Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall electon

HI Everyone,

So I don't post thread much but I very good friend emailed me and asked why is support HRC and if I hate BO and I think he is expressing what a lot of dems are feeling and I drafted a long letter expressing how I think a many HRC supporters are feeling and it also made me think what I will do if BO win and how I feel about a pretty tough primary season.

I saw the Gallop poll and that 28% of HRC supporters will vote for McCain but also 19% of BO will not vote for HRC.  First, I don't think it is fair to call these voters HRC supporters who are hard core dems.  These mostly represent working class Democrats or Reagan democrats that have always supported the Clinton's and BO has had trouble with these voters since day one.  These are the same voters than went for Bush and not Kerry.  We are all dems here and we all know that these numbers are artificially high due to the tough campaigns on both sides.  Most of these 28% and 19% voters will vote dem.  However, 28% - 19% leaves about 10% and these are very likely Reagan dems and they are still up for grabs. And let me repeat myself here IMHO they are still totally up for grabs.

And the reason BO is doing even worse with these voters is the Wright flab.  I know BO supporters think his speech was great (I liked it to) but his numbers are going down with Reagan democrats because of both Wright and the speech. These voters see race in a very different way then netroots dems.  I have tried to explain this many times with little luck.  Working class dems (like my mom and Dad) are big Clinton supporters and when BO and his supporters attack HRC as a liar or racist they get upset and because of this they are moving to McCain. Especially race. And i feel for BO supporters who think HRC has been totally negaive and not their candidate.  However,these voters feel left out by the system and want to know what dems will do to help them and they feel "rightly or wrongly" that resources have gone to others and not to help them.  And they support HRC and think she is the one who will help them. IMHO these voters have decided the presidential election the last 45 years.  These are not West or East coast liberal voters, these are middle America voters who are barely getting by and not nearly as liberal as BO and are not sure if BO will help them.

I like BO and will vote for him and I have tried to hold my tongue but I am sure I have slipped but like many here I have said things that perhaps were motivated by anger.  I support HRC and I think it is wrong to say "she did nothing important as first lady" and come on HRC has been a solid Senator and democrat.  And I think a lot of other things said about HRC are just wrong as well.  And I think a lot of HRC supporters like me get upset when we constantly hear about how HRC is a liar and dishonest.  We need to all understand that BO has to go to HRC voters and ask for their vote in the fall and not the other way around (since he is more likely to win).  So to BO supporters please think about putting yourself in HRC supporter's shoes and be honest think about some of the things you have said and think how someone who is a HRC supporter would feel?  I try to say this all the time.  HRC very strongly represents about 50% of democrats and we need these voters now and in the future. And i well agree that HRC and her campiagn has played rough.

So my friend asked my what i surport HRC and not BO.

Why do I support HRC? First, I am the child of working class voters.  My grandparents came from Italy and my brother and I were the first in my family to go to college.  My parents could not afford to send me to private school.  I went to Chicago public school and after that Chicago City college.  I drove a Chicago city bus to pay for college since my parents could not afford to send me to college.  I didn't get to go to Harvard or Yale (OK I went to the University of Chicago for professional school after college). I couldn't afford to go to schools like Harvard or Yale even if I could have been accepted there and students like me have a pretty small chance coming from Chicago public schools.  I very strongly feel a bond with these working class voters who support HRC.  The Clinton's are Icons of middle American working class voters and me.  The Clinton's speak for working class voters and I just don't have much in common with dems like the Kennedy's, Dukakis, etc.  That doesn't mean I don't vote dem and have done so since Carter in 1980. And that includes Dukakis, Ooch.

And i need to add this.  I think if BO wins he will be good for working class voters but i think they just feel more comfortable right now with BO and hopefully by fall these voters will see this as well.

Bill Clinton's grew up in a single mom family me (like me until my mom remarried), and lived in a lower middle class area (I lived in a changing Chicago are and we know what I mean by changing) much like me.  Like many working class voters I feel a very strong bond with Bill Clinton as well as with Hillary and I think that is true of a lot of traditional middle America dems. BO is a dem and I will both vote for him (I assume this will be easier in the fall when my sights are focused on McCain) and I will send serious money in the fall.  Much like I would if HRC if she should win.

Second, I don't think BO can win in Nov and that is very important for me.  A liberal senator has not won the WH since 1960 and the reason JFK won was he had LBJ on the ticket to bring in working class voters.  If you look at Dems who have won the presidency or the popular vote they were all southern moderate dems (LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Gore).  If you look at the losers they were all northern liberal dems (McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry). So you understand I don't think BO can win and this is another reason i support HRC.

