Running For President Aint a Picnic! (Updated III)

"I don't think the race is over until Sen. Clinton decides she is getting out"-- Barack Obama on MTP

Excuse me?

You know, I have heard so much about THE MATH, and am now a bit tired of saying the same thing over and over again.  So here are two points I like to make:

Point 1- Obama supporters, surrogates, as-yet-undeleclareds (hummmm ... ) Brazile and Clyburn, cite rules so much, let me point something out very clearly.   Have they noticed the simple fact the superdelegates can change their minds, and ONLY at the convention, their vote is final?  So, unless one candidate concedes, we have to wait till convention to make sure who is the winner, regardless of anyone's opinion.   In fact, I know that Obama and his supporters are fully AWARE of this fact. That's the REAL reason behind shouting for something like two months that Hillary should quit. (or Psychologically taking her out. We understand. It's all part of the game.)

Because, you know, the only way to stop the process and short-circuit it, is to force Clinton to withdraw. It's been a really tough horse race, one candidate is tired out, and is eager to call the race NOW.

And friends, let me remind you, neither in sports, nor in politics, is it ever customary to ask a person or a team to concede before the race is over and the buzzer is sounding.  So, please remember that.

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The polls DID predict a close race! (UPDATED)

(also posted at Taylor Marsh / Hot Topics Diaries)

Tuesday night was great. What a roller-coaster! Everone expected an Obama win. The question was: by how much?

That didn't happen. By now, all kinds of explanations and conspiracy theories are thrown out there, among them the Bradley effect and the Diebold effect. Various explanations, such as the high number of new voters, the difficulty of predicting who would turn out, and polling in such a narrow window of time and with so many events compressed together, are given by pollsters. But one thing is missed amid all the noise, and it could turn out to be a beauty.

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