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    I think you are missing the point.  It looks like a reframing to me.

    Democratic Majority = American Majority
    American Majority = Democratic Majority

    Nothing wrong with people thinking 'American Majority' when they think of the Democrats IMO. We are the party of the people after all.

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    Don't worry, we haven't even started campaigning against him.

    What can we use against him?  Just for starters:

    1)  He's a republican

    1.  He's a republican
    2.  He support this ridiculous war in Iraq
    3.  He's a republican

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    So we have two democrats in the race, not too much difference in their platform but a significant different in style.

    Is your position that charisma is a liability?

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    Not a liability just not an advantage when both candidates have it.

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    Ding, ding, ding!  You said the magic word - ACTUAL.  How would you rate the average voter's ability to discern between perceived scandal and actual scandal?  So which candidate has the most perceived baggage?

    And republican voters?  The far right voters still think Bill and Hillary killed someone, trashed the WH and stole the silverware just for starters.  They also think Obama is a Muslim, was sworn in on the Koran and refuses to say the pledge of allegiance.    

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    That's not what he's saying.  He's talking about diplomacy -- we present our position in a way that the opposition can relate to.  Then we say 'Come on over'.  I've heard him say they can join us or get out of the way.

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    Getting elected is not the end of the game. It's what they do afterwards that really counts.

    Think Blue Dogs. And if you have a strong constitution, think Joe Lieberman who is still caucusing with the Democrats.

    A party label doesn't mean anything unless the party's ideology goes along with it.

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    since Vietnam and Nixon.  We were activists in our youth but turned our focus to family and career pursuits for a number of years.  

    And then we got GWB and woke up what happens when you take your attention off what the government is up to.  So we dusted off the old peace buttons (so to speak) and jumped back into the fray.  I say this because all of my friends are boomer-aged women and most of them are very active politically once again.  And, let's face it, the blogosphere is the place to be to keep current.

    As for GenXers - they don't have our memories.  

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    says she is too liberal but everyone else sees her as not liberal enough.  She is thought of as Republican-lite in progressive circles.

    I was reading election comments on an ultra right wing site this morning.  These are people who think liberals come from Satan (I'm not kidding).  They were saying if Clinton and Guilliani are nominated they would have a tough time making a decision...they don't see much difference between them.  This worries me.

    Hillary should stop listening to losers like Harold Ford at the DLC and pay more attention to what American people are really looking for.  

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    would see it that way.  Sure, he's a little elf but dammit he's OUR little elf.  30 years of public service fighting for progressive causes and we dismiss him like this.  I'm ashamed of us.

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    There were lots of experts who said that about the dems 50-state strategy in '06.  But some people didn't listen and aren't we happy they didn't?

    I reserved my support for any primary candidate, as I'm sure a lot of people do, until I watched the debates and saw more of what their positions were on issues.  I went in thinking Obama would be the guy for me but I came out thinking -- why doesn't Kucinich get a fair shake in the media?
    If we write him off this early in the game, he definitely won't have a chance...the only true progressive on the slate will be pushed aside. What is it, a packaging problem?  Bad suits?  Just don't get it.

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    even get honorable mention? I guess only the best-known 'brands' will get the attention here.  DK polls higher than HC on liberal/progressive blogs like DKos. Has MyDD decided we should start ignoring him now?

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    I've written to companies that advertise on Fox, contacted my cable company and asked that they put Fox on the list of channels I can block, etc.
    Not much success with either so far.

    So I started investing in anything O'Reilly hates.  When he was ranting about all things French I was gobbling up French food and wine.  When he bloviated against the ACLU, I immediately joined. If he hates a book, I buy the book.  He directed his wrath towards AirAmerica so I became a premium member.

    O'Reilly hates dkos?  All the other blog sites are feeling left out -- they'll be writing to him to spread a little hate their way.

    P.S.  I do it with Lieberman too.  If he comes out in support of a candidate I donate to the candidate's opponent.  Feels great!  

  • When I say bi-partisanship, I mean Dems and Independents.  The republicans have squandered their chance to be part of the national consciousness.  

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    The ones you can still read when they are a little fuzzy are the best in my book.

    That would be McCain and Hillary.  You can kind of still read Mitt08 but I agree with others that it doesn't register -- as my German roommate would say 'mit what?'


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