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    This comes as no surprise to most of us.  Obama is a stickler for not doing anything that even has the appearance of impropriety.  Even if he wasn't, it's not like there would be some huge upside for Obama worth risking a scandal just to get a specific selection for his replacement.  

  • Me too!  Out of the darkness and into the light!

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    I meant keep the rabble poor and ignorant is the Republicans' goal, not something I agree with.  Eesh!

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    This wait between the election and the swearing in of our new grownup President is excruciatingly long.  We all know Bush&Co are scrambling to break as much stuff before they leave as possible.  The bank bailout appears to me to be a last ditch effort to empty the piggy bank to their rich contributors.

    A friend of mine said to me around the time Bush first got elected that the Republicans' goal is to create an American aristocracy.  Now I completely agree with him -- keep the rabble poor and ignorant.

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    One of them, there are several bands in the parade.

    Here's a link with the story:


    I didn't even know there was a Lesbian and Gay Bands Organization until recently.  I'm so un-cool!

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    By your reckoning, any preacher is a total betrayal of my non-beliefs.  There's just no way to make everyone happy.

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    Something to make me smile as the holidays approach.  Thanks for reporting it.

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    that was selected from a very large pool of interested bands to perform in the parade carries no weight then?

  • Good catch!  Where did you find it?

  • You are a funny guy!

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    And if Obama uses our military to attack and occupy an innocent country killing hundreds of thousands of their citizens and forcing more to flee across the border in exile, then I will laugh when he too gets a shoe thrown at him.  Understand this, when America does something wrong it is wrong.  Waving the flag and saying it must be right because we are America does not change that.

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    Using your logic the Iraqis should have defended Saddam Hussein.  Sure, he was an asshole but he was THEIR asshole.

    That reporter is a national hero for Iraqis.  He showed Bush (and the world) the contempt they were feeling in no uncertain terms.  I too have nothing but contempt for Bush and wouldn't stick up for him if it was rotten eggs being thrown either.  

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    I repeat -- the FBI was listening and they have said that Rahm is in the clear.

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    The FBI doesn't think Rahm is guilty of anything and they were the ones listening in on the phone calls.  So, which is more logical?  

    1.  Take the FBI's word for it that Rahm is in the clear.
    2.  Assume that Rahm has something to 'come clean' about and voice concern that Obama and his staff are not being honest.

    I have a little trouble understanding why you think the correct choice is #2.

    P.S. Obama has said he personally had no contact with the Governor on this matter and vouched that nobody in his campaign or staff has had any inappropriate dealings with him.  I see no coverup in what he said since nothing has come out that needed to be covered up.

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    I loved that video (saw it last night on Oxdown).  I like that he gave hard numbers of exactly how much he earns including benefits.  So sick of the rightwing saying it's $70+/hr and just yesterday I read a comment where someone said it is $73/hr plus benefits.

    The truth is, the autoworkers in Detroit make about the same as the autoworkers at the foreign plants in the south.  And the cost of living in Detroit is higher than those southern states.

    Automakers are still paying off pensions and other benefits for retired employees.  Back then a person was entitled to a pension after they spent their entire adult life working for a company.  That's what the Republicans are trying to take away.  They want to stop the pension payments and they want to privatize Social Security...why do Republicans hate the elderly?


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