And while HRC is a NY senator she is much more conservative than BO and as a wrote the Clinton's are icons to to working class voters and frankly to me as well.  Now I understand BO supporters think he does have a plan to win and I respect this it is just for an older dem like me I just don't feel like taking a chance on a new model to win.  The models for LBJ, Carter, and Clinton have won and i don't want to lose the WH again. Again this is not a criticims but this is why i support HRC and not BO.

I think BO as to win CO to win the since i dont think he can win OH, which i think HRC could win.  I BOsupporters think he can win CO (maybe NV to for a 269 tie) but CO has not voted for a democrat for president since "well I cant remember".  So at least for me this is another reason i support HRC.  And please no "look at the poll" we all know that those numbers will be different in Oct and frankly i will admit that i have no idea for sure what will happen in the fall but i support HRC because imho i think she has a better chance.

You understand right now HRC and BO are within 1% of each other in total vote (or about).  That means nearly ½ of dems support HRC?  There is a very strong voter demographic going on here.  BO is supported by AA and wealth liberal whites and HRC is supported by working class voters, older married white women, and latino's.  So what i am saying is HRC IMHO HRC has a better chance to win than BO and I totally agree this is just my opinion.  But this is another reason I support HRC and I think it legit.

Every time someone from BO campaign attacks HRC honesty (or calls her a liar) or something else silly this drives more and more of these voters away. I know BO supporters think it is unfair since you think HRC has been totally negative and BO has not but I disagree; BO has also run a hard hitting and negative as well.  And I am ok with this since IMHO politics is a rough sport.   You understand another thing I like about the Clintons is they will do what it takes to win.  Kerry, Dukakis, etc lost because of this.  So I always find the HRC will do anything to win narrative silly.  We don't want this.  If BO is not willing to do what it takes to win he should quit.  If he wants my vote in the Fall he needs to show me this.  And really come on everyone he has run a rough campaign and IMHO has showed he will do what it takes even if I think he is the weaker national candidate.

To all BO supporters, working class and older more conservative dems love and admire Bill Clinton and feel he was their president and so do I.  Their lives improved during his presidency and they have loyality and so do I.  If HRC "drops out now" they will go to McCain in even higher numbers than 28%.  I keep trying to say this but many BO supporters so dislike HRC that I think they know this but cant bring themselves to really admit this.  We (HRC supporters understand this as well) dont really get this and dont understand the hate coming from sites like dkos.

I have heard that HRC hasa plan to run in 2012.  This is nonsense.  If BO is the candidate HRC and Bill will campaign for him.  We all know that.  BO knows this as well.  Didn't everyone see his speech on Tuesday saying his supporters need to tone down the talk?  He knows as well he needs HRC voters in the fall as well as the help of the Clintons.

And I have said this many times the longer HRC says in the more pressure BO will have to make her the VP candidate and that is IMHO the only way he can win.  Or maybe better put IMHO has the best chance to win.  So take a breath and think for a second about how HRC supporters are feeling and how important it is that they vote for BO in the fall.  

Also, this is a long letter so since I am dyslexic there will not doubt be some typos.


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Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and

Good diary.

I disagree with your classifications.  Mondale and Dukaksis were not flaming liberals.  Dukaksis was a technocrat.  LBJ is miles to the left on any president since him, remember the great society and war on poverty.  

Working class voters need a strong fighting liberal in the mold of FDR.  I like both candidates (Clinton and Obama) but both are too centrist to propose a new new-deal, which is what we need.  But then again, FDR didn't run on that.  So maybe the changing economiy and political environment will force them to do it.

Real wages have been stagnant for working class americans since the last 70's.  We need a president who will take that as their number 1 priority.

by labor nrrd 2008-03-27 06:48AM | 0 recs
Both are too centrist.

That's the problem.

All this hatred between two centrist cnadidates.  Identity politics distracts from class stratification.

No matter who is nominated, and even if we  elect one of them, we need to build the labor movement and organize workers.

These two politicans will not make a new, New Deal.  We must.

by TomP 2008-03-27 07:45AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

Gee, I'm shocked that Working class folks aren't connecting more to Obama as he has  a very similar story.  He was raised by a single mother, he went to Harvard and Columbia on scholarships, his mother was on food stamps,etc.

