending. So the first thing BO is going to have to do is get spending and the debt under control before he can do much else.  He needs to do what Bill Clinton did and fix the debt first and then pass is agenda.


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    Very classy speech by John McCain.  I may ways he said things that BO could not and he really impressed me tonight.


  • comment on a post Franken! over 5 years ago

    The right and the Hannity/Coulter crowd HATES Franken all the way back to his book "Rush is a big fat idiot" and his day on air america.  There is no race that is sweater than Franken beating the empty suit Norm Coleman.


  • I am watching FOX and Bill the bloody is going on about what a bad night it is going to be.  There will be no GOP left in the morning.


  • on a comment on Indiana Still Too Close Too Call over 5 years ago

    No votes in yet from Northern VA, Richmond, or Norfork.  Those votes will come in last.


  • He has seen the exit polls and you can see some on CNN as well and right now BO appears to be winning both VA and beleive it or not he appears to be winning IN as well.  If that is the case BO will get around 350 EV.  Dems should also pick up 8 senate seats.


  • comment on a post Full National Exit Poll (I think)! over 5 years ago

    You can see the CNN exit polls for both IN and va and if these numbers are rigth IN will be close but BO will win but the VA exit polls show BO winning but 8%.  Even if they are somewhat off it looks like BO will win VA and that will be the election.



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