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    This one's my favorite:

    Republicans look forward to learning more about Judge Sotomayor's legal views and to determining whether her views reflect the values of mainstream America.

    If the Republicans had any idea what mainstream America wants they wouldn't be a shrinking minority.

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    I haven't seen anyone else write about this yet now that you mention it it's so obvious.

    It was the Hillary and Barack show for months.  So many people were on the ground getting new voters registered.  People wanted to be a part of the excitement.

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    He's a liberal ideologue.  Guys like him don't win.  And even if they do get in office they find that they can't get any of their agenda accomplished because congress won't pass it.

    Obama is exactly what we need.  He's creating an agenda that begins to turn the ship of state toward the left ever so slightly.  He will be successful...despite constant resistance from the right.  

    Ohnoz! It's Armageddon!!!!111!!!  Stock up on ammunition!!!!!!!!

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    We are our own best opposition.  We need no other. :)

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    The Republicans kept talking about the "Real Americans" during their campaign(s) last year.  Now we have finally identified that the only true Americans are the 32 people that comprise the supersecret American Grand Jury.  

    ...these jury members right now are speaking for America...

    And they speak for ALL of us!  Who knew?

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    I want her to switch parties because I think we should do away with the Republican Party.  I don't think it is a legitimate political party any more.  

    It's become mainly a religious movement with some opportunists mixed in.  They do not have the best interests of the country at heart.

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    Watching the Republican Party meltdown reminds us that ideological purity is satisfying but it doesn't win elections.  Personally, I'm happy to have Senator Specter in our slightly larger tent.

    There's no need for a second party in this country because the Democrats are ready, willing and able to take both sides of any issue.

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    Specter belongs in a party that has room for Evan Baye and Dennis Kucinich.  We really are the big tent.  And as for one party rule?  No problem when the party is the Democrats...we can provide all sides of an argument on our own.

    Specter can be reasoned with, he's wicked smart and speaks his mind.  He'll fit right in with us.

  • Republican lawmakers (and Lieberman) live by it.

  • We can't know what is in the minds of individuals (Democrats or Republicans) but the White Supremicist groups vote Republican so it's documented that some Republicans are racists.

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    Politics runs on money.  During campaign season, we let the politicians know how we feel about their behavior by sending money either to them or their opponents.  Michelle Bachmann (and by extension the Republican Party) needed to get a very loud, very clear message that the American people won't support people who spout the kind of stuff she did(does).

    What better way to show that than for a huge number of people all over the country to donate money to her opponent, someone completely unknown to most of us and attached to the unlikely name of El Tinklenberg?  I'm pleased that the DNC jumped in and added their opinion (money).

    I want to add that I donated no more to Tinklenberg than I did to a dozen or more other candidates who seemed to need some help.

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    That video was beautiful.  Sniff, sniffle.  

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    Everyone all over the world smiles when they are in the room with President Obama.  Not just the "for the camera" smiles but real joy.  Our President radiates joy and it's contagious.

    We may not have a perfect President but he's someone we can be proud of for a change.

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    Especially when the rightwing has ratcheted up the mudslinging to a level I've never seen in my life.  

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    Here's one of the wingnuttiest comments I've read in awhile

    Well, folks, if he gets his way, it'll be more profitable and convenient to use mass-transit than to own your own vehicle.

    Think about it.

    This is the epitome of people-control and herding of the masses. This is the frontrunner of totalitarian control. You are forced into the channels that they determine that are necessary for you to function.

    All those channels will be monitored and policed. You will have no other means than that which is provided and anyone who has the money to avoid it will be taxed to the degree that they must fit into the same mold as the less fortunate folks.

    If crazy is left untreated, does it just keep getting worse?


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