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    The rightwing can't understand why they lost the last two elections.  They seem to have decided over the past few months that if they just copy the Democrats, they will become winners.

    Past efforts to immitate the left's success:

    1.  Copy The Daily Show's success with their own 30-minute "comedy" show.  This failed because the supposedly funny bits sounded exactly like the supposedly serious news on Fox News.  Bashing liberals doesn't suddenly become funny because they call it comedy.

    2.  The Democrat-controlled congress produced a budget so the Republicans must produce a "budget".  The Republican budget had a fancy blue cover and included the phrase "The Republican Road to Recovery"...catchy.  But there were no numbers, no real plans inside the cover.

    3.  The liberal/progressives have had many huge grassroots protests over the last few years.  These teabagging events are the rightwing attempt at a grassroots protest.  They feel this event was a huge success because it looks like a leftwing protest...they had signs to wave and everything.  The problem is the participants don't seem to know what they are trying to accomplish.  When questioned they can repeat the bumper sticker lines but can't explain what policies or laws they want changed.  

    I don't think they've figured out what they're doing wrong.  Let's not tell them.

    P.S. Remember Conservipedia?  Is that still around?

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    Calling people names.

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    I've been thinking about why the rightwing is saying and doing so much crazy stuff when it isn't winning them any new converts.  Here's what I concluded.  

    They're pretty sure Obama will do a good job as President but they don't want their base (the crazies they capture with the wedge issues) to notice.  If they can give the base something to do (like teabagging) and keep them riled up until the next election, then they can work on coming up with a plan to win over others as the election nears.

    Considering where the Republican Party stands in public opinion right now, the strategy is about the best they can do.  Losing the base, or the base getting complacent or bored with politics, means political irrelevance for generations.

  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  And it is this President who finally took that step.  About time someone did it I say.

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    I share your hope that our efforts will prove successful.  I'm in CO too.  Thanks for telling your story.

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    WashStateBlue you snarky devil you.  

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    They would be wise to get behind our extremely popular President.  Their current tactics make them look like sore losers and, in some cases, lunatics which is not the way to win any new voters.  They're setting themselves up to lose more seats next year.

  • And even CNN doesn't use the term "fair and balanced".

  • Maybe we can use the Truth in Advertising laws to make them stop calling themselves "News".  And remove the "fair and balanced" nonsense.

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    They just want to claim credit, watch our heads explode and see which innocent country we invade.

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    Could we be any luckier?

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    Just the thing.

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    Franken had his comedic history used against him by the rightwing smear machine but he still won.  Any other candidate would have had something else used against him by the same culprits.

    Look at what Obama went through.  His pastor was attacked, he was damned by a 40-year-old mistake made by someone who lives near him, his citizenship was questioned.

    The rightwing does not care if they have something on a candidate because if not they will make something up.  It's just what they do.

    The good news is it has become less and less effective as people have wised up to the smears for what they are.  It's starting to backfire.

  • elsewhere.  There's more than one path to success.

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    I hope he gets it.  He's the guy who displayed the big rubber stamp when the Republicans had the majority.  Gotta love him for that.


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