• comment on a post It's all Bob Johnson's Fault!! (UPDATED) over 6 years ago

    I lost privileges from the Bob Johnson post.

    Admin gave me privledges back.

    I asked them to also give back to the rest of the people who's only  crime was to REC a diary.

    I just lost my REC privledges again.

    And one more time to Teresa, Apolitik, etc.

    Why is removing REC privileges in a secretive manner not in line with any site rules okay with you.

    Jerome has gone into hiding over ths one, and I feel sorry for the other admins having to deal with the fallout.

    Just look at this thread's poll, that is just from people who DIDNT LEAVE.

    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/14/1838 20/180

    I would estimate Jerome did this to 100-200 members.

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    I thought he drove himself to irrelevance, but I can't see his endorsement as anything more than perfect timing.

    I can't wait to see John on the campaign trail!

  • Did anyone get a final count.

    Will someone else write a similar post like this tommorow?

    I think it will send a clear message to the admins and other members who is silenced.

    Also huge mojo (if jerome let me) to Duende for the sig idea.

  • Yea I heard they are really dissapointed in the guy who invented Mathmatics.

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    And give back the REC privledges that were taken away.

  • on a comment on NARAL endorses Obama over 6 years ago

    im obviously pretty dumb,  what an idiot I am, I don't follow Fire Dog every day.

    So please,  grace me with a link.

  • Now will we get our REC privleges back.

  • comment on a post It's HILLARY or Tear It Up! over 6 years ago

    By a republican troll.


    Nice website Denny.
    You changed the name from "New Republicans" to McCain Supporters.

    I only post it because you never deny it is your site.

    Republicans are bad enough, but ones that hang out on one of the smallest liberal blogs, priceless.

  • Damn, well Im still in the air.

    If there was ever a purpose for them it would be June 2, where they theoritically all vote for Obama and prevent a brokered convention.

    On the other hand it can back fire like it did in the Mondale incident, and you get some DLC Dino candidate.

    In the end I say scratch SD's or at the least make it illegal for them to endorse until their state votes.

    What I found most egregious is people like my Govenor, O'Malley of MD endorsed Hillary a year early.

    Its wrong for SD's to shape a race 12 months before the first contest.

  • This is exciting, you guys got me pumped.

    So can Edwards seal the deal?

    I almost got annoyed with him and even Gore.

    But I get it now.  They knew Hillary was willing to fight past rules, so they realized their endorsements should be saved for when they are needed to shut down the convention hungry candidate.

    I totally get it now.

    Thanks Edwards,  finish it up!  (if thats whats happening)

  • Spike Lee is not for Clinton at all, dont get how he got in the list:
    http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washingt on/2008/05/spike-lee-on-th.html
  • So you think Jerome is right to be a baby and take away people ability to REC,  thats it, to REC a diary.

    Why the hell would he take that away.

    Jerome needs to keep stepping,  I for one will stay here until he stops this shit.

    This website is far too dangerous to be left alone with oppressive censorship like this.

    I would rather be apart of helping heal this site, then destroying it on other blogs (as HUNDREDS of people are doing on ALL progressive blogs).

    If Jerome changes the mission of this blog, puts his weight behind the republicans then I will leave.

    Advice to anyone, if you are going to start a blog, dont have a "top boss"

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    Will the restrictions placed on people who RECed diaries not in the REC list have those lifted by May 31?

    Will we know by May 31 how RECing a document is a threat to this website?

    Sorry to hijack Todd, but this backhanded attempt is ridiculous.
    In the end I am not hijacking, it is a constant conversation in EVERY diary.

    It's like MYdd has second class citizens.

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    Hillary Clinton is my prediction!

  • What we need to do is put up a diary every day, and all people wearing the "restricted" arm band can post a daily reminder of Jerome's iron fisted policies.

    I wouldnt care so much if he was outright about it, but no he plays 'politician'.

    He has never answered why remove REC privledges.

    All these people still have trusted user status, yet Jerome doesnt think they can REC.


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