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    Like i am to belevie that the HRC camp but this out.  Please.  My guess is the BO campaign is behind this.  I mean they didnt like the Bitch is the new black meme on SNL so they set this up so BO could play the victum card again.

    Poor BO is so sad and the evil Hillary sends out mean rasist pictures of him.  This is very similar to the bull shit the BO campaign did in SC by calling the clinton's rasist.  BO numbers werer likely going down the last week and he need to smear hillary again and but this picture out.


  • Do you know what a dick is?


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    I have had it up to here with BO and his BO crowd of self serving wine and cheese crowd.  The clintons were fighting for civil rights when BO was in college slaking and getting high and he has the nerve to call them rasist???

    I am voting for Nader or staying home on Nov 4th and screw BO.  I however, will continue to support the DNC and dean.


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    I say on Nov 4th vote for Nader or stay home.  BO is a backstabing, empty suit, and a phony.


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    Harris and marist are both out this moring and harris has kerry up 50% to bush's 47% in his interactive and Kerry down one in his phone poll 49% to 48%.  He also says that the difference in the two polls is young voters without land lines (or better said cell phone uses) who use cell phones only and this makes up for some of the difference.  

    Also his numbers for the big 3 states.  Fl: kerry 51% bush 47%, PA: Kerry 50% bush 48%, and OH: Kerry 51% bush 47%.  Boy will it be close.  One last thing Harris and Zogby were the only polls to really get it right in 2000 and have by far the best recond the last 12 years.


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    The last harris poll has kerry up 3% in his interactive poll 50% to 47% and bush up one at 49% to 48% in his phone poll.  Also Harris has kerry up all three big states FL 51 to 47, PA 50 to 48, and OH 51 to 47.

    Keeping those fingers crossed.


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    This is not Zogby's final poll he will have one today for both national and states.  His web page says 5pm ET.  At that time he will include undecides into the race.  yesterday he said the last 3% of undecides were going kerry's way big time.


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    Thank you i also looked at the internals of this poll and something was really wrong.  As a matter of fact RV in FL are 42% dems, 38% repugs, and 20% inds and that is the ratio that several other polls us including ARG and rasmussen.


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    I think all the CW that talking about how bush is ahead helps bush is bs.  That leads too two things, repugs getting lazy and staying home and reving up dems.  That is what happened in 2000.  Also last night with luntz, and the night before he tried to tell Buch man that bush was in very deep trouble in OH but no one listen.

    I think Luntz is sure Kerry is going to win OH and NH and that would but kerry at 284 EV and bush is going to have to fine 15 EV to steal from Kerry which i think very unlikely.

    One last thing, four non-tracking polls came out on Thursday, the AP, yougov, pew, and marist college and kerry was up 3%, 2, and tied in the last two.  You decide what that means.


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    I have been watching the internal of the washington post poll and using yesterdays, where bush was up 50% to 46%, and calculating the numbers based on zogby's 39/35/26 model results in.

            race   dems  reps  inds  39.35.26
    Bush    50%    15%   91%   44%    48.14%
    Kerry   46%    7%    85%   51%    48.10%

    Now today the it is 50% bush and 47% kerry.  So using similar numbers kerry is up by around 0.7%.  And this does not take into account new voters and the dem GOTV.  If the race was today kerry wins by 1% IMHO.



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