HRC on the other hand had a father who was an executive, hated unions, she grew up in a rather middle to upper middle class neighborhood,went to Wellesley and Yale(no not on scholarships), etc.

No, BO does not have to make Hillary his VP. There are plenty of other folks that can also relate to working class dems.  You also forget about independent voters(not reagan dems) whom Obama is doing well with and those folks can decide the election.

Finally, HRC does not have a better chance to win when her negatives are at or above 50%. Please tell me the last president who won who was hated by 50% of the country. Also, explain to me how Clinton would win with just 55% of the AA vote?  You fail to realize that in swing states like PA and even Ohio, AA support can easily put a dem over the top if they come out in high numbers.  This is precisely why Ed Rendell is Governor of PA.

I was a former Clinton supporter until this election. They simply cannot be trusted in my mind  and the truth is that Americans don't vote for people they cannot trust.  Bush won not because he was necessarily a good candidate or qualified but because the voters trusted him(I didn't but I know many folks who did).

by kristannab 2008-03-27 06:53AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of


As i wrote this is just my opinion and we can agree to disagree.  BO does not have to make HRC his VP but what i say is he will will increase his % of traditional dems.  

I clearly say that BO supports think that BO can make up the difference with indies but i also say i think this may not work.  So i still think she can win and that is just my opinion.  Also, in the head to head with McCain both HRC and BO do about the same so i think my opinion is reasonable.

And i am sorry you feel the need to make what many of us find insulting and suggest that Clinton can not be trusted.  I am sorry you feel that way and IMHO that is not helpful for BO of his chances in the fall.  But i understand you can help but say things like that.


by giusd 2008-03-27 07:08AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of

I'm worried you might be right, I say worried because I think Hillary and Barack would be better served with Hill being senate Majority leader either sheparding his agenda through congress, or and this is a wild card (Hill might be to old for this to be worth it) as a Supreme Court Justice (Bill couldn't do this, not only due to health, but I believe his disbarment would be a mjor obstacle to confirmation- correct me if I'm wrong but he did lose his license to practice as a result of teh Monica crap right?).

by Socraticsilence 2008-03-27 07:32AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

Thanks for your thoughts, David. (I read through the typos and grammer errors, don't worry about it)

Keep in mind that many of the issues you outlined also apply to the feelings Obama supporters have towards the Clinton campaign.

But I'll point out one thing.  You mention Bill Clinton several times.  Is Hillary Bill?  Regardless, I know many Democrats have a love-hate feelings about Bill.  They think he was good for them on the economy, but he did push and pass NAFTA in it's current form, which did decimate middle-class America workers.  Honestly, without the internet and tech boom of the 90s, the he would have left office in far worse shape.  So, I don't think Bill deserves much credit as being progressive, revolutionary or even caring for the middle class.

Both Hillary and Barack are centrist Dems, with Obama being slightly to the right of Hillary on announced policy in their campaigns.  But on policy, they are both basically even.  

For me, it has come down to character, and I simply don't trust Hillary.  

by neonplaque 2008-03-27 06:59AM | 0 recs
Re: Same here

Trust is a huge issue and guess what, people don't elect folks that they deem untrustworthy no matter how competent they may be.  People didn't trust Gore or Kerry compared to Bush(ugh) so they lost. People don't trust Hillary by a huge margin, she loses.

by kristannab 2008-03-27 07:04AM | 0 recs
People don't trust Obama either

That is what the author is trying to tell you, but you won't listen.

by lombard 2008-03-27 07:58AM | 0 recs
Re: Same here

But how does one go about trusting Barack Obama? How does one trust such a media-created candidate with such a short record of accomplishment? How does one square the carefully massaged image of Obama with the candidate who avoids press conferences, town hall debates, and the like? That's where the JFK/BHO comparison falls flat for me. I'm too young to remember the JFK administration, but from what I've been told, he welcomed press conferences and questions from the press and public alike.

For right now, Obama would seem to have most of the MSM on his side, which is not surprising since the "Eastern Liberal Media Establishment" never fancied the Clintons in the first place. But what's going to happen when and if Obama secures the nomination? If the corporate media want Obama to be the next president and consequently doesn't go after him, I would say that in itself is a cause for concern, because the interests of CBS/NBC/ABC/MSNBC/CNN/Fox, et al, are not aligned with the interests of most Americans. But if the corporate media do go after him, I fear that he will have a glass jaw, because he too can be painted as a liar, a candidate with shady associates, etc., just as Bill Clinton was and Hillary Clinton is, plus he has the added albatross around his neck of a close 20-year relationship a racially divisive spiritual mentor as well as the perception (however false it may be) of being an ultra-liberal.

Right now all of us seem to be helping John McCain more than the Democratic party, and I include myself in this criticism. For various reasons that I have already expressed in my numerous comments on MyDD, I decided to side with Hillary in this increasingly hostile internecine feud among Democratics. But frankly, all this infighting just sickens me and I'm tired of wasting my time. I have yet to see a Obama suppporter express any lessening of their hostily towards Hillary or her supporters as a result of my exchanges with them, and I have tried my best to be civil and open to a debate of ideas. And this treatment in turn has only hardened my opposition to Obama as the nominee, which in turn has made me less civil than was my intention in participating on this site. So I give up. I'm tuning out this election. I only hope this country and the world can stand another four years with a Republican president of the U.S., because it's hard for me to see any other result from this mishegoss.

by Inky 2008-03-27 08:30AM | 0 recs
Re: Same here

You said:
"But how does one go about trusting Barack Obama? How does one trust such a media-created candidate with such a short record of accomplishment? How does one square the carefully massaged image of Obama with the candidate who avoids press conferences, town hall debates, and the like?"

I respectfully disagree. I think that Obama has put himself out there in a variety of ways...from his own books to his extremely 'unsafe' speech on race. He has had many town-hall meetings (more recently, probably as a response to sentiments like yours).

I think he has also tried very hard to be as transparent as possible by releasing a variety of significant documents related to his political years. I also think that 11 years as a legislator is nothing to balk at...and represents a generous amount of public service. Also...and if you are not from around the area you would have no way of know this...but next to NYC, Chicago pressers are the most rapacious in the business. They have and will continue to vet Obama...not that you need to trust journalists, but their take on reporting is vastly different from ratings-driven media on TV.

Anyway - trust is important so I hope that as this primary continues you will begin to feel more of that. For my part, I want to trust HRC - but right now I will also take my own advice.

by Newcomer 2008-03-27 09:23AM | 0 recs
Re: Same here

I'll try to explain some of why I feel the way I do. You say the following:

I think he has also tried very hard to be as transparent as possible by releasing a variety of significant documents related to his political years. I also think that 11 years as a legislator is nothing to balk at...and represents a generous amount of public service.

My problem there is that Obama has been running for President since Jan. 2007, so he really only has two full years experience as a US Senator. And as to his seven years in the Illinois senate, first of all, that was just a part-time job; second, 6 of those 7 years he could accomplish very little because of Republican control of the state house and legislature. But for the one year in which he did seem to get a lot accomplished, questions have been raised about whether he took undue credit for some of the legislation that he supposedly sponsored. I'm sure that you have probably read the following article about his "kingmaker" Emil Jones' Jr. and the legislators who felt bitter about the credit Obama took for their hard work: ews/barack-obama-screamed-at-me/print

I'm sure that there is another side to this story, but the fact that Obama claims to have no records from his time as a state senator makes me tend to doubt that he truly is the "transparency" candidate that we all would like to see.

You also say the following:

I think that Obama has put himself out there in a variety of ways...from his own books to his extremely 'unsafe' speech on race.

But of course, we now know that Obama's first book was semi-fictional. I never read it, only a few excerpts here and there. But I did read his second book, which I personally found disappointing in a number of ways, which I could go into, but it seems pointless at this juncture. And of course his 'race' speech was ultimately self-serving, designed to get him out of a jam re his association with Wright, and again, I could give you a critique of why I found the speech wanting, but it doesn't much matter.

I will tell you this much -- it surprises me that I have such a difficult time getting behind an Obama presidency. In some ways, I should fit the profile of an Obama supporter. I'm very much on the left end of the Democratic party. I'm the same age as Obama and I went to the University of Chicago as an undergrad, so I know his former district (and the Chicago press) very well. My very first, and to this date most satisfying, campaign that I ever worked on was Harold Washington's mayoral election, which I know inspired Obama to move to Chicago and begin his political career there. I've spent my entire adult life as a city dweller, often in mixed-race or predominantly AA communities, often working in predominantly AA schools and the like, and so you would think I'd be behind Obama, but I'm not.

So all I can say is that like you, I have trust issues with Obama and his campaign. In particular, I don't like the way his campaign has been run, and the intentional smear job conducted by Obama's surrogates to poison the well re the AA community and the Clintons. I listen to a lot of progressive and AA radio, and I witnessed what happened first-hand and it deeply troubled me because it was so unnecessary. I also find his choice of poitical advisers to be highly troubling. I hope you're right and that I will come to feel differently about Obama, but I promise, at worst, I'll vote for McKinney in November. And since I live in a safely blue state, my vote won't hurt Obama's chances in the GE.

by Inky 2008-03-27 11:52AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

And i understand you views as i point out many many dems disagree and think Bill Clinton was a excellent president.  And these voters are critical for our chances in the fall.  Bill Clinton didnt run as a progressive as i recall and ran as a moderate.  But i think the middle class did much better under Clinton than Reagan/ Bush or Bush jr.  

But i will say this charactor is really just another word for liar dont you think?  This is really the point of my thread that HRC supporters think this is really negative and well unfair.  If we say we think BO does not have the experience to be president we are wrong and this is a negative campaign but we hear all the time that HRC does not deserve to be president becasue she is a liar.  I hope in the fall this is is not being said.


by giusd 2008-03-27 07:15AM | 0 recs
Thanks for expressing your thoughts

A couple of Obama posters have mentioned trust.  Funny thing is, one of the main reasons I support Hillary is that I don't trust Obama.  I've observed her public life for many years and I have a very good sense of her values whereas Obama is much more of a question mark to me.  I don't feel secure in the knowledge of where he plans to take this country or what kind of a manager he would be.

Plus, I am very disappointed in his health care plan which if way too timid for my taste.

Of course I will vote for him if he is the nominee, but I plan to stick with Clinton until the voters have decided.  

by Radiowalla 2008-03-27 07:15AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect
I agree with everything you said. Basically, Barack Obama doesn't connect with the working class voters of the party. How are slogans like "We are the change we can believe in", Don't tell me we can't change , Yes We Can" going to change anything? Its almost as if we are supposed to this guy because he is black and gives good speeches rather than his ideas and policy positions.
Most pitiful however is citing his experience as president of the Harvarsd law Review , community organizer and state senate experience in IL- that doesnt make you qualified to be POTUS. Even GWB was the governor of Texas and he is a complete idiot so I can onlyu imagine what Obama can bring to the table or lack thereof.
Most disgusting for me is the hope/unity shtick. No democrat or Republican has ever united this country and nobody will. This is a big country with diverse views. One last thing is the lobbyist thing- no law can stop lobbying ever because basically even if it is a bad influence or corruption its still a free speech issue.
by bsavage 2008-03-27 07:19AM | 0 recs
Thank you david
for a well reasoned explanation of you support for your candidate. I don't think Hillary should drop out, which is a funny position to take for an Obama supporter. If he had won Ohio that'd be a different story, but it's silly to expect a candidate who is still winning states to drop out no matter what the "math" looks like.
As far as the back and forth between the campaign, I think both campaign are playing with fire.
Every attack by both campaigns risks alienating a core group of dem voters, and I hope Obama and Clinton sit down soon to have a meeting of the minds to end such divisive tactics.
Otherwise the nomination may well not be worth having for either of them.
I'm even warming to the idea of an Obama/Clinton, or maybee even vice versa ticket, might be the only thing to bring the party back together.
The last thing america needs is a president Johnny Mac.
by Drewid 2008-03-27 07:26AM | 0 recs
Re: Thank you david

And of course, forgive my typos as well

by Drewid 2008-03-27 07:27AM | 0 recs
Excellent points, Drewid.

Defeating McCain is what matters most.

by TomP 2008-03-27 07:47AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama have very similar records in the Senate, actually. If you looked them up on, the website of the Library of Congress, you can compare their records yourself.

In 2007, about 40% of the bills that Senator Clinton personally authored and sponsored dealt with kids or health care or health care of kids. This is her major area of strength as a senator, and she is quite liberal. She also introduced several bills dealing with women's health. And one to increase the minimum wage. If you actually do the research you will see that many of her bills are co-sponsored by Sens. Kennedy, Kerry, and Obama. And she is a co-sponsor on many of these bills.

by Grassroots Mom 2008-03-27 07:28AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

nice diary, recommended!

