We have our Issue - Time to Pound It

Today the Republicans blocked financial reform.  They voted with the bankers and against the American worker's 401Ks, college investments and home security.  Its time to pounce on this issue, frame it and make it ours to diffuse the certain loses that are due in 2010.



Every since the HRC debacle, we have been on defense.  Trying desperately to explain complicated issues and on the wrong side of the "common sense" groupthink.  Today the republicans in the senate gift wrapped an issue that is could resonate with the voters and serve as the Cow in the Tracks of the Tea Party express.

Their vote to block finical reform is finally an issue that we can use to paint the republicans where they belong, on the wrong side of issues that effect every day Americans.  Polls clearly show that Americans want reform.  We need to get out now, and spread the message that Republicans are for keeping trading secret, for keeping the environment that brought the market to its knees.

The Dems in need to start playing offense on this and weaken the wave the republicans are surfing.

Its time to pound home the message that republicans are working against the security of our retirement plans.

I hope to see dems really try and work this meme into every public appearance, starting with Obama.


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