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    This "the americans want bipartisan politics" is bullshit because the dumbass press doesnt understand what bipartisanship means to the american voters.  Americans want an adult discussion and a debate of politics and not name calling.  They want their politicians to act like adults and not name calling childern. Bipartisanship does not require any republican votes.  It requires politicians to disagree and then vote.  

    All BO and his admin need to do is look like thoughtful adults who is trying to do their best for the county.  The press just doesnt get this and dems need to stop looking to the the press and start looking at BO approval numbers and the approval numbers for the stimulus bill.  

    BO (who many know was not my first pick) looks and continues to look good during this whole process and imho the GOP is driving of the cliff and they dont seem to notice.  


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    The election is over and she has spoken to HRC and this issue is over and that is that.

    But as for Josh she only said what we all know you think.


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    Really this seems pretty un-important.  

    Having a sense of humor is a good thing.


  • The fact is Rush says what most GOPers are thinking and the more americans here this the more the will reject the GOP for the democratic party.  Remember this is the guy who was kicked off monday night football for a totally inapproprate comment and who run the BO the maj-- well you get the point.


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    Howard Dean was key to the Democratic gains in 2006 and indireclty in 2008 and now he is thrown under the bus?  I just dont get this and i dont like it and lets not kid ourselves here Dean is out and he was key to the netroots.  We all know Bo chief of staff hates Dean, period.  I think this sucks.


  • So in general i agree with your statement but on the other hand i also strongly think that the government should not interfere with the physician patient relationship.  

    And IMHO that relationship includes presenting all potential medical options that a women may want to hear and then any decision is based on a women's choice.  

    I also think this extends to any decision to pursue medical care for eihter a young women or an elderly man who chooses no medical care that might prolong his suffering.  This is not only a strong argument it also protects the patient physician relationship that is fundamental to the delivery of medical care.

    Just my thoughts.


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    The networks always get this wrong as well.   BO is the 44th president but he is the 43th man to be president.  This comes up every time we get a new president and you think they would get it right.  But then how did Roberts blow the swearing in.  I know everyone was nervous but still.


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    Was he sober when he wrote this???

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    Dems lose fice solid democratci electoral votes in 2012.  If we want to stay in the white house in 2016 we need to consoladate at least a couple of the red states we won in 2008 including IMHO CO, NV, OH,and/or VA. IMHO CO and NV are the most important.


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    Come on this is nonsense.  Everyone knows that Crist is gay.  His affairs with men are well documented.  Give me a break.


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    I will not be shedding any tears for JJ jr.


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    Fitzgerald is the modern day Elliot Ness.  


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    I have been as critical as anyone here about some of the over the top, wrong, and must nasty comments and actions made by some of the BO supporters. But i will say that this doesnt really upset me.  There was really nothing sexist or nasty about that picture imho.  It is just a young man blowing off some steam after a very long primary and election.  I think HRC has been very cool about her comments about this picture and frankly i think i will follow her lead in this regard.

    HRC, Bill, and BO are not just pols but they are iconic and having a picture with their cardboards comes with that.  I dont think he should have placed his hand where he did but i think "come on" do we as dems what to be the thought and action police.  I dont think there was any malice intended and "really" i think this is no big deal.


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    Wow, a potentail senate pick up in 2010.  We only need two to get to 60.  Shocker.  Who from the FL dems might run?


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    We're all confused.



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