I do cal for Hillary to drop out though, for 3 reasons

1) the math is against her she has no path to the nomination

  1. this campaign is to negative and without a legitimate path (sorry but when she is polling at 53% in PA how will she ever win it by 65%?) to the nomination, there is no more justification to hurt the party
  2. both sides are becoming to entrenched, Democrats out there are starting to honestly believe that Mccain is better on the issues then Obama. (that or they are forgetting about the issues)

if there was a legitimate chance that she could take the 10 races with 60% each (what she needs to catch up in delegates) then yeah OBVIOUSLY she souldn't drop out.

but she is not polling this, and every keeps say that Wright will hurt Obama? yet after all the Wright stuff he is still right there even with her, meaning she is not going to go and get 20 point wins in Oregon or NC or South Dakota. and I am sorry but saying the GOP will attack on it in the fall? that stopped being in issue with the Bosnia flap the GOP will ALSO hit on that, especially against a war vet.

so no the popular vote and delegate leader should be the nominee.

by TruthMatters 2008-03-27 07:55AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

I think the reason more HRC supporters are threatening to jump ship is simply because she is losing.  I've been through a lot of losing primaries, and the first reaction is to say "Well, I 'll never vote for that guy"...and, after things settle down people come back to the party.

With Obama still performing marginally better than Clinton in the non-tracking polls his path is a lot easier if his goal is to regain Hillary supporters than Hillary.  Hillary has to win-over actual indi's to win.  Obama has to win-over disenchanted Clinton voters to win... His task is politically easier.

by CardBoard 2008-03-27 08:02AM | 0 recs
If HRC supporters are threatening

to jump ship, I think it is not because she is "losing", but because she is being bullied out of the race before it is over.   She may be behind but the voters haven't finished voting and she isn't going to throw in the towel when the race is so tight.

I would never vote for McCain, but I'm really disgusted with the cries for Hillary to bow out to make way for Obama.   Let him fight for the nomination if he wants it.  He'll have to become a fighter if he is going to beat the Republicans in November.

by Radiowalla 2008-03-27 08:34AM | 0 recs
Thank you for your thoughts

While I disagree with your support for Clinton, I am very moved by the way you said it.

it reminds me a lot of my brother says who likes Sen. Clinton because of the good economic times of the 90's. Only my brother is a moderate upscale democrat.

I rec'ed this because of the sanity included at the end in addition to the honesty.
I hope this makes it up the rec list.

by Student Guy 2008-03-27 08:13AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter and the Fall elect

I appreciate many of your comments, even if I support Obama, because that's exactly what I want to hear- why people like HRC, support her, etc, well spoken and reasoned out. I support HRC because Obama sucks-diaries don't offer any substance or a reason for me to consider a change in position; yours is a step towards that.

by ragekage 2008-03-27 08:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC supporter

David... An EXCELLENT diary. I greatly appreciate your candor, but even more respect the way you chose to write what you convey here---with decorum, respect for OPOV, sincerity, and professionalism. Mojo!

by JHL 2008-03-27 08:52AM | 0 recs


"I like BO and will vote for him and I have tried to hold my tongue but I am sure I have slipped but like many here I have said things that perhaps were motivated by anger."

I have felt (and acted) the exact same way. Sometimes I think the blog is a shield - and we use it to protect ourselves - but it is also a sword that we wield to hash out our own frustrations without having to look people in the face.

One interesting point - that I saw over at you know where - is that the Caucus conventions have featured BHO vs. HRC and in most cases result in level debate and (in perhaps rarer cases) a sense of what it means to be a Democrat (Reagan, progressive, or otherwise).

This post represents one of the first true 'support' diaries I have seen here. I think that BO in Iowa vs. BO in big city rallies clouds the question of who he can/cannot win over. He has the ability to excel in both atmospheres. Its hard to tell in this climate. HRC will also have fences to mend, of course.

My sense is that when you weed out the ultra-supporters - there is a middle ground among the Dems who prefer one to the other.

The current discourse here - and at other places - does not help - and I acknowledge that I haven not helped to advance it!

Anyway - honest diary. If I could rec. twice I would.

by Newcomer 2008-03-27 09:12AM | 0 recs
Re: Thoughts of a HRC
Didn't everyone see his speech on Tuesday saying his supporters need to tone down the talk?

Seriously? If he actually said that, I'm grateful. I think his supporters were more overbearing and abusive in the beginning. It's only recently that I've noticed some really mean, vocal HRC supporters.

I wonder if that speech is on youtube yet...

by sricki 2008-03-27 09:26AM | 0 recs
You can't remember 1992?


Colorado went for Clinton that year, and it's been shifting heavily to the Democrats.

While it's true VA has voted Repub every year since 1964, the overwhelming influx of liberals to Northern VA makes it a swing state now.

by bobdoleisevil 2008-03-27 12:41PM | 0 recs


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