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    Two thoughts.

    First, I think John Daily said most of what i thought when BO went on his show. 

    Second. Every through i sent serious money to BO and will so again i will never forgot BO and his crowd twisting the words of HRC and BC and then call them rasist!!!!!! 

    What we need around here is some clinton like politics instead of a prez who seems invisible and totally disconnected from the country.  Seriously it is the "economy stupid" and BO does not seem to understand that.  He is moving into Jimmy Carter land.

  • OK agreed.  But what of Professor Gates.  He falsely accused someone of both racial profiling and of being a racist?  Are we here all ok with that.  Branding someone a racist is a pretty big deal.  Has Gates or anyone else provided an evidence that Mr. Crowley engaged in either racial profiling and/or that his conduct justify an accusation that he is a racist.  I have not heard any.  Can Gates call anyone he wants a racist.

    That doesnt seem right to me but then again Crowley was white and a cop so i guess by difination he is likely a racist???


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    Yo WSB,

    Enjoyed reading this.  Have a couple of comments.  I think the issue is more complex than just  "they simply can't accept a black man as US President" through this is part of the issue.  

    It is not just that BO does not look like us he is not like us.  That is BO is not a real american.  Remember Palin saying it was nice to be in southern VA with "real americans".  You see this all the time in right wing memes.  If you live in NY you are not a real amercian or perhaps better put not like us?

    Another example is Liz Chaney who says BO is making america less safe.  Or Fox news meme that BO hates america and of course Dems hate american.  I am just saying it is more than just race it is us against them and them is anyone who does not watch fox, listen to right wing radio, pr have a specific national political view.


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    Shit!!!  I guess i made a mistake here and you were talking about another poster.  So now i must respectively say to orestes i just "acted stupidly".  Sorry.


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    i am still from chicago.  Now and 10 years from now.  And orestes let me be clear.  I am now calling you are lair.  Produce this post.


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    Did you just bring up Rodney King.  Who is bring up race?

    Insulting me is boring.  


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    People like you think every anyone who disagress with your position on race is a racist.

    And Amos and Andrew is a great movie that looks at the issues of race from many different views in a funny way.  I am not impressed with your "uppity Negro" line.  

    Where i am coming from.  Really, and where are you coming from?

    My dad was a cop for 20 years.  A man i very much respect.  Do you really think Gates acted respectfully to this police officer?  The man was doing his job.  And let me repeat 143 cops were killed last year.  Zero black studies professors or for that matter radiation oncoligists.


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    Funny, i read this "He said Crowley arrested him as the professor followed him to the porch, repeatedly demanding the sergeant's name and badge number because he was unhappy over his treatment".

    I agree that everyone can have a opinion but there are only one set of facts.  Gates chose this esculation.  Where i come from we are taught to be respectful of everyone including cops.  But not Gates he is a special man.  I rich, wealthy, elitist, harvard full professor who thinks he is better than a working man cop?  Or should i just call Gates Andrew Sterling.

    But i agree times have changed.  Where i grew up if some spoke to a cop like that they would have gotten their ass kicked.


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    Two things.  First, Gates was not in his home.  He followed the officer out of his house and then started verbally assulting the officer.  This is not in doubt and both men agree on this.  So, this arrested in his own house is nonsense.  Gates chose to escalate the situation by walking out of his home to verbally assult the officer.

    Second, I am just wondering (and i will say my dad was a cop for 20 years) how many black studies professors were killed teaching last year.  Just what number.  143 police officers were killed in the line of duty last year.  Died so as to keep us safe.  Some thing to think about.

    When is see Gates is see (Andrew Sterling) a wealthy, spoiled, elitist harvard full Porfessor and didnt he say to the cop "you dont know who I am".

    Is it too much for liberals to remember how hard being a police officer is.  Seriously, this is awful and BO was right and how he has stepped back on this.


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    I am from chicago. If this was a white man the cop what have kicked his ass?  He was not arrested in his house.  He chose to leave his home and stepped outside and verbally assulted a police officer.  

    This is not about how blacks and whites are treated by the law enforcement/penal community. We can agree on that. This is about a spoiled, elitist, harvard professor who thinks the rules dont apply to him.  Did you not read where he says "you dont know who you are talkint to".

    This is Gates fault.  He chose to make this into a situation and he raised the issue of race.  He wants to sue.  Please.  He is the one who is going to be sued and i dont like his chances.

    Or can we just call him Andres Sterling???  One last thing.  My dad was a cop for 20 years.  Pretty hard job.  A lot harder that whatever Gates does???  Which is what?


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    Gates acted stupidly.  He got what anyone would get for verbally assulting a cop, period.  I wonder how many black studies professors lost their lives teaching last year.  143 cops were killed defending us last year!!!!  

    Has anyone read what he yelled at this officer? I understand Gates insulted the officers mother.  Real classy.  And he wasnt arrested in his house.  He left his house and walked outside to confront the officer and started verbally assulting this officer.  Lets be clear ever Gates has said he did this.

    This is not about a black man arrested in his house. This is about someone acting very badly and he got what he deservied but he thinks he is special and the rules dont apply to him.  Typical Harvard professor.


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    I have very much enjoyed this debate.  But i still say this really does remind me of the movie "Amos & Andrew" with Samuel Jackson and Nicolas Cage.  That is how differently different people can see the same situation in a very different way based on their background.

    I grew up in chicago.  The rule of thumb was if you mouthed off to a chicago police man you could just assume you would end up in jail.  But then others can disagree and that is cool.  


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    Sometimes it is funny how stupid smart people can be.  

    "An officer ordered the man to identify himself, and Gates refused, according to the report. Gates began calling the officer a racist and said repeatedly, "This is what happens to black men in America."

    Here is my favorate "Officers said they tried to calm down the 58-year-old academic, who responded, "You don't know who you're messing with," according to the police report.

    Has anyone seen Amos & Andrew with Samuel Jackson and Nicolas Cage?  This so reminds me of this.  Cage shows up and Samuel Jackson says are you with the FBI, CIA, etc.  I know those poeple have files on me?  Cage at him and say no.  Jackson says do you know who i am and says "I am Andrew Sterling, famous civil rights activist".  Nicolas Cage looks at him and say "never heard of you".

    We all know there is racism in america but this is not one of them.  This is someone (Henry Gates) who showed very bad judgement and instead of saying that he goes off on this whole "the whole world is racist and out to get me".

    My dad was a cop.  It is a really hard job and they deserve "respect" and that is something Mr. Gates does not seem to understand.  He should say i acted badly but instead he is going to go around yelling everyone is out to get him and a rasist.  I wonder how he would fell if the cops showed up and some one was breaking into his house and were protecting his home.  Just one different view.


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    Does no see what the Pres is doing here?  He has been doing it for two months.  It is called the drip drip information dump.  Every couple of weeks they admin puts out additional damaging memos, photos, whatever.

    So BO (and just to put this into context if voted for HRC) waits two months to put this out.  So what.  This is good politics and a smart move.  It makes the right look bad and then when the court orders the Admin to relase the photos in two months they can say they had no choice.

    Seriously what is the down side here.

    As much as i wanted HRC to win i want BO to win a 2nd term and this is smart politics, period.


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    You cant compare this.  Donna Brazile has shown remorse and i heard she called the clinto's to set things right. She has made an effort to make things right.

    RR and Robinson (who said i wish the clinton's would just go aways) think they deserve a pass and i dont.  Funny how Penn is the devil but Robinson and RR not so much.  Just pointing out some different standardd.



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