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    Democrats refusing to raise holy hell over the recent SCOTUS decision was the last straw for me.  I'm moving on to other ways until Obama, if ever, begins to start fighting.

    It's been nice.


  • We have not yet begun to fight, and when we're through with them, Roberts, Scalia, and Alito will have wished they had never set foot in the Supreme Court chambers.

    History will remember them as synonymous with "folly" and "self-destructive over-reach."

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    I suppose the jury must still remain out regarding whether he is really not all that bright, not all that brave, not all that concerned with the American People, or not laying all of his cards on the table.

    I, for one, don't have all that much confidence in the last of these possibilities.

    The causal universe seems to want the American People punished. Maybe it's because 29,000 kids die every day from poverty in our world, and collectively we couldn't care less. Maybe it's because we are unwilling to do anything about global warming.

    The great irony here, of course, is that the causal universe compels that we act one way or the other, and then rewards of punishes for what we were causally and completely bound to do.

    Go figure.


  • 1)  Republicans can no longer escape accusations of obstructionism.

    2)  Democrats now have a goal for 2010; winning 64 or 65 Senate seats (See Nate Silver's March 2009 Senate chart).

    3)  Democrats now have a strong reason to kill the filibuster.

    4) The Democratic base is more mobilized when afraid than when discouraged.  59 seats is scarier than 60.

    5)  With the likes of Lieberman, Nelson, Landrieu, etc. those 60 seats did not confer an advantage.

    6)  Now through the Spring, Summer and Fall, at risk Republican Senators will have to vote with Democrats, and Obama's bi-partisan goals will be met more fully.

  • http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/1/24/829543/-Why-we-CAN-safely-kill-the-filibuster

  • Daily Kos is firmly behind Obama.  SCOTUS just mobilized Liberals, Moderates and Conservatives against the power of corporations to totally control our democracy.  Republicans will be on the wrong side of history when they start attacking Obama's jobs bills.  Anyone who doubts our resolve to stop the Republican insurgency and win more seats in November is trying to read some tea leaves before they've even been plucked from the branches.

    It will be interesting to hear what the doomsayers will have to say in July when the entire Country is in full steam blaming the Republicans for the trillions of dollars lost from the 2008 economic collapse and their mind-numbing refusal to shift toward the center on economic policy.

    People are trying to predict 2012 when it is a few seasons too early to even predict 2010.  But hold on to your hats everyone.  The battles with SCOTUS and for jobs will make the 2008 presidential campaign seem like a love fest.  Why?  Because Republicans are at death's doorstep, and they know it;



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    For the 2010 race, there is pre-jobs push polling and post-jobs push polling.  Once Obama unveils his economic agenda, with jobs as his centerpiece, at the State of the Union address next Wednesday, the numbers will begin to shift.  By July, after the Republicans have been trying to obstruct jobs creation for several months, and after voters have been reminded of who caused the mess we're in, those numbers will shift dramatically.

    These new numbers will come as a pleasant surprise to many of us who have not yet understood the profound historic effect of the 2008 recession, it's Republican causes, and it's rock-solid proof of a failed Conservative economic ideology that will not experience any manner of resurrection. 

    Anyone who thinks voters will continue to place what is left of their money in the hands of Republicans who are unable to change course regardless of the consequences does not appreciate just how many Americans lost vast amounts of wealth last fall.




  • Even so, you should recognize how massive a threat to our democracy this ruling represents.

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    and they consistently place principle above pragmatism.  They represent the Democratic Party before 2006, when we were very self-righteous but politically inconsequential. 

    We need to oppose firedoglake for risking everything by wanting everything.


  • you would not be satisfied with handing it to corporations.  Our Country is of the People, by the People, and for the People.  Corporations are not even included in the Constitution.

    Republicans are not coming back to power, unless we let this ruling stand;


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    By September thousands of corporations will be spending tens, if not millions, of dollars on TV ads for their candidates.  First, do you really believe these corporations care that their customers know whom they are supporting?  Second, do you really believe most of their customers care whom the corporations are supporting (case in point - Walmart)?

    You write:

    I also doubt it's worth all the effort going to reverse the ruling.

    Jerome, that is too, too funny.  You would rather have us spend thousands and thousands of hours in additional fundraising each election cycle to then have a slim chance of competing with these corporations than have our Congress simply kill the filibuster, (temporarily if necessary),create two new Supreme Court seats, bring a similar case to trial, and have the new SCOTUS reverse the decision?

    It doesn't sound like you value our democracy very much.

  • That's way to high.  We should limit contributions to a dollar a person, and corporations should not be able to contribute at all.   That would quickly end our American plutocracy.

  • Ratification of a Constitutional Amendment requires 3/4ths of State legislatures.  Democrats don't have near that number, and it would take far too long to get there.  This ruling has to be defeated before the 2010 elections. 

    After SCOTUS stole the 2000 election for Bush with their treasonous explanation that allowing the recount to continue would violate Bush's rights, this current decision amounts to their throwing down the gauntlet.  Now it's our turn. 

    What are the possible remedies?  One; Congress can ignore the ruling.  Two; Congress can create two new seats that would overturn the decision.

    The Conservative members of SCOTUS have over-reached so egregiously on this one that they have in a single day set the stage for a very quick end to the Republican revolution and the rule of money in politics.

    Democrats will not let this decision stand because the Democratic Party, and our democracy, would end if it stands. 

    Democrats have been playing defense for a while.  This ruling provides them the perfect motive and opportunity to launch an offensive that will, while restoring our democracy, result in a Democratic gain rather than a loss of seats in November. 


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    Lessing writes;

    After one year, we've now seen conclusively that even a transformative figure in the Oval Office can't transform the way Washington works, or dispel the skepticism the voters feel toward their government.

    Let's wait and see if Obama kills or changes the filibuster, the backlash against Republican killing his jobs bill, and the results of the 2010 elections.  Then we can BEGIN to assess how much change Obama is capable of accomplishing.

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    You should care because Democrats are a million times better for America and the world than are Republicans. 

    We'll actually win seats in 2010 because the vast majority of Liberal and Moderate Democrats have invested too much over the last three years to throw it all away just because Obama hasn't done as much as we would like as soon as we would like.

    We're not going to cut off our nose to spite our face; that is a habit we gave up while winning back Congress in 2006, and we're not going back to it.

    It's time for Liberals like you to stop making the perfect the enemy of the good.  Be grateful for what we've done, and help Democrats become stronger so that we can do a lot more.



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