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    email me and we can see about that.

    But my guess is you need wiry metallic balls because you dont have any of your own.

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    I totally agree that rhose that forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.

    For example i will never forget when you referred to HRC supporters as "ignorant white voters" during the KY and WV primaries.

    Do you remember because i consider that pretty racist and we are still waiting for an apology.

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    Thank you for the update and info.


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    i am from Oak Park.

    But i saw this map it it looked like the 7th district now goes south.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:IL07_ 109.gif

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    Danny Davis was my congressman when i leaved in chicago and he is a good man who would make a very fine senator.  He has a rep as a very thoughtful congressman in the state.

    He is a liberal centrist who is well liked in the south side AA community and also does well in terms of support from the western wealthy chicago burbs.  He would be a shoe in for re-election.

    Maybe someone can check but doesnt Danny Davis represent BO's home congressional district?


  • I have been watching this race closely and i hate to say i think Coleman is going to win by 100 votes or so.  I will never forgive Coleman for the way he spoke about Paul Wellstone after his death.  Coleman is really a bad man and it kills me to think he will continue in Wellstones seat and i am really surprised that the voters in Minny wuold send him back.


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    I think the fact is  what we saw in 2008 was the voters throwing the GOP out more than welcoming us in.  And really does it matter.  Dems have a once in a lifetime chance to show that we can govern.  

    If BO and the new adminstration puts forth policies that the voters like and we fix Bushes problems that will be enough to win in 2012.  But i also see an "investment in america" narrative coming out from BO such as rebuilding our infrastructure.  

    Really i think this is what the voters want.  Good centrist government that is investing in our future so as our childern will be better off than their parents.  That is a winner imho.  


  • Great news and a well deserved prize for HRC to be the new SOS.  


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    Your thoughtful commments and insights will be missed as you catch up with your family.  But i look foward to these as 2010 gets closer.

    best  david

  • So here is way i very strongly disagree with your post and this is something i say all the time.  Who cares what the repugs think one way or the other.  This is the kind of nonsense that FOX news pushes. We won and they lost, PERIOD.  As a party we should do what is in the best interests of governing.

    Seriously, in a couple of years the right is going to be calling BO the devil just like they did to Bill Clinton.  Are you going to say at that point BO is to controversial because repugs dont like him?  I would think not.

    IMHO that is bullshit.  Fuck what Rush, and Hannity, and Coulter say and think.  As dems we shouldn't give a shit what they think because dont kid yourself the right is not going to stop smearing us and they will going after BO now all day and night.  Instead of saying "'why give the repugs anything they can chew on? lets say screw you we are doing what is best for us and the country.

    Just my two sense.


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    Not only do i agree with what you have to say i think liberals are saying many of the same things about Palin that i heard about Reagan in 1976.  Democrats referred Reagan as stupid, uninformed, and were begging to run against him in 1980.  As i recall what of the dems favorate lines was to refer to him as Ronny Raygun.

    And he kicked our butts for 8 years.  So my point is we as democrats need to be a little more thoughtful and careful in the way we approach her.  Because just like Reagan she will use the verbal attacks against her as coming from elistist left wingers and like it or not that still plays very well with middle america.

    Now do i think she could win in 2012?  Not unless there is some kind of complete BO meltdown but Palin is young and presidents can only server two terms.  So my final point is i think we need to be really careful.


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    Are you fing kidding me.  Begich by 3 votes.  WOW.


  • And one last thing.  Jr said these things about HRC before the NH primary.  So i am just wondering what comments you think Bill Clinton said to justify Jr's comments about HRC???????

    What exactly was jr commenting on what bill clinton said.  Seriously, Jr was not commentng on Bill Clinton he commenting on HRC.

    I guess you missed that.


  • So to address you comment.  I have yet to see any proof of bad acts or racist comments by bill clinton.  But i do remember a memo from David Axelrod telling BO supporters to play up comments made by Bill Clinton as racist.  And then JJ jr did just that.  Interesting dont you think.  Then wow JJ jr plays the race card on Hillary Clinton.  I assume she is a racist too.

    But then i dont think everyone is racist.  But to extend your logical everyone (and i assume every white person) are racist to some degree.

    I am sorry you think this